Which is the Best Ground Floor Opportunity MLM for 2017?

Will 2017 be the year you decide to take a leap of faith and become a home-based Entrepreneur? Which is the Best Ground Floor Opportunity MLM for 2017?

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There’s great MLM companies out there and not so great.

Some have a great product or service, but lack a solid compensation plan that really benefits the distributor; and likewise, there’s companies that have a great comp plan but their product or service is below par.

I have been in a couple network marketing companies and know what to look for.

I study the Industry diligently and understand the perfect formula for a distributor’s success.

We need to instill a core set of values the network marketing company needs before joining, including:


One -Leadership – Does the company you want to join have solid Leadership?

How do you know? Look around on the Internet and YouTube.

Do you see Leader-types talking about your desired MLM?


Two – Compensation Plan – If the company has a complicated compensation plan, like the unilevel plan, which usually only pays 5 to 10% on each of their first levels, which usually isn’t enough payout to keep new distributors going.

Or, the Breakaway plan that requires the distributor to get tons of distributors to make any money, which most people can’t get tons of people.

So, this plan doesn’t pay most people. These plans are outdated, so watch out for the MLM company using them.


Three – Product – Network marketing products are top-notch.

They usually are superior to many retail products on the market, because MLM companies spend a majority of their money on research and development.

Amway is a great example of this. They have a facility and a team of scientist working on breakthroughs every year.

You want to choose a product that can benefit you immediately, i.e. if you need to lose weight, buy a weight-loss product, if you want to sleep better and focus better, buy a brain supplement.


Four -Marketing – You want to join a MLM business that has some of the marketing tools for you.

My new MLM ground floor opportunity offers not only pre-made capture pages, but you can also buy MLM leads in your back office.

These Leads are fresh and interviewed within 24 hours. The company even has training videos on how to convert those Leads.

In the old days, you were left alone and had to invoice, calculate the expenses, and run the order per customer. Today, everything SHOULD be done for you.

Find Out What's Making Money NOW

They should have “Lead Capture Pages” for you to use in getting Leads and prospects. They should have scripts you can use.

They should even have an automated email system that emails your prospects for you. You should get your own personal website to promote as well.


Five -Training – The company should have a quick-start guide that you can follow in the beginning to get your business going on the right foot.

The company should have weekly webinars where you can listen in on corporate updates.

There should be third-party testimonials of other users of the product that you can draw from when prospecting.


Six -Financial Stability – The MLM company should be debt-free and if they have had problems in the past with lawsuits or the FTC, investigate it further until you understand if the problems were resolved sufficiently.

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My quick story in MLM. . .

I discovered network marketing while trying to make money online.

I had tried several things, including selling eBooks, selling my music as MP3’s, trading Forex and penny stocks, getting robbed with “High Yield Investment Products” and affiliate marketing.

I fell in love with the residual income aspect of it and how I could build a team of people like myself and earn a little bit of commissions off of all of them.

It all started when I was looking for a natural supplement that could help with my social anxiety.

I found one with natural ingredients and it was offered by a network marketing company.

Like I said before, I had tried a couple network marketing companies. The first company was for a weight loss product and it was NOT a good fit for me.

That’s why it’s very important to find a product you love. It was incredibly hard to promote the first company’s product because it didn’t work for me.

It’s nearly impossible to promote a product you don’t really like.

2016 is a great year for home based entrepreneurs

2017: A Great Year for Home-Based Entrepreneurs

5,500 people are joining a network marketing company or looking for one to join EVERY WEEK in the U.S. alone.

Globally, network marketing is $182 Billion dollar a year industry. It does more revenue than the NFL and movie industries combined.

What’s exciting about the network marketing business model is that more and more corporations are switching over and using it.

It’s a great, efficient way to distribute products and services by using word-of-mouth, rather than expensive advertising that isn’t as effective as it used to be.

No one wants to be sold anymore by a loud annoying voice on radio or TV, although it’s still very annoying listening to the radio.

laptop entrepreneur movement 2016

The Laptop Entrepreneur Movement is Exploding for 2017

As the Economy grows more uncertain and being bossed around at a job seems a little outdated for the new Information Era, people are turning to the Internet, and their laptops, to make money.

Becoming a network marketer has many benefits, but one of the greatest is being able to work from a laptop or even cell phone from anywhere in the world where there is internet access.

When you join an MLM, you are given a personal website and maybe some “Lead Capture Pages” to promote any way you like.


You are also given a “control panel” or dashboard where you can see the activity of your business.

I love analytics and every day I can view how many hits my capture pages are getting. Here’s a picture of my recent views when I installed the “Hello Bar” on my website:

leads with hello bar

That’s 16 Leads on Thursday 22nd.

Leads are the lifeblood of any business and I believe the more you work on obtaining Leads, A/B testing your links and Blogging, your Leads will increase and result in more “Independent Business Owners” on your team!


The Verdict for the Best Ground Floor MLM Opportunity of 2017

I am excited to announce My Daily Choice as being the winner. From Cash Back Travel, to cutting-edge nutritional sprays, My Daily Choice is solid.

What’s even more exciting is the compensation plan that pays up to 85%. I won’t bore you with all the different ways you can get paid, but what I will talk about is a type of commission in My Daily Choice called “Leadership Check Matching.”

Leadership Check Matching does exactly what it sounds like, and if you buy in at the “Executive level” you get 30% of a personally enrolled leader in your downline from their monthly compensation.

So, let’s say your leader is making $10,000 a month in monthly commissions, you would get $3,000 of that each month!

I am completely blown away by this. I have never seen anything like this in MLM.

Also, we get a company share (2% of the company’s profits) for every 4 reps we bring in and 2 shares for every rank advancement. This adds up fast!

So, without any obligation to you, click the button to take a FREE Tour of the company. I know you will be excited as I am.

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