Top MLM Malaysia: New Network Marketing Opportunity for Malays

Top MLM Malaysia New Network Marketing Opportunity for Malays

Top MLM Malaysia: New Network Marketing Opportunity for Malays

Malay entrepreneurs understand the power of leveraged income in MLM. Here’s the Top MLM opportunity in Malaysia for network marketers.

Are you a Malay network marketer looking for a new MLM company that pays up to 85%?

Or, are you an Entrepreneur living in Malaysia looking for extra income to live a better life and support your family better?

I have good news for you!

Network marketing is a $190 Billion dollar business worldwide with over 100 million people involved.

More people are turning to network marketing as a viable business because of several powerful reasons, including:

  • Low startup cost: For under $100US a month, you can become an independent business owner in network marketing and have the ability to make substantial income.
  • No Income Limit: With network marketing, there is no income ceiling. Unlike other professions, like doctors and lawyers, you can only make a certain amount of income, then it maxes out at a limit. Not so, in MLM. You can make up to $1 million a month in a legitimate MLM per month. The only factor in creating this kind of income is your ability to prospect, recruit, build your team, motivate, and never quit.
  • Community & Friendship: Network marketing is a “people business” which means you work with others, establish friendship and trust, and inspire them to build their own legacy inside network marketing.


So, those are some good reasons to do network marketing. I’ve been involved in MLM for over 3 years and I will never do any other kind of business.

Here’s the Top MLM in Malaysia: New Network Marketing Opportunity for Malays

Over 31 million people live in Malaysia. The economy in Malaysia has grown on average 6.5% every year for the last 50 years. Malaysia also has a new industrial sector which is the 3rd largest in Southeast Asia.

The average income for a Malay is $12,000 a year.

On $12,000 a year, Malaysians seek other means of additional income or job-replacing income through the business model of “network marketing.”

Finding the Top MLM for Malays

It is crucial to find an MLM company that not only has an awesome and unique product, but also an MLM with a powerful compensation plan that get’s you making money quick!

In our MLM company that I am the #1 leader in, we get paid on many different levels. We get paid weekly, monthly, bonuses, and share 2% of the company’s profits for the month. All of this adds up to income that you can live comfortably with. With this MLM company, I was able to quit my job and work full-time from home within 4 months.

How to Build a Successful MLM Business in Malaysia

A lot of people fail in network marketing because of several reasons, and if we prepared for these things to happen, we improve our chances for success in MLM dramatically. Let’s look at some of the reasons:

  • Thinks it’s a “get-rich-quick scheme.” A lot of new network marketers believe that they can easily get rich in MLM without doing too much work. The truth however is that MLM is a real business and needs to be taken seriously. The money in the beginning is not significant, because you have not built a team under you yet. MLM takes a couple years to generate residual income from the commissions generated by your entire team in order to make enough to live on.
  • Enrolls 5, then stops recruiting. A lot of potential leaders who join network marketing believe that they can recruit 5 to 10 people, then stop recruiting, and begin to “micromanage” their distributors and tell them what to do. The fact of the matter is, to be successful in MLM you have to keep recruiting every single month. If you stop recruiting, your team will stop recruiting because they follow what you do. Also, you need at least 100 reps on your team to discover the 3 to 4 leaders that will make up 80% of your income. Many people will quit your business, that’s normal, that’s human nature. So, prepare for this, and the less sensitive you are to people quitting and the general hiccups of being an Entrepreneur, you will go far!


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MLM in Malaysia

Conclusion for the Top MLM Malaysia: New Network Marketing Opportunity for Malays

Network marketing can be rewarding and fun once you truly understand how it works. MLM is a true profession that requires constant personal development, lead-generation training, and team building practices in order to become successful.

All of this is worth it when you begin to see how you inspire people, help them change their situation, and get to live life on your terms!

Thanks for reading!



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