Top 5 Ways Hempworx Leaders Promote Their Home Business

Top 5 Ways Hempworx Leaders Promote Their Home Business

My Daily Choice Hempworx is a CBD Oil Network Marketing company. Here’s the Top 5 Ways Hempworx Leaders Promote Their Home Business.

Building any network marketing business comes down to numbers – generating enough leads to grow and sustain a thriving MLM business.

The big money comes from not what you sell by yourself, but by having a team that is doing the same thing you are and earning a little bit of commissions from everyone.

Without a team, you are selling your CBD Oil like a retail store and that doesn’t give you huge residual and leveraged income.

Leveraged income means earning a small amount from everyone on your team, creating leverage through people.

Leverage makes your business a lot more exciting, easier, and lucrative to build.

So, in order to build a big team, you need to get a lot of eyes looking at your personalized landing pages built for you.

I’m not talking about our customer website, but the hempworxbizop landing page where prospects fill in their name and email.

hempworx landing page
hempworx landing page

This landing page gets your prospects into the autoresponder of My Daily Choice.

This system is all I use, I didn’t create any marketing funnels on my own – I simply get a lot of eyes to my landing pages and generate around 10 to 15 leads a day with it.

I let the emails do their thing – I only respond to my prospects if they call or if they email me directly.

I don’t respond to “what is it?” “How much is it? Or “How much can I make?”

These questions are lazy. If they can’t do a little research on their own, imagine how much energy you’ll have to put into them if they join your business.

This is your own home business. You get to choose who you want to work with.

I also don’t convince anyone to join my business. I create content, also known as Attraction Marketing, and let people come to me.

Here’s the Top 5 Ways Hempworx leaders Promote Their Home Business:

One – Facebook Messenger

Facebook is a great platform to get your opportunity out there, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it.

The wrong way is to just spam your link into a ton of MLM facebook groups.

The right way, is to tell your story (how Hempworx helped you), then say PM (private message) me for more details at end of post.

Do not share your link at the end of the post! Let people message you, break the ice with them, then share your link.

Two – Pinterest

The average income of a Pinterest user is $70k a year. They are consumers, 80% female, and have their credit card in hand.

If you can make great pins and pass the Pinterest guidelines (they don’t let you promote certain products) then you can make a lot of money by advertising on there.

You can however share your pins no matter what without having to pass guidelines if you choose not to advertise but just pin normally.

Just make sure that your pin is engaging and leads to maybe an article you wrote about with a call-to-action at the bottom leading to your Hempworx.

Three – Buy clicks to your Hempworx landing page

It’s all about getting lots of eyeballs on your landing page. You could experiment with traffic exchanges like and put your landing page link in there. 

Other places that can generate you clicks and visitors to your opportunity link – for CBD Oil it’s the one that says hempworxbizop under your landing pages section in your “My Websites” tab in your back office – are as follows:

Landing Page Clicks from MLM Leads.

You can also create a small ad where you talk about how CBD or the sprays have helped you and then leave your link at the bottom of your ad on

You can also create a solo ad and send out a letter to a list of emails that the vendor sells you. A good site to try is Soloadsx. Pick one of the top 3 vendors from the list here and create a compelling email with your opportunity link. 

You might need to do 5 platforms at a time to generate enough leads daily to grow your business. Like I said earlier, I generate 10 to 15 leads a day and that builds my business.

Four – Videos

YouTube videos are free to make and can eventually get you a steady stream of leads. I talk about how Hempworx CBD helped my social anxiety.

I’ve done over 20 videos just on Hempworx CBD and the leads are now trickling in. If you like doing videos, do 1 a day before going to work or wherever and your library of videos will get surprisingly bigger and leads will start to come.

Here’s my YouTube Channel

It’s all about creating massive content guys. One video is not going to build you a multi-million dollar business.

Five – Blogging

Long term blogging should be on a self-hosted blog (like this one), but in the short term you can write articles on a platform, like medium or Blogger and the articles usually rank quickly in Google because medium is a large, authoritative site.

You can also create a new free blog using a great name that will get SEO, like mine over at

For example, if you wanted to attract prospects that have OCD, you can create a free blog at called something like OCDreliefusingCBD.

This name, along with new articles using a variation of that name, will get your articles closer to the first page on Google.

Same as before, write articles almost daily and don’t stop. In 3 to 6 months leads will start to come in. Blogging is a long term strategy but is extremely powerful when traffic builds up.

To Summarize the Top 5 Ways Hempworx Leaders Promote Their Home Business

Again, your business only grows as fast as you build up enough traffic to see and sign up on your landing pages. That’s it!

It’s also called “Attraction Marketing.” – people are finding your content online and coming to you, instead of you pushing your content down their throat.

Points to remember:

  • MLM is a numbers game (you need a lot of views to get leads.)
  • Work up to generating 10 leads a day.
  • Use free advertising before paid advertising.
  • You might need several platforms to generate 10 leads a day.
  • Work with who you want to work with (not tire-kickers)
  • Let the Hempworx autoresponder help do the recruiting.
  • Only reach out to serious players.

Lastly, you want to create a new, easy-to-remember website name for your Hempworx Opportunity.


Thanks for reading!

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Erik Christian Johnson is a full-time blogger, self-development advocate, and full-time network marketing Entrepreneur.

6 thoughts on “Top 5 Ways Hempworx Leaders Promote Their Home Business”

    1. Hi Ken,

      We have several landing pages and customer websites that come with the business and the landing pages are connected to a powerful automated email series from the company that helps get people to upgrade to paid members. It’s really a turn key MLM. The only thing I do is get a lot of traffic to my landing pages and let the company do the rest!
      I don’t do post cards, I simply create content on the internet, i.e. blogging and videos.

      1. Thanks are you aloud to change your auto ship ?Do you have any reps in Oklahoma city that I could talk too ? I have been in several mlm companies but have never made enough money to even buy the product. I was in isagenix for over two years and had 117 people on one side and only 1 on the other side so I never cycled because it was a binary plan.Thanks ken Rother

        1. This is a global internet business. You don’t need to speak with somebody in person, this isn’t like Amway where you have to do house and hotel meetings. You can simply communicate with your sponsor through email or phone. I have people all over the world. You can change autoship anytime and also manually order. Yes, this is a binary also. I am actually building both of my legs at the same time, but you need to be a big recruiter to do that. This blog helps me generate enough leads to do that. not many people can build MLM because they run out of friends and have no cold market and cannot afford enough leads to make. You need to recruit a lot of people to find your 3 to 5 leaders.

          1. Ok thanks I’m not a big recruiter but am teachabke. I used to sell candles business to business and pass out wellness newspapers .

    2. What do you use for an auto responder or is that built into the system??

      Can I buy just 1 bottle to start?

      Do you or anyone give ongoing training?


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