What is the Secret to Growing My Hempworx Business?

Some people join my Hempworx business, see me on the leaderboard, and ask what’s your secret? Some people join MLM and think it’s like a lottery ticket rather than a real business. Here’s the Secret to Growing My Hempworx Business.

When I joined a network marketing company in 2014, I had no idea really what network marketing was, but I really wanted it to work so I took to YouTube and watched every video I could on the subject. I watched two hours a day worth of videos and took notes like I was in college. I learned from the best, Ray Higdon, Todd Falcone, Matt Morris, Randy Gage, etc.

I began to understand the concept of network marketing and knew that I needed to get my company websites lots of exposure to generate enough leads to get new reps. I heard MLM was a numbers game, so I posted my opportunity link everywhere.

I posted on Twitter a lot in those days and had over 100,000 followers, so some people joined my business, but pretty much quit right away.

I then heard that I needed to recruit a lot of people to find just a handful of people that would build their own business and if I recruited enough people I might have a couple leaders on my team.

I learned that MLM paid really well, and so it only took finding two to three leader-types to make a lot of money, but the problem was I needed to recruit 100 to 300 people to find my 3 to 5 leaders.

It could take 3 to 5 years to find your 3 to 5 leaders, but your income would surpass a doctor’s salary in 5 years without having a specialized degree – I think it’s worth the effort!

So, I kept generating 20 to 40 leads a day – nonstop, and when I got a new person on my team I taught them how to generate leads.

After recruiting about 200 people, I had some people on my team start to grow their own business. This was before CBD Oil, so it was harder to keep people excited.

Many leaders in MLM had to rebuild their teams several times until they found a couple leaders that built their organization before it really took off.

For instance, Josh Zwagil, the CEO of My Daily Choice and Hempworx had to build his team three times before it took off.

Leaders never stop recruiting, even when they get a large team.

You never know who will quit the business, so the best security against attrition is to keep recruiting.


So, What is the Secret?

The secret is learning how to generate massive leads without breaking the bank, and to continue generating leads everyday for years.

Most people don’t know how to do this or they quit in a couple weeks.

You need to find a lead generation technique that will bring you in consistent leads everyday.

That’s why leaders create content – they blog, do videos, post on Facebook every two hours – they are consistent and they hustle.

They don’t try something just for a couple weeks, then stop.

They find one to three platforms and dominate.

They work on it everyday.

There is no secret – it’s called massive action on a consistent basis.

The secret is working harder than anybody else – it’s working on Sundays and on holidays and when great TV shows are on.

If you really want success in MLM you have to work on it everyday and help your team grow.

Without a team in MLM you’re just a salesman – and you won’t make a living from selling one-off orders out of your shop or out the back of your van or on ebay. You need to develop an organization of people just like you – who recruit everyday and help their team to grow.

If you get 3 to 5 people on your team who consistently recruit people and grow their teams, you’ll be very successful.

90% of your income will come from 3 to 5 leaders on your team

You’ll have to recruit 100 to 300 people to find your 3 rockstars.

You’ll have to generate 20 to 40 leads a day for a couple years to recruit 100 to 300 people.

That’s the secret.

Most leaders don’t want to to tell you these numbers because they don’t want to scare you away.

I believe in transparency and if you really really want to make your Hempworx business work, you should know these numbers.


And, for the people that come into Hempworx and rank advance to the top in three months?

They’ve been hustling for years in other MLM companies. 

They are huge on social media and know how to prospect on facebook effectively. . .

They have years already in network marketing. . .

They are great teachers and love helping people. . .


The faster you help your team get their first paycheck and first rank advancement, the quicker your success in this business.

Forget about yourself and help your team!

Good luck. To your success.

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Erik Christian Johnson is a full-time blogger, self-development advocate, and full-time network marketing Entrepreneur.

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