Top 5 Reasons to Buy Palmetto Harmony CBD Products

Is Palmetto Harmony a scam? I don’t think so. They are a rising company in the CBD industry. I am not affiliated with them. Therefore, this is an unbiased review. Please enjoy the Top 5 Reasons Why you should buy and promote Palmetto Harmony.

Their mission is to be leaders in the CBD and essential oil industry. That’s why they use only organic growing practices.

They do not cut corners and use synthetic CBDs for their product. Buy from them and you’ll be buying from a company that regularly has their oil third party tested from an ISO certified lab.

Their oil is tested for uniformity as well as for safety. Buying organic and natural products can be hard. All-natural ingredients have been known to be off in their numbers in the past.

Palmetto Harmony believes in consistency in their product. That’s why they always have their products tested. That way the consumer will know that they are getting the most out of a product.

Because there is still bias against CBD oil and it still gets mixed up with marijuana oil, they are very careful to only sell their pens to people over the age of 21. This shows they care about their product and they care about the consumer.

They care that they don’t sell to minors who are easily dissuaded by companies that make their customer base think they will be getting high from hemp. They will not. Hemp has very low levels of THC, which is the hallucinogen found in marijuana.

One: They Use Combative Pests Vs. Chemicals

The two things you need to know when you are choosing your oil are, what pesticides are used during the hemp growing and what chemical is used to extract the CBDs from the hemp flower and then put into the carrier oil. A carrier oil is an oil like hemp oil that is the “holder” of the CBDs.

If you buy one of Palmetto Harmony’s tinctures, you will be ingesting a carrier oil loaded with CBDs. The 100ml batch of tincture, costs $220. That is the tincture loaded with CBDs that are crafted just for you the consumer. When starting CBDs, start small.

If you are just beginning, then you should buy their 30ml tincture for $90. When you are healing your body you don’t want to put unwanted toxins in there as well. That’s why they are leaders in the hemp industry.

The use of combative pests like lady bugs instead of pesticides preserves the purity of the oil. They are more spendy than other companies, but you are paying for safe practices and organic farming.

Two: They are Here When you are Ready to Vape

When you are in the beginnings of using CBDs you should begin with topical CBDs. You then go to the tincture with the least amount of CBDs and work your way up to vape.

The reason you do this is because inhaling your CBDs is the best way to absorb them directly into your endocannabinoid system.

If you start with the high dose you may send your body into shock. When you are ready to vape, at Palmetto Harmony you can get your pen and everything you need to get started vamping. A vape device costs $34.99. The cartridge is $14.99.

Three: They Have Pills

If you are a consumer who does not like the taste of hemp oil, with Palmetto Harmony you can get your CBDs in capsule form.

A lot of people go this route. They do not like the aftertaste of hemp. A 60-count bottle with 10mgs of cannabinoids per capsule costs $129. You will be spending a little over $2 per pill.

Four: They Sell Hemp Seeds

A lot of consumers like to gnaw on seeds throughout their day or on a hike. If you are looking for a good and sustainable place to buy your seeds consider Palmetto Harmony.

In addition to healthy CBDs, hemp actually has a lot of healthy protein and is a sustainable source of Omega-3s. You can buy your own at or search for a near-by retail location.

Five: They Have an Amazing Story

Be prepared! It’s a tear jerker. There is nothing more powerful than the will and mindpower of a mama. That is why there is even a Palmetto Harmony company.

A few years ago, a mama named Janel Ralph had a daughter named Harmony who was born with a rare genetic condition known as “smooth brain.” Modern medicine cannot treat this condition, and Harmony was suffering from life-stalling seizures.

When Janel discovered that hemp and CBDs improved Harmony’s life, she became a supermom and a CEO of a research company that studies the medicinal impacts of hemp and CBDs.

Now she shares her gift with everyone and the information she gleaned when helping her daughter. It’s a product with a purpose.

I recommend Palmetto Harmony as a fine emerging business that sells CBD oil. I am not affiliated with them in any way.

Thanks for reading!

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