How to Use CBD Oil for Stopping Addictions Naturally

How to Use CBD Oil for Stopping Addictions Naturally

How to Use CBD Oil for Stopping Addictions Naturally

Addictions plague millions, and they are incredibly hard to quit. Here’s How to Use CBD Oil for Stopping Addictions Naturally.

I visited a Western Shamanic Energy Healer yesterday.

My wife is taking her class to become a energy healer herself, and I had seen this woman last year and felt really good afterwards.

Well, during the year I didn’t do any spiritual work.

In fact, I played all summer and ate apple fritters and listened to hard rock (yes, I still have vices, they’re just a little tamer now.)

And, guess what?

My social anxiety and OCD was worse than ever.

I even thought about drinking again, which isn’t an option (unless I want to die within 6 months.)

So, you can say I had a little cabin fever after this summer and wanted to dive back into spiritual work and get to the core of why I am so addictive to things.

It Only Takes One Childhood Trauma

So, before I went to my energy healing session, I took a full dropper of CBD Oil an hour before the session.

I was pretty nervous.

In fact, I jogged around the neighborhood just to burn off some excessive energy.

But, something amazing happened.

When I finally approached the door to my healing session, I was completely calm.

I knew it wasn’t from the jog because that was my old M.O. and that usually didn’t take care of my anxiety.

It was from the CBD Oil.

CBD Oil has been the strongest natural supplement for anxiety that I have ever taken, other than Kava, valerian root, and GABA, but those can make me dizzy and they just make you drowsy, not clear-headed and truly calm like CBD Oil.

Session Begins. . .

I went into my session and I let it rip.

I told her everything about my past.

I didn’t care anymore, because I truly wanted to find out why I got so easily addicted to everything.

She started to detect a pattern in what I was telling her, and asked if I had any male caregivers or hung around any uncles.

I sensed she was going in the direction of me being molested by someone and I said no.

She then guided me down another path, this is kind of like fact finding in a court case, and we eventually landed on the age of 4.

She asked if I had anything traumatic happen when I was 4.

There was only two things I could think of: my pet dog at the time bit my face when I was trying to hug him as he ate, and when my dad spanked me super hard for the first time for picking up fiberglass when he told me not to.

She said, “It feels more human-based.”

So, the dog was out.

We concluded that I was traumatized from the public spanking when I was 4.

Why was that so bad?

Well, I’m super sensitive, it was the first huge spanking, cars were driving by and I remember wetting my pants.

So, I felt extreme embarrassment, shame, guilt, and didn’t know who the heck my dad was after that.

I felt abandoned, alone in the back seat crying as we drove home.

I remember thinking, I am going to get him back – bad.

Well, my revenge happened as I got arrested and did drugs and gave him a two year silent treatment while still living under his roof.

My mom begged me to speak to my father.

I didn’t.

And, the first day I turned 18 I was out on my ass.

Long story short, I’ve been running from these deep, dark places within me since I was 4.

It’s incredible how one event can create your entire life. (at least until you recognize the pattern and disarm it with healing.)

Addictions Gave Me an Escape Route from Others

I suddenly realized that everything I did was a coping mechanism, from my drumming, to jogging, to sex, sugar, drugs – you name it.

And, I was in a constant state of “fight or flight.”

I never wanted to slow down and stop to have any intimacy with anyone.

I rather rock back and forth on my bed and listen to the Deftones.

My entire life was a marathon of avoiding people at any cost.

I don’t remember ever attending a dinner event sober, not since I was 15.

Yes, yes, what’s this got to do with CBD Oil?

CBD Oil not only can reduce your symptoms, it can make it easier for you to start diving into your past traumas.

Addictions are just a bandaid to something else, it’s not the ACTUAL problem.

If you have really bad anxiety, you can take up to 2 full droppers of CBD Oil per day.

It should really help.

Here’s the Best CBD Oil for you.


Thanks for reading!

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