Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy and Promote American Shaman CBD

Is American Shaman CBD Oil a scam? I Don’t think so. They are a rising company in the CBD industry. I am not affiliated with them, so this is an unbiased review. Enjoy the Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy and Promote American Shaman CBD Oil Products.

If you’ve heard of the term Terp Nerds, then know that you get your terpene rich hemp here. American Shaman is very popular in the CBD world. They have more than a hundred positive reviews.

What’s likely the best about American Shaman is that they respect your privacy. Bob Marley fans ruined hemp for all of us. Many of us want to try CBDs, but do not want the moniker of THC user or pothead.

Until the smoke clears on that bias, many of us who want to try hemp and CBD oil want discretion on our consumption choices. That’s where American Shaman comes in.

They believe in our privacy. That’s why they will refund your purchase if you are unsatisfied with their product within 60 days.

Many of us want to try hemp and CBD oil, but don’t want to be incorrectly linked to marijuana. That’s cool because they promise they do not redistribute your name to anyone.

Remember that when you are starting your CBDs, you start small and work your way up. Your body is not used to the health benefits and nutritional benefits of CBDs.

That’s why you are probably best to start with topical ointments and creams and then go to ingesting your CBDs.

It is also best to swallow your CBDs than inhale them. That’s why you move to vaping last. There are many health benefits to be gleaned from putting CBDs into your body.

The anti-inflammatory benefits alone have aided people fighting chronic pain and other auto-immune diseases. A lot of CBD users have an ointment they use post-workout. They use it after a hefty hike or for sore muscles.

When you choose American Shaman, you will be choosing to have a variety of ways to absorb your CBDs. They have a variety and they use a Co2 process to extract the CBDs. The Co2 process to get the CBDs from the hemp flower is considered to be the most non-toxic way to extract.

One: They Have Equine Ointment

A bottle of their Equine Ointment costs $109.99. They use certified organic ingredients. Their product is never grown with insecticides.

They use nanotechnology to really break up the CBDs for easier absorption into your body. If you are looking for a post-workout cream try their topical lotion. It costs a lot, but you only use a dab.

The anti-inflammatory ingredients in the cream will relieve the soreness that makes its way into the muscles after a post-workout and the lactic acid settles.

One customer even stated, “I know this product is made for horses however when I am in severe pain this is the stuff I turn to.”

So yes, if you’re a horse person, this cream is great for relieving some of their joint pain. However, us humans can use it too and are getting some great results from it.

Two: They Have Multiple Ways to Vape

They have many ways to vape your CBDs. A lot of CBD users like to vape their CBDs. The reason is that they like the look of smoking. They also like the physical act of smoking. They don’t like nicotine, however.

The Terpene Rich Hemp Oil Clearomizer comes pre-loaded. One reviewer even exclaimed, “I’ve been suffering from migraines since 2009.

Literally it has been one long one. It’s there when I wake till the time I fall asleep. Not even prescription pain killers have helped with the pain. I was shocked and amazed how quickly my pain was reduced after vaping the clearomizer.”

Three: You can Become a Terp Nerd

Wine lovers have their tannins and Terp Nerds have their terpene. A terpene is defined as unsaturated hydrocarbons found in the essential oils of plants. That is the very essence of the plant.

You want a high concentration of terpenes when you choose your CBD oil. That’s why CBD oil is becoming the thing for connoisseurs.

They want to really take in the terpenes in the oil they are trying. Think of it like you would consider a group of winos partaking in the latest vintner.

Yes, CBD oil is fairly new on the market. However, there are already people tasting the elixir and reviewing it for your consumer perusal.

Four: They Have Water Soluble, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

When you try their oil you can purchase on their website of, know that their hemp oil is some of the purest varieties you can get on the market.

We ingest toxins all day and every day. You don’t need to intake toxins when you take in your CBDs. You are working towards your goals. If you ingested an inferior oil, not only would your wallet suffer, but your body.

Five: They Want You to Give CBDs to Your Horse
Us humans aren’t the only ones who reap the many benefits of CBDs. Your pet can definitely use some CBDs. Like buying CBDs on the open market, finding the right oil for your horse, dog or cat is also essential.

Again, you are trying to help them. That’s why at American Shaman they have special elixirs for your specific pet.

The have Equine Elixir designed for your horse. It costs $89.99. The Canine CBD Hemp Oil Tincture and the Feline CBD Hemp Oil Tincture both cost $59.99.

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