Why Handing Out Company Brochures Won’t Build Your MLM

I’ve built my MLM all online since 2014, so when a new affiliate wants to hand out brochures I am a little hesitant to teach them that technique. Here’s Why Handing Out Brochures Won’t Build Your MLM.

MLM has come a long way since hotel meetings, calling cold leads, home parties, and bugging everyone 3 feet around you. Handing out brochures is, in my opinion, another old-school technique that doesn’t convert into leads that well.

Here’s an example:

Have you ever been to a show or an event and when you came back to your car there’s a flyer under your windshield wiper? You then look around and see all these flyers on some car windows, but mostly blowing past your feet on the ground? You look at the flyer for 5 seconds and throw it in your backseat or throw it on the ground.

That’s what people will do if you hand them a brochure about your MLM business. Sure, they will take it and smile at you to be polite, but it will most likely wind up in the trash when you’re not looking.

Push Versus Pull Marketing

People love to buy, but they don’t like being sold to.

Handing someone a flyer is “being sold to.”

If you want someone to take a brochure with genuine interest you have to leave the brochures somewhere where they grab it at their own volition, like on a counter at a health spa.

So, what is Push and Pull Marketing?

Push marketing is like old-school sales – where the annoying car salesman comes out and bugs you and pushes you to buy a car.

Pull marketing is when a customer is drawn to your product because they really want it and don’t need to be “sold” on it. They are “pulled” to your offer because of their interest.

Push and Pull marketing are both used in MLM, but one is effective and the other is annoying.

Can you guess which one is annoying?

Another type of Pull marketing is called Attraction Marketing. You “attract” people to your offer because you create interesting content that is value-based and peeks curiosity. This blog uses Attraction marketing because I cater to people who are usually researching the Best CBD Business to Join.

I tried Push marketing when I joined MLM in 2014 because I didn’t know any better.

I spammed people on Facebook and tweeted spammy things on Twitter. I cold called people that hung up on me.

Then, someone told me that if I created value-based content on a blog or YouTube channel that I wouldn’t have to bug people ever again. The prospects would come to me.

I was sold on the idea and started this blog and started doing videos.

Now I generate 20 to 40 prospects a day using this blog, all of them came to me by searching a term on the search engines.

I also do advertising where people click on my ads if they’re interested. That still falls into the category of “Pull” marketing, not “Push” marketing.

It’s All About the Leads

Brochures can cost up to $1 each, but it might take 10 Brochures to get 1 Lead. That is $10 a lead. Plus, you have to hand them out, which takes you being there in person.

But, if you generated leads all online, you wouldn’t have to physically be there and you can get 1 lead for $1 using advertising, or free from your blog, social media, and videos.

You need a lot of leads to get one buyer and it takes a lot of work if you’re in person.


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I’ve been generating leads all online since 2014. I tried handing out brochures one time at my local gym and the next day I saw most of the brochures in the garbage.

No one cares what your supplements can do unless they are searching on the internet for something that can solve their problem, whether it’s a physical problem or a financial problem.

Provide solutions for people, not sales pitches, and you will do good.

The only place I know where brochures can do well is at like a Farmer’s market, or at a local health spa or health clinic. That method will most likely get you customers but not business builders, and if you want to make over $10k a month with your MLM you need business builders.

That’s just my opinion. Thanks for reading!


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Erik Christian Johnson is a full-time blogger, self-development advocate, and full-time network marketing Entrepreneur.

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One thought on “Why Handing Out Company Brochures Won’t Build Your MLM”

  1. Great points about brochures.

    I think brochures would work well AFTER someone has expressed an interest in what you have to offer, and they want additional information.

    Like you said, the cost is a bit steep, and if I had a limited advertising budget, I certainly would not spend my money on business cards, catalogs or brochures.

    I would have a capture page and focus 100% of my time and money send traffic to that capture page, so I generated my own leads, and then I would let my auto-responder follow up with them automatically.

    Old school MLM still works for some folks, but most folks in today’s society don’t want to do any of those things. If I HAD to have meetings, talk to friends and family, etc. to build a network marketing business, I wouldn’t even be in this industry.

    Without a doubt, knowing how to generate leads is easily the most important skill you should master. More leads equals more reps and more customers. PERIOD.

    When you have tons of leads, the business becomes fun. When you have tons of leads, you don’t care if someone says no.

    Just my two cents.

    Chuck Holmes

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