Why New Yorkers are Great at Network Marketing

Why New Yorkers are Great at Network Marketing

Why New Yorkers are Great at Network Marketing

Network marketing is tough sometimes and what better person can succeed in MLM, but New Yorkers. Here’s Why New Yorkers are Great at Network Marketing.

There’s many reasons why I love New York and think that New yorkers would make great network marketers.

Here’s my six main reasons Why New Yorkers are Great at Network Marketing:


They come from a strong core of immigrants that made a massive exodus to NYC in the early 1900’s.

Over 1.2 immigrants entered Ellis Island from all over the world to become a US citizen in I think 1907.

The Irish, Jews, Africans and the Italians were the first to try and gain supremacy in the city.

This competitiveness reminds of me of how it is now online trying to become a internet marketer and network marketer.

You have to work really hard, be consistent in providing value, and to be seen and discovered, just like in the old days when the immigrants worked 12 hour days in unventilated warehouses…


New Yorkers have strong family connections. Most of the ethnic groups that moved into NYC had huge families and everyone took care of their family.

old nyc2

Men and women both almost starved working slave labor to feed their families.

Network marketing is also about family. A lot of network marketers started with nothing and had to act fast and “go all in” with their MLM business to provide for their families.


Strong community.

Just like family, New yorkers pull together in times of need.

Look at 9/11.

The whole city came to life and worked together to save lives. America was asleep when the planes hit.

I remember listening to the host on Good Morning America when the second plane hit.

She sounded like she was on Valium, because America had gotten fat and lazy before 9/11.

NYC became a huge muscle of pent up camaraderie and commitment, especially the firemen. . .

The successful leaders in network marketing also have strong communities of people working together to empower others.

Network marketing is unlike Corporate America where it’s dog eat dog. Network marketing works the opposite:

The more you help other achieve success, financially, mentally and physically, the more successful one becomes.

old nyc3


New Yorkers tell it like it is. They tell the truth for the most part. Too many new network marketers feel they have to sound like a Leader from the start.

The newbie acts like they are Lead-generating machines and trainers. They proclaim their messages all over social media: “Learn how to get 100 Leads a day on Autopilot.”

Yeah right, these newbies don’t even know how to follow up with ONE Lead yet.

New Yorkers can handle setbacks, which happens in the first couple years of network marketing.

With the blood of their fierce ancestry, New Yorkers know what hard work is. A lot of fathers came home and wept in silence because their workload and job environments were so brutal.

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Here’s my favorite documentary of all time about NYC history (at least watch the intro and you will see what I mean):

There’s an edge to NYC, the city that never sleeps. A hundred years ago if you mentioned “the city” everyone knew you meant New york City.

It was America’s best and worst experiment.

If you want to dominate network marketing, you need an edge, not a negative edge, an edge of passion mixed with excitement, because at the end of the day in network marketing people join you, not your business.


They hustle. Some of the greatest hustlers have come from NYC. Look at Jay-Z:

Jay Z

Jay-Z came from Brooklyn with nothing, but an imagination for rhymn. Now he is worth over $700 million and owns several record labels, clothing lines and NBA teams.

The hustle originated from the streets, but now it’s an Entrepreneur’s lingo.

The Don

Donald trump was born in Queens, NY. I don’t need to tell you anything about him. I’m sure you know. . .

If you’re a blogger like me, you probably love or hate this guy:


Woody Allen was born in the Bronx. He is a actor, comedian, filmmaker, and playwright. His wit and humor got him into the starlight, but it was his New york roots that fueled him…

What’s the fuel behind your ambition to achieve success in business?

 In network marketing they always talk about having a strong “Why.” This is “Why” you chose the path of network marketing. The stronger your story, the longer you’ll stick around…

My story: I was sick of drinking and flipping burgers and feared doing that the rest of my life…

I give all I got in my network marketing business because it provides steady residual income and I can work in my slippers. And, they’re big slippers…


They have passion. again, 9/11 showed the rest of the world the passion new yorkers had. I watched over and over hours and hours of video of 9/11. I was mesmerized by the terror, but also the passion I could see. . .

NYC during 911

That’s fine if you think 9/11 is all a conspiracy, that’s not the point. Even if it was, we still saw the firemen cry. . .

Sometimes we have to cry. I cried a couple times when my business wasn’t taking off, or when I had anxiety so bad I never wanted to interact with people again…

We get over these hurdles and face our fears in order to finally taste what success tastes like.

If we give into our fears, we will end up homeless. The difference between a successful person and a bum living on Skid Row is the successful person faced their fears….

I never want to go back to the bottle or to a dead-end job and I hope you join me and begin your network marketing journey.

Thanks for reading. Please share this if you found value…


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