WARNING! Daily Choice is NOT My Daily Choice Hempworx CBD Oil!

WARNING! Daily Choice is NOT My Daily Choice Hempworx CBD Oil!

This is just a short post to clear up some confusion.

I’ve been getting a lot of comments on my blog from angry customers who bought Hemp oil from Daily Choice and want to return it.

Like this one:

“I would like to cancel my subscription but cannot get threw on the phone its always buzy.my name is XXXXX and my phone is XXX-XXX-8607 please stop taking my money. SLSOXXX9362 REF:8527595 SHIPPER: Daily Choice SHPORD#XXX6 these our the numbers on the ticket. I will keep trying to call untill i get threw.”

Here’s the issue:

Daily Choice is NOT My Daily Choice Hempworx CBD Oil!

Daily Choice came on the scene a few months ago, probably trying to ride on the coattails of My Daily Choice.

Clever huh?

Copycat companies have been around since prostitutes, and this is the cheapest one I’ve seen – I mean the company.

My Daily Choice Hempworx looks like this:

Not this:

I asked Josh Zwagil, CEO of My Daily Choice, if he had heard of Daily Choice and he simply said that they are in talks with them. . .

I can’t mention anymore, but this is a serious problem. . .

So, now Daily Choice have changed their name to Isolate Direct and they have 2 stars on Amazon.

Update 1/31/2018

Daily Choice is now calling their product “CBD Pure Oil” so watch out:

Here’s the Real My Daily Choice CBD Oil:

My Daily Choice started January 2015 and merged with Hempworx June 2017. Josh Zwagil owned My Daily Choice, and Jenna Zwagil, his wife, owns Hempworx. Now, they are unified not only in marriage but two powerful network marketing companies.


This is the Real My Daily Choice Hempworx Video:

If you want the real pure CBD Oil by My Daily Choice Hempworx, click the button below:

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23 thoughts on “WARNING! Daily Choice is NOT My Daily Choice Hempworx CBD Oil!”

  1. Thank you for posting the difference between you and the company that are crooks “Daily Choice.”
    After dealing with them and took for money.
    I can no longer ever buy anything on Facebook or the web that says, click here for a free trail size…

    1. Yeah TK, I’m glad you commented! Daily Choice came out of nowhere and now there’s a lot of unhappy customers. It’s not clear who they are or even where their headquarters are. My Daily Choice is the real deal – pure CBD oil from Kentucky and Colorado and the owners are super transparent. Let everyone know the difference. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I just rec another bottle of hemp oil from Daily Choice. I didn’t order it and there is no price. They have my credit card number as I had gotten a FREE TRIAL just bypaying shipping 5.95? Now I have no phone number and under stand no one can get through anyway.I want to send it back. Don’t want to be billed for it, Heaven knows how much. What can I do?

    1. I have a number you might try. After much arguing they finally agreed to refund one payment of $79.99 (out of 3). ,Will wait and see if that happens
      1-844-442-9947. Hope this helps.by allmeans call your credit card to stop any further payments


    2. called and canceled 7 months ago , started coming again last 2 months couldn’t get thru , called credit card company . Said I had to send them a letter to block card , the heck with that . Told that I lost card, send new card . Not giving those predators another dime!!!

  3. So, any advice on how to get in touch with “Daily Choice”, or “Isolate Direct”, or whatever these criminals are calling themselves now, so I can help my octogenarian father stop getting the hemp oil he mistakenly ordered?

    1. I tried doing a “Who Is” look up on their website, but they redirect to other websites a few times, so I don’t know how to track them really. They are calling their CBD oil “CBD Pure Oil” now and still doing the free trial B.S.

      1. Order a bundle package pay for 3 get 2 free. Have never got the free ones. Went through all kinds of BS to get my order and in comparison this oil is very distasteful compared to a bottle my friend gave me to try from same company. Only my bottle says American Science odd isn’t it. No one at the numbers will answer phone so you can’t ask any questions.

  4. Isn’t this fraud? Who do we contact in the government to stop their conning customers. I am going to try to find out. THIS IS CRIMINAL. You can not contact them in any way so there is no way to cancel it.

    1. Exactly. I can’t afford this. It’s supposed to be guaranteed but can’t contact company. Very expensive. I might have to go to the news reporters with this scam

  5. I had to cancel my credit card to get away from daily choice. It’s a scam. I ordered the $4.95 trial size and ended up with them taking $116 off my card right then for other things that I didn’t want and there was no way to cancel cause no one answers the phone.

    1. try 844-902-1301. I have talked to them three times but they won’t send my money back. They are very rude. I ordered trial bottle and was charged for trial at 5.95 and another bottle for 29.95 which I did not order. I have contected them and they keep telling me they would send my refund and what they were doing is holding me off long enough that it wqs to long for the bank to dispute it. Any time I see their add I put my two cents worth in and let everyone know what a jip it is.

  6. their phone number is 845 318 8001 , I was able to reach this fraud, and was offered a 25% refund. would be processed in a 10 day period. this was on Feb 1. still no refund. I have filed a fraud claim with my bank.

  7. I also did the “free trial” and before I received product I was being charged $79.99 – the free trial was only for 14 days from the day you placed your order, she said! I demanded a refund.

    Now, a good 6 months later I see a $79.99 charge on my card with a crazy sounding company that looked like it was cosmetics. I called fraud on it and got my credit card replaced. Today the product arrived. After reading all the reviews I’d be cautious even using the oil. What is hemp oil even good for? It’s not cannabis.

  8. Hi,
    I am dealing with this issue right now with Daily Choice, and by the way, even though I stopped them from billing my cc under the name of Anti Stress Healthcare, after 8 months they just managed to slip another charge on my card by changing the name to SUPERMAX BULK. My cc so far hasn’t taken off the charge because the company told then I had ordered the product. I’ve done everything I can to stop them but evidently they are such evel scammers they invent new ways to charge. I think I’m just going to totally close out Discover Card as they did not even do a simple computer research on this company and I’ve had to do it myself. Oh I also found another webpage where they list around 10 other names this company is using.

  9. Hello! We have rceived about 3/4 bottles and enjoned the Daily Choice Hemp Oil – 99% pure. However, it seems the order has stoped coming. For month now, tried calling the 888 & 877 number, to reorder and ask what credit-card was billed the $29.95, but get no answer or a busy tone. (??? um) This said, if we do not her from The Daily Choice by end of september, we will easily go to another company –
    Meanwhile, any reply will be appreciated.
    Thank you for your time. -9/18/2018-

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