Top 5 Reasons to Buy and Promote Green Roads CBD

Is Green Roads CBD Oil a scam? I Don’t think so. They are a rising company in the CBD industry. I am not affiliated with them, so this is an unbiased review. Enjoy the Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy and Promote Green Roads CBD Oil Products.

One of the more popular CBD companies – in terms of having an initiative bigger than themselves is Green Roads.

Green Roads in one of only a few CBD Oil brands that are active in the advocating for the hemp and cannabis industries.

Cannabis prohibition is old, out dated, and does humanity a huge dis-service. Nobody knows this as well as the team at Green Roads – and yes, they will back it up.

From producing their own radio show, to launching a huge website filled with great products and educational material, to flying representatives to areas of the country crippled with mis-informed, under-educated authorities – Green Roads is a company quickly becoming known as the brand who makes our voices heard in communities around the country.

Here are Top 5 reasons to consider buying and promoting Green Roads CBD.

1. Dedication

Most credible CBD Oil companies are dedicated in some form or another. Weather they are dedicated to customer service, a quality product, a great shipping/return policy, or dedicated to supporting accurate education about CBD. Green Roads has truly raised the bar for this concept as they have created a level of dedication to all the above – and then some.

Two areas stand out to me when I think about the dedication Green Roads has put into their craft of manufacturing and distributing quality CBD Oil.

One is because they are the only CBD Oil company that provides people the value of a weekly radio show – hosted live every Saturday morning on Facebook. This is a great free tool to use for any CBD, cannabis, or hemp oil entrepreneur.

They have even had celebrity guests and sports players come on the 2 hours talk show and share stories and/or opinions about the different sectors that surround this industry.

The second reason I thought it was appropriate to name “Dedication” as its own talking point when speaking on Green Roads, is because of their presence in the global movement.

Not only do they host their own radio show, but you can bet that 9 times out of 10 – Green Roads will send a representative(s) to your state for any legality issues you may be presented with.

I can easily rattle off 3 states that I know of where Green Roads has sent (as in fly in a team of people on their own dime) legal counsel to help citizens fight their states outdated prohibition of hemp. This is far more support than I’ve seen any CBD company offer.

2. Variety

When I say Green Roads offers a variety of products, I literally mean a very large, massive range of common, and not so common products. They offer a vast range of edibles/gummies in addition to tons of pet options, topicals, capsules, vapes, pure oils, and terpenes!

One could do an entire article on the products alone – but for times sake I will give you a list of essentials that are worth noting.

Green Roads carries all the common product you would expect to find on a CBD Oil companies website, along with some not so common products that, let’s face it – should be more common in households across the country.

Some of the not so common include a sublingual oil infused with terpenes! Quality phytocannabinoid rich oil infused with terpenes creates a synergistic effect no other two compounds can produce. These dropper top bottles are labeled “Terpenes” and come in 5 flavors – or shall I say strains – they are; Pineapple Express, Blueberry OG, Sour Diesel, Strawberry AK, and in Original Nectar. They come formulated with 100mg of phytocannabinoids in a white 15ml bottle for $37.99. These prove as an effective starter oil, and they taste great!

Another great example of a product that is exclusively offered from Green Roads are their line of Soothe Syrups. Formulated with 60mg of CBD and 10g of melatonin, and coming in 3 different flavors (mango, strawberry, and grape), these great tasting syrups are a first of their kind – you can pick up a bottle on their website for $39.99.

Bonus product spotlight: Green Roads is the only company to offer 50mg CBD in the style of a “fruit roll-up”. Composed of just two simple ingredients (hemp derived CBD and dehydrated strawberries), you can get a 6” roll of “Fruit & Hemp” for $19.99 – only from Green Roads. This also fits well within the vegan, and/or clean eaters niche!

Of course, their more common products include; 15ml/100mg for $26.99, 15ml/250mg for $45.99, 15ml/350mg for $64.99, and 15ml/550mg for $84.99. These formulations can be administered sublingually or vaped! If you require a more concentrated formulation – Green Roads also offers a 30ml/1000mg for $162.99, and a 30ml/1500mg for $209.99. These formulations cannot be vaped – they are intended for sublingual use only.

3. Cheap Samples

Product samples is another great feature that Green Roads has included in their unique line of products. You can get 1ml samples, in the form of oral applicators from their most popular bestselling formulas and the entire line of terpene oil.

These are appealing for those who want to experiment with CBD and don’t want to spend a fortune doing so.

The samples include 1ml of 350mg formula for $8.99, 1ml of the 1000mg formula for $11.99, and 1ml of their 1500mg formula for $13.99. You can also sample the terpene oil. You can try all the flavor strains separately, in a 1ml oral applicator for $8.99. Once you try the samples, you’ll be sure to find yourself back at Green Roads for more of their premium formulations!

4. Affiliate Program

Green Roads has a great incentive program for people who drive sales to their website via a custom link. This is great for internet marketers and affiliate marketers who don’t want to hold inventory and deal with the hassle of shipping & handling.

Green Roads has created a seamless, user friendly platform for their affiliate program, available with loads of marketing materials you can use at your disposal. They make it quick and easy for the marketer to insert custom links – already built for you – into their own original content. An affiliate for Green Roads makes 15% on each sale generated from your custom link.

Not bad right?! Considering most affiliate programs, weather they are selling CBD or not offer a 5%-10% commission. I’d say Green Roads treats the folks who are able to send them leads pretty well. They even offer a free training guide to help you sell their products!

5. Pharmacist Formulated

This, in my opinion, is the most credible characteristic Green Roads has to offer as a brand. When you purchase any product from Green Roads CBD, you know it was crafted by a medical professional – a pharmacist to be more specific.

Her name is Laura, and she also happens to be one of the company’s founding members. Out of the huge product line-up Green Roads has deployed, every formulation is single handedly created by a licensed pharmacist.

On top of the confidence in knowing these products are not made in an unregulated manner, you also get the “triple lab tested” proof that these products are safe and contain exactly what Green Roads says they contain – or don’t contain.

The products and service at Green Roads is unique and vast in the ways others may fall short. This company has a range of resources and products – both for the entrepreneur and the consumer.

The company, as an entire entity, fits into multiple sub-niches. From a heavy presence in the hemp movement and political sector of the industry, to an unmatched dedication to producing and ultimately offering consumers some of the highest quality CBD products –  made under the watchful eye of a licensed pharmacist.

Green Roads is a company of integrity and should be considered when choosing a brand that appreciates their customers and supports your decision to do business with them. From seed to sale, and beyond – Green Roads has your back!

Thanks for reading!

Erik Christian Johnson is a full-time blogger, self-development advocate, and full-time network marketing Entrepreneur.

All articles are solely used for educational purposes and merely the opinion of the blog writers. Please refer to the Disclaimer page for full disclosure.

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