Top Sublingual Spray for Better Sleep and Less Insomnia

Top Sublingual Spray for Better Sleep and Less Insomnia

Top Sublingual Spray for Better Sleep and Less Insomnia

Sublingual nutritional sprays are becoming huge and will soon replace capsules. Here’s the Top Sublingual Spray for Better Sleep and Less Insomnia.

Tired of not sleeping all the way through a night?

Tired of living with Insomnia?

According to NPR, 60 million Americans can’t sleep, and it gets worse over the age of 65.

How many people have insomnia?

35% suffer with insomnia a little.

20% suffer with insomnia moderately, and 10% suffer insomnia chronically.

Insomnia, along with more stress from working too many hours jacked up on caffeine, has led to numerable problems that contribute to a unfulfilling, unhealthy lifestyle.

Insomnia can contribute to:

  • Lack of concentration
  • Poor diet
  • Irritability
  • Reduced sex drive
  • More accidents
  • Moodiness
  • Fatigue

Research has shown that 4% of Americans use some sort of prescription medicine to treat insomnia.

Prescription medicine involves side effects, many that create a new set of problems.

Also, pills and capsules are hard to swallow and you lose up to 80% of the intended medicine in your digestive tract.

What’s better than pills and capsules with little to no side-effects?

Answer: Sublingual sprays.

Here’s the Top Sublingual Spray for Better Sleep and Less Insomnia

My Daily Choice, a network marketing company, understands the importance of getting nutrients to where they were meant to go, instead of being wasted in the digestive tract.


Why sublingual sprays for Insomnia?

As the picture shows, you lose 70% to 80% of the nutrients from pills and capsules.

With sublingual sprays, you spray them under your tongue onto the soft tissue where there are more capillaries and small blood vessels which carry the nutrients into your bloodstream rather than your digestion.

By bypassing the digestion, you get 98% of the vital nutrients intended for your body rather than wasted.

sublingual sleep spray

What is My Daily Choice’s Sublingual Sleep Spray?

My Daily Choice is a network marketing company that is cloud-based, debt-free, and available in over 150 countries.

My Daily Choice specializes in nutritional sublingual sprays that use a suspended micronized technology that get’s the nutrients into your body fast and effectively.

They offer a spray line that is complete for a healthy and prosperous lifestyle, including:

  • Sleep – Increases a healthy sleep cycle.
  • Boost – Sustained clean energy without the crash.
  • Trim365 – Rapid weight loss without tedious diet or meal plans.
  • Shield – Protects body by raising alkalinity in your body.
  • Brain – Increases cognition and reduces stress.
  • Peak – Complete body recovery.

These sprays are all natural, with no filler, and taste like various berries.

One spray is a month’s supply and 6 sprays under the tongue is recommended.

Each spray has a proper time to use, like Boost or Trim should be taken in the beginning of the day.

reduce insomnia naturally

To Summarize: Top Sublingual Spray for Better Sleep and Less Insomnia

As a network marketing professional and a health enthusiast who has struggled with a good night’s sleep, My Daily Choice sublingual sleep spray has been a Godsend.

Made with powerful natural ingredients, Valerian, Melatonin, and GABA, I fall asleep easily and stay asleep.

I now use a variety of sprays throughout the day which has exploded my production at work and fitness.

My sublingual spray routine looks like:

  • Trim spray in the morning. Curbs my appetite and gives me a boost of energy.
  • Shield spray mid-afternoon, after coffee, to reduce the acidity in my body from sugar, caffeine, and free radicals.
  • Sleep spray finishes off my day, as I take about 5 sprays under the tongue right as I lay down.

sublingual sleep spray review

My Daily Choice has supercharged my life in a good way.

I appreciate you checking out this article. For more information on Sleep spray and the other My Daily Choice product line, click the button to take a FREE Tour.

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