Top 5 Reasons to Buy and Promote Pure Science Lab CBD Products

Top 5 Reasons to Buy and Promote Pure Science Lab CBD Products

When it comes to scouring the web to find a CBD Oil brand you can trust, the task can be a little daunting and very overwhelming. With so many brands and options to choose from, one company has been able to make this task a little easier on you – that company is Pure Science Lab.

*I am NOT affiliated with Pure Science Lab – so this an unbiased review. Enjoy!

Pure Science Lab has been around for nearly 6 years. You can consider them veterans in an industry still residing in a state of infancy.

This means that when it comes to being experts in the CBD industry the folks at Pure Science Lab are no exception. With a fully functioning website – complete with an e-commerce store, educational material, and content within a broad spectrum (no pun intended) of social media – including a Facebook page.

You can rest assured you’ll be able to find all the information one would ever want to know about CBD –  and of course, all the other phyto-active cannabinoids from Pure Science Lab CBD.

Upon researching this company, who’s home base is out of Coconut Creek, Florida, and the wide range of CBD products they offer, I came up with an essential Top 5 list of reasons why to consider purchasing and promoting Pure Science Lab’s CBD products.

So, getting straight to the point, here are the Top 5 reasons on why you should choose Pure Science Lab.

#1. Transparency

One thing I found to be refreshing when browsing Pure Science Lab’s website was their ability to share their products and information without being flaky.

It’s critical that, when making the decision to use naturally occurring CBD, that you find a company who doesn’t hide their products lab testing sheets (COA’s), or make it difficult for the consumer to see, and study them.

When you opt-in to their website, the very first thing you see is a slider that includes the company’s lab sheets. Seeing is believing and Pure Science Lab has made it exceptionally easy to see exactly what is in, and not in their products, starring you right in the face.

So, before you browse their CBD Oil products, you know right off the bat that you’re getting a top-quality product. This is key!

#2. Made with the Highest Quality

“The live industrial hemp comes from Amsterdam using liquid-nitrogen cooled containers, from there we use a highly advanced CO2 extraction process. Afterwards, we bring our product to multiple testing laboratories to ensure quality and consistency.


Throughout this process, we make sure our manufacturing process is 100% legal and safe. We also produce a full spectrum hemp based profile which offers the most medical benefits which our customers love. The finished product is a non-GMO and organic which also has high receptivity in the body.”
Our hemp is grown in Amsterdam, broken down and shipped here as a live product and then processed at our lab in Coconut Creek, Florida.
The reasons we only use hemp from Amsterdam is that their standards for quality and purity are the highest in the world, and the hemp produced there has a THC/Δ9 THC level that consistently falls below the threshold deemed legal by the DEA and Federal government guidelines.
Most industrial hemp grown in the US has THC/Δ9 THC levels that surpass the legal threshold for a non-controlled substance, as such we have always and will continue to source ours from Amsterdam. It also comes to us with a DHS (Department of Homeland Security) stamp of approval on every package.”

As a bonus; Pure Science Lab CBD supports our troops and offers a substantial 25% discount to all military veterans.

Veterans can place their order by calling in to one of the two phone numbers listed at the top of their website. Veterans can place their order by calling in to one of the two phone numbers listed at the top of the company’s website. Which brings me to my next point.

#3. Great Customer Service

When it comes to buying anything whether it be online, or offline – customer service is the link that connects the brand to the consumer.  This is an area where the folks at Pure Science Lab have really turned up the heat. 

When I called the number that’s displayed at the top of their website, I was pleased to be met with another human’s voice. Not only was it an actual person, it was one of the founding members of the company.

It wasn’t a robot, it wasn’t automated, and I wasn’t stuck listening to that annoying background music while I waited for “the next available representative”. How refreshing!

In addition to that, the person on the other end was very professional and knew a lot about not only the products they offer but about CBD in general; and how it can help folks treat a vast range of conditions.

They knew what dose of CBD Oil to start with in comparison to your body weight and what product would work best for specific conditions. I would say without a doubt, one of the best customer service experiences I have had. They also offer a great return policy; a 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

#4. Wide Range of Products

Pure Science Lab has also proven to be one of the few CBD Oil companies to offer such a wide range of products – and at unbeatable prices.

They offer everything from tinctures, balms, lotions, edibles, concentrates, capsules, pet products, and vape cartridge kits.

Yes, I said kits. That’s because when you purchase vape products from Pure Science Lab you don’t just get the vape e-liquid – you also get the battery, a cartridge filled with your desired flavor, a charger and a handy carrying case.

All this vaping greatness is only $59.95 but if you buy the two kit special it’s only $99.95! Their proprietary vape formulations also include terpenes, which when put together with the high-quality CBD extract creates a powerful entourage effect (the concept of more than one compound working more efficiently that just one compound by itself).

The tinctures also make Pure Science Lab unique with a product line ranging from their lowest potency CBD Oil of 400mgs in a 15ml bottle with 3 different flavor options to choose from for $59.95 – all the way to their most concentrated blend of 5000mgs in a 30ml bottle for $499.00.

That number might scare some of you but it’s important to remember that the 5000mg potency level comes in a 30ml bottle and is heavily concentrated with a broad spectrum of cannabinoids.

In between these two formulations we have a 725mg in a 15ml bottle for $99.95, and 1600mg in a 30ml bottle for $199.95. All equipped with an easy to use dropper-top.

Pure Science Lab also includes CBD treatments for your pet! Yes, your dog or cat also have an endocannabinoid system and it also needs supplemented.

These products consist of a 15ml dropper top composed of 250mg of broad spectrum CBD for $39.95. Also, a 60ct. tub of soft chew treats with 120mg total for $49.95, or a 100ct. with 200mg total for only$79.95.

Also on the menu at Pure Science Lab are the delicious gummies and dark chocolate! The chocolate bar consists of 140mg CBD – with one square having 5mg CBD. The chocolate bar is $29.95. The gummies come in a variety of six different flavors. Six pieces, pick your flavor – 90mg of CBD is $19.95, 10 pieces, pick your flavor- 150mg CBD is $29.95.

You can also choose the variety bottle which consists of 30 pieces – 450mg CBD total – assortment of watermelon, gummy worms, and cola bites for only $79.95.

These gummies are a great beginner product! Need a topical solution to your pain and/or dry skin? Pure Science Labs has you covered there too…literally! They offer a CBD serum with a spray pump top for easy application.

These come in 1oz 100mg for $39.95, or a 2oz 200mg version for $59.95. The topical CBD balms come in a 1/4oz, 100mg version for $19.95 and a 1oz 200mg version for $39.95. The CBD pain creams come in two varieties as well. Pure Science Lab offers a 2oz 250mg gel for $39.95, and a4oz 500mg gel for $69.95.

Another great product with tons of options is their capsules. You can get a bottle of 30 soft gel capsules at 25mg a piece for $79.95. Other options include 5 capsules with a total of 250mg for $24.95, 10 capsules totaling 500mg for $49.95, or 30 capsules at 1500mg total for $129.95.

A higher potency capsule option is also available with 10 capsules – 1000mg for $99.95, and 30 capsules – 3000mg for $259.90. And finally, we have the highly concentrated oral applicators.

These formulations are loaded with 41% of CBD, along with other beneficial non-psychoactive cannabinoids. These potent products consist of a 1-gram applicator for $59.95, two 1-gram applicators for $99.95 or three 1 gram applicators $139.95.

In addition, they also offer a 5 gram version for $189.90 – a 10 gram for $369.95 – or a pack of six 10 gram applicators for $1995.00. As you can see, Pure Science Labs offers all kinds of different CBD oil products. Happy selecting!

#5. You Can Feel Good Telling People About It

This in my opinion is the most desirable characteristic when it comes to choosing a hemp derived CBD Oil company.

Knowing full well that when you tell somebody about this brand of CBD Oil, you can rest easy knowing that you gave good advice. Nobody has ever gotten excited to tell someone about a less than stellar product – that same mindset is carried over to the consumer after they use a Pure Science Lab CBD product.

Simply because they like it, and the reviews on their website proves it. Maybe you have a friend, a mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, son or daughter that could benefit from CBD. You can tell them about this brand and have the piece of mind knowing that your loved ones will be safe.

So, there you have it. The Top 5 reasons to choose Pure Science Lab as a trusted source for your hemp derived CBD Oil. Hemp derived CBD, and the other numerous cannabinoids are swiftly making their way to the main stage.

If you have never heard of cannabidiol (CBD), don’t worry because you’re not alone. Not many people have. However, more and more people every day are finding out about it and having great experiences and positive results with these naturally occurring plant compounds. Maybe you will too.

If you have a friend, a mom, dad, grandpa, grandma, son, or daughter who could benefit from CBD – you can tell them about Pure Science Lab and rest assured that your loved ones will be safe. When choosing Pure Science Lab, you’re getting a great product, great prices, and great people. People who care.

Thanks for reading!

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