Top 5 Reasons to Drink SteepFuze CBD Coffee

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When it comes to infusing CBD into products people are already familiar with, coffee seems to be an obvious option – and that’s exactly what the founders of SteepFuze did.

(I am not affiliated with Steepfuze coffee, so this is an unbiased review.)

Owned and operated in Colorado, SteepFuze is one of the newest CBD coffee brands to emerge within the CBD industry. They take some of the world’s best organically grown 100% Arabica coffee, roast it to perfection, and use a proprietary method to infuse a full-spectrum CBD extract directly into the coffee beans.

There are several CBD infused coffees on the market but what makes SteepFuze stand out is their level of passion, not only for coffee but their passion for hemp and the health benefits of CBD.

If you’re a coffee drinker and the idea of getting additional all-natural health benefits out of every cup of joe you drink is appealing to you – then you should be paying attention to this company.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should be drinking SteepFuze CBD Coffee:

One – Passion Behind the Product

SteepFuze CBD Coffee wasn’t built by a company who randomly jumped into the emerging CBD craze to make a quick buck. There’s passion for every batch of CBD infused coffee that’s produced by SteepFuze. 

SteepFuze was founded in Boulder, Colorado by a snowboarder who, after a snowboarding accident, was in search of a natural remedy to treat his injuries – which ultimately led to his discovery of hemp-derived CBD.

After trying CBD to help combat his inflammation from his accident, he became a believer in the healing powers of CBD. Already passionate about gourmet coffee, the folks who would eventually call their brand SteepFuze decided to infuse the two natural wonders; CBD and coffee into a healthy, gourmet concoction that anybody could enjoy.

After many months of experimentation and trial and errors, SteepFuze has perfected the art of infusing a full-spectrum CBD oil into whole-bean coffee.

They even offer a decaffeinated coffee for those who are sensitive to caffeine.

Two – Patented Infusion Process

With so many products, formulations, and new ideas emerging from the CBD industry, the folks at SteepFuze knew the importance of securing their infusion methodology in order to keep it unique to their company. So, they have patented the method they use to infuse the CBD into their coffee.

At a certain point when you roast coffee beans, they release naturally occurring oils made of about 15% fat. Fat is what CBD and other cannabinoids bind to – so, what better way to introduce CBD into coffee than at that critical curing stage when the fatty oils from the coffee beans are most abundant during the roasting process.

It is at this point that SteepFuze decided was the best time to infuse CBD into their recently roasted coffee beans which in turn is the proprietary procedure SteepFuze has legally protected the rights to.

You can’t get coffee that has been infused with CBD using this method anywhere else except SteepFuze.

Three – Unique Roasting Method

Master Coffee Roasters will use their natural senses such as sight, smell, and sound to determine when a particular batch is at the desired roast, so it’s nothing new for them to gauge their batch based on scent or sound. However, what makes this coffee so different is that the Master Roaster who roasts all SteepFuze’s coffee uses ONLY his sense of smell and what he hears.

He has developed this method of roasting, well, because he’s blind.

Master Coffee Roaster, Gerry Leary, has developed a method of determining the roast level of his coffee – he calls it, “blind-roast coffee” – and its some of the best coffee you’ll ever taste.

Using only his sense of smell and sense of sound, Gerry has perfected this exclusive method of coffee roasting and has been using it within his Colorado-based coffee house for years – and people love it.

The same procedure is passionately carried out with all of the coffee Gerry roasted for SteepFuze.

Four – Tested After the Infusion Process

Most CBD company’s conduct testing on their raw extracts before the CBD is added to different products. This is, of course, a necessary step to ensure quality and consistency, but SteepFuze takes it one step further.

SteepFuze not only independently tests the raw extract for cannabinoid and terpenes profile before it’s infused into their coffee, but they also take the extra steps and test their beans after the infusion process is complete.

They do this to ensure quality and consistency for their customers. When you consume a cup of SteepFuze CBD coffee you never have to wonder if you’re getting all the beneficial cannabinoids you were told was in the product – because it’s tested and proven consistent, every time.

Five – Predictable Products

Merging from the testing mentioned above – each batch of SteepFuze coffee has a consistent and predictable amount of CBD not only in each batch but inside each cup. SteepFuze uses a 1:1 ratio of 1mg of CBD for every 1-gram of coffee. Using this concept within their formulas makes it an easy and practical way to ensure quick and easy measuring.

There are three different options to choose from when looking to purchase coffee from SteepFuze; The Origin, New Mountain Blend, and Decaffeinated – each available in a 12oz. bag with your choice of; whole bean, coarse grind, or fine grind for $48.95 – these contain 360mgs CBD in each bag. SteepFuze is also in the process of launching another CBD infused coffee product that consists of 3oz of coffee infused with 90mgs of CBD for $19.95.


You can also grab a bottle of CBD capsules from SteepFuze. Their capsules come in 3 different options; (10) 25mg capsules for $22.50, (40) 25mg capsules for $79.95, or (30) 50mg capsules for $114.94.

Although SteepFuze CBD coffee hasn’t been in the CBD industry for very long, their products are getting the attention of mainstream media outlets across the nation. That’s because their products are tried, tested, reliable, and predictable – and people love it.

When you combine passion into an ingenious idea, the outcome will almost always prove to be a successful one – and that’s what SteepFuze has become to be.

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