The Only Way to Succeed in Network Marketing in 2018

Here's the only way to succeed in network marketing 2017, MLM and Direct Sales 2017

The Only Way to Succeed in Network Marketing in 2018

Thousands of people join network marketing every day. Many quit just as fast. Here’s The Only Way to Succeed in Network Marketing in 2018.

Who am I and why should you care?

I’ve been in MLM for 4 years. I’m a survivor. I just beat out 97% of the others who quit.

I’ve seen my entire team quit twice.

I have weathered stupid shit as well, like getting “used” contest prizes from my company and having psychopaths sign up to take the free tour to tell me they were going to buy a 100, only to disappear.

I have been hung up on many times. . .

I created three websites for my product, which did nothing.

I stumbled through making videos.

I set up ads for my distributors. . .

You name it, I’ve done it. All without little result.

I’m not crying here, it’s the appetizer to what I’m going to tell you.

The days of joining a network marketing company and slapping up the company’s logo all over social media and posting a few times is over.

It doesn’t work.

Nor, does promising $5000 a week or instant payouts on MLM Facebook groups.

Nor, does holding up a fan of cash work on Instagram.

No one cares or believes that money came from your MLM anyways. Most of it came from your dishwashing job or bussing job.

The leaders tell you to “brand yourself” by starting a blog.

Well, most DO set up a blog, but they only post on it 5 times and quit.

There’s millions of dead blogs online for that same reason, for every industry.

People quit things.

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If you want to really succeed in network marketing from today 2018, there’s only one thing to do:

Massive insane action.

There’s no room for hobbyists in this business.

It’s as competitive as any professional sport; it’s as competitive as any ivy league college.

A network marketing opportunity might look easy to join, being only $50 to $150, but what is required of you afterwards is the test.

Bottomline: It’s easy to join, therefore it’s easy to quit.

It’s easy to quit, you simply cancel your autoship order for the next month.

Sometimes you even get a refund, but this refund is basically a refund on your last hope of ever obtaining an ideal life and financial freedom.

Don’t even think that your $35,000 or even $60,000 a year salary is going to keep you comfortably alive until you’re 90.

With technology exponentially improving, you will probably have a choice of how long you want to live.

They will probably offer these three packages:

Normal Old Age.

Centennial Platinum. And,

Really Fu**ing Old.

So, trading your time for dollars is not a business model that you can sustain and make millions.

If you’ve read Rich Dad, Poor Dad you would understand that the only way to make real money, money you can do shit with until your 90, is to own your own business, ideally with people working for you and making you more money.

Network marketing fits the bill.

You earn commissions not only by what you do, but also you earn off of everyone you bring into the organization.

If someone on your team brings in a hundred people, you get a percentage of that commission.

That’s why it’s so important to find the leaders on your team who are taking action and teach them how to duplicate a system.

Why did I say “find the leaders?”

Because most people that join are not leaders.

They are confused or lazy, some think it’s an easy ticket to wealth and some still think in trading time for dollars and when they see all the effort they put in not pay off in the beginning, sometimes the first two years or longer, they quit.

The lazy people are just lazy. You will never hear from them again after they join your team and promise to become your best distributor you’ve ever had.

So, let’s look at the reality of network marketing or any competitive business online

You may not have it in the beginning, and that’s okay as long as it starts later, you need an insane tenacity.

You need to figure out what platform you want to promote on, or several platforms, and dominate.

That means having a drive so strong that your life depends on it.

Look around the internet.

The people who are crushing it are the ones who are:

Shooting YouTube and Periscope videos everyday.

Blogging everyday.

Doing Slideshares.

Creating Infographics.

Email Marketing.

Pictures with Quotes on instagram.

Communicating with others.

Events and Webinars.

If you don’t have time to do any of this, make time.

If you really can’t, quit NOW,

Or, just use the products and services as a customer.

That’s the bottomline.

And, after you bust your ass for two years and have been blogging and shooting videos and nothing really has happened yet,

Guess what?

You have to keep going until people come around and see that you’re a trooper, a grinder, a hustler, an insane motherfucker.

If you don’t have it, or cannot ever light a fire and create passion asap, you’re dead in the water.

You will be another egg on Twitter with a bio that just says “distributor”.

Or, the blank outline of a person on Facebook, with distributor number #34943132, which no one cares what number you are anyway!

Don’t be that dead guy on social media.

Don’t be that dead person online.

Because your job is like a demon and it’s very clever and it wants you to think of it only.

It wants you back in that kitchen flipping burgers. . .

It wants you back in that ditch digging trenches. . 

It wants you back holding tools for the dentist. . .

It wants you back at the customer service desk. . .

Don’t listen to this devil.

If you do,

You’re broke before you retire!

Network marketing is a bitch.

But, it has a rainbow that really does lead to a pot of gold.

I’ve seen it.

I know the top earners make over a million a month.

It’s insane money and it’s insane happiness and freedom.

For under $150, you could become a home-based business owner and change your life and the lives of others.

If you really understood the potential, you would make every breathing second to get successful anyway you could with MLM.

So, figure out your pain and trace it to your roots and get mad, get passionate, call your sponsor and never quit.


Thanks for reading. Please comment below if you can relate or have a story of your own. No excuses.

Here's the only way to succeed in network marketing, MLM and Direct Sales

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