Top 5 Reasons NOT to Join CTFO CBD Oil aka Chew the Fat Off

Top 5 Reasons NOT to Join CTFO CBD Oil aka Chew the Fat Off

CTFO, aka Chew the Fat Off, is making an attempt to capitalize on the CBD Oil industry by completely overhauling their image. Will they last? Here’s the Top 5 Reasons NOT to Join CTFO CBD Oil aka Chew the Fat Off.

CFTO was founded in 2015 by Stuart Finger and his brother Steve Finger.

This isn’t the first company they have tried to make work.

Before that, Stuart had started another MLM called “Guided by God” which faded into obscurity and was replaced with another company he created called Novus Era.

So, essentially Mr. Finger moved everyone over to Novus Era when Guided by God was tanking.

Now, the Finger Brothers have a company they have called “Chew the Fat off.”

Catchy, professional name isn’t it?

That’s why they are yet again changing their brand to conveniently blend in with their new image and product line of CBD Oil.

Why not? CBD oil is huge. . .

Therefore, CTFO now means “Changing the Future Outcome.”

Much nicer than “Chew the Fat Off” in my opinion, but is this name already tainted with the past.

CTFO has also just sold weight loss products, now they want to completely overhaul the company to become a CBD Oil company.


So, Here’s the Top 5 Reasons NOT to Join CTFO CBD Oil aka Chew the Fat Off

One – Unappealing Name

Chew the Fat Off is trying to desperately reposition themselves as Changing the Future Outcome to harness and capitalize on the $2 Billion CBD Oil industry. They are following on the coattails of many already successful CBD Oil companies, like My Daily Choice Hempworx.

CFTO has basically taken the same CBD Oil and marked it off 10%, but there’s many aspects CFTO is still missing.

The new CFTO has also been in “pre-launch” or “soft launch” as they like to call it for over 3 months. . .

Two – Poorly Done Landing Pages & Log In Page

The replicated websites that each CTFO distributor receives is a poorly done, amateur webpage with a YouTube video in the middle.

ctfo landing page

Most landing pages from the successful CBD Oil companies are High Definition and lock prospects into an email sequence which helps the distributors recruit.

Like this one:

cfto versus hempworx

This goes for distributor log-in pages as well:

This is CTFO’s poor login page:

ctfo poor sign in page

This is Hempworx sign-in page:

mdc log in


Three – Ugly Dashboard

CFTO is uses standard MLM software to generate their dashboard.

They use images taken from the internet and the links are standard blue hyperlinks, not buttons.

poor chew the fat off dashboard view


Here’s a nice dashboard with three times more buttons on the left-hand side to navigate your home business:


Four – Must Access and Set Up Third Party Payroll Account

If you want to receive commissions from CTFO, you must sign up with a third-party payroll provider, named Global Payroll Gateway. Most established network marketing companies do this for you and you automatically get paid weekly & monthly.

Five – No Real Marketing Tools or Autoresponders

Most newer MLM companies have high definition landing pages where your prospects can fill out a form to gain access, then the company puts your lead/prospect into an automated email sequence, which literally emails your prospects daily.

CTFO doesn’t seem to have a sales funnel set up for you, which means you have to learn how to set up an automated email funnel yourself. Setting up a mailer will cost money, aweber is around $19.95, plus you need to create engaging emails.

Also, a company like Hempworx offers extensive training videos right in the back-office on how to set up your business, and network marketing training videos from the MLM legend Todd Falcone.

CTFO just has some pdf’s.

ctfo marketing versus hempworx marketing


To Summarize the Top 5 Reasons NOT to Join CTFO CBD Oil aka Chew the Fat Off

In my opinion, Chew the Fat Off is not doing well with their weight loss products, the weight loss niche is extremely competitive and there’s already 100s of MLMs that do it better.

So, CFTO are making a last minute attempt to capitalize on the emerging CBD Oil Industry. . .

So, really, the only benefit that CTFO offers is a discount of up to $30 on their CBD Oil skin cream, but if you’re looking for just CBD Oil, their prices are around the same as other CBD Oil Companies, which makes CTFO not a serious contender in the CBD Oil space.

Plus, there’s already over 100 CBD companies online, so I really think CFTO has missed the boat. . .


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6 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons NOT to Join CTFO CBD Oil aka Chew the Fat Off”

  1. Hi. my name is chris hobby and i am a stay at home dad. i was just wondering what would be your best bet for finding a stay at home job even though i dont have any money to start up a business?

    1. Hi Chris, you may have heard this saying before: “You need money to make money.”
      There’s not many free options out there unless you look into affiliate marketing, but then you need massive traffic going to your affiliate offers to make decent money. You either need a lot of time or a lot of money to make money online. I really like because you can eventually get paid residual income, even if you don’t recruit, and it’s only $39 a month and everyone is crazy about cryptocurrencies!

    1. Hi Kim, I really did look at them with an open mind. From a customer perspective, the price point and range of CBD products they offer is great, but as far as an internet marketer is concerned, it’s poorly designed and I think there’s too much competition already. To me, it looks like Chew the Fat Off’s original products aren’t doing great, so they are trying to capitalize on CBD oil. That’s fine, but I think they already have a tainted track record with the other MLM companies they founded in the past, aka Guided by God – I mean, come on, Chew the Fat Off and Guided by God?? What kind of names are these? professional brand names? That’s just my opinion.

  2. I don’t understand why the cosmetics of a transitioning companies website is a legitimate reason. Or five, as you stretched it out to be. I agree the web pages look horrible, but the product has yet to even launch and you seem to have an agenda to discredit them. Very curious.. I happen to live in a place where this market has great potential, and after extensive research, have concluded that CTFO has the best system implemented for paying their associates. Only time will tell if it will be a benificial business structure, and as many know, success in MLM companies relies on the individual, the market in geographical relevance with the product, and how much product the associate can sell in relation to the size of his/her team. To summarize, a simplistic website design in no way should logically foreshadow the success or failure of a company. The product and system for pay should be what’s considered in regards towards whether or not you should join. As for me, I will further research the product, its trends, and the potential it has before making a decision. I implore you to do some research as well, then your next argument might actually be compelling.

    1. I value you’re opinion Topucelay, but I have thoroughly researched the company and yes cosmetics and the way a website is designed is a huge indicator of a company’s future success. I also forgot to mention in my article that I became a prospect in the company to check everything out and do receive emails from the company, but guess what, I didn’t receive one email from the person who I signed up under. I received several from their sponsors, their upline. What if I decide to join my upline rather than my sponsor? A lot of people when they join MLM, if they know what they’re doing, will join the highest leader they find. Right there, my sponsor might lose people to his upline. I don’t think that is a great marketing funnel. Also, you made a great point – they haven’t even launched CBD yet, and it’s been several months, that also makes me want to warn people to settle down a little because the hype of this company is trending and they don’t even have a product yet. In fact, they are basically just getting the same CBD oil as Hempworx and marking it down a little, but it’s not worth the savings when everything else looks homemade and poorly designed. There’s 100s of CBD Oil companies online, and CTFO is getting in too late in my opinion. I have a right to warn people. This is my opinion and my blog. Good luck finding what suits you.

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