Your New Story to Yourself in Network Marketing

Your New Story to Yourself in Network Marketing

Your New Story to Yourself in Network Marketing

Network marketing is more of a mental game with ourselves. Our inner story dictates are income. Here’s Your New Story to Yourself in Network Marketing.

Negative self-talk and our subconscious money blueprint usually dictates our income in network marketing.

If you deeply feel that you are worth only $1,000 a month, that’s what you’ll make.

Of course, we will all say we are worth a lot of money on the surface, but deep down this isn’t true.

We are insecure with what we truly feel we are worth from negative past experiences.

Negative past experiences could be:
  • Your dad telling you “money doesn’t grow on trees.”
  • Friends making fun of you.
  • Co-workers doubting your ability.
  • Negative messages in books, music and TV.
  • Negative self talk.
  • Etc. Etc.

Your New Story to Yourself in Network Marketing. . .

I have been rewiring my beliefs by stating positive affirmations from over a year and it works.

Positive affirmations are short statements you whisper to yourself, like:

  • Wealth easily flows to me everyday.
  • Every day in every way I am earning more money online.
  • I am abundant and money easily flows to me.
  • I am confident, strong and people respect me.
  • I am a leader people look up to in network marketing.
  • I am number one every month in my network marketing company.
  • Etc. Etc.

I have taken it a step further this year. I have what I call a “personal mission statement.”

This is a page long and is something I wrote on Christmas Eve. My girlfriend works with clients in erasing negative beliefs and she told me to write my new story.

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Your new story is written in present tense, like you’re already living that way.

Feel free to copy and paste this statement into a Word Document, print it out and read it to yourself every day.

This will do a number of things, including:

  • Rewiring your brain to think more positive about yourself.
  • You will change old habits to form the new ones in this statement.
  • Your income will go up.
  • Your business will begin to grow.
  • You will get healthier.

I wrote this in “stream of consciousness,” so it’s like one big sentence, but is powerful this way.

The Personal Mission Statement – Your New Story

“I  love my and I am very successful in all I do. I put all my energy into achieving greatness.

I am one with God and self love. I find joy in helping others and I am selfless.

I am young, youthful with a beautiful energetic spirit. I am successful in business and in personal relationships. People look up to me.

I magnify people to me. I’m a leader. I am wild in a positive way. I am creative. I am a genius.

I let go of the ego. I am an ego-less leader. I am wealthy. All my needs are taken care of. I am devoted to love, health, and God. We travel the world. I am a powerful Vegetarian, a Yogini, I am a master at meditating.

I have a clean conscience. I am committed to excellence. I am faithful and trustworthy. My parents are very proud of me.

My friends adore me and I love myself immensely. I have achieved everything I ever wanted. I have the best soulmate in the world.

We transform into eternal spirits who defy death. We are famous, yet private.

We are creators. I am a master creator. I am one with God. I am one love. Selfless – universal light and love. Amen.”


You can of course change some of the words to mean something more for yourself.

I don’t expect you to become Vegetarian! That was just something I want to change in myself.

Having a personal mission statement that you read every morning and ideally before bed, will rocket your success.

This also relates to the Law of Attraction. If you have ever seen the movie, the Secret, based on the book by Rhonda Byrne, you will know that what we “attract” into our lives is based on our thoughts.

It’s almost impossible to become wildly successful in anything if you are bombarded by negative thoughts.

The personal mission statement will guide you into becoming a successful network marketer or any other type of Entrepreneur.

Ever notice how poor people think?

I used to go to the foodbank when I was first starting out in my network marketing business. Yes, I was really struggling.

But, I noticed at the foodbank that when they opened up a line for people to access the food, almost everyone rushed to get first in line.

It was frantic and really being first-in-line didn’t change the food prospects that much.

I realized then that people rushed to the front of the line because they thought in a “scarcity” mindset, meaning they didn’t think there was enough for everybody.

People that think that there isn’t enough for everybody are thinking in “lack.”

Lack of food.

Lack of money.

Lack of resources.

This simply isn’t true. There are 7 Billion people living. We are still alive for a reason: There’s enough for everybody. Yes, there’s still poverty and people starving, but for the most part, we are all alive because there is enough. . .

When you change your thinking to “abundance,” you relax and start operating differently. You start to see the wealth everywhere and in everyone.

Better things start happening in your life when you start believing there is more than enough for everybody.

An upward spiral for success begins to happen, meaning good things stack on top of good things and your excitement creates “momentum” which speeds up more good things to come.

This upward spiral is what happens to wildly successful people. They are so locked in to abundant thought that they keep attracting more good things.

The formula:

Abundant thinking = Reward = More Abundant thinking = Bigger reward = more and more abundance.

The trick is staying in abundant thinking. . .

Stop watching the news, for one. . .

Turn off the negative rap music. . .

Start watching and reading other successful leaders. . .

I hope this helps.


Erik Christian Johnson Network Marketer and Full Time Blogger

Erik Christian Johnson

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