Top 5 No Nonsense Steps to Six Figures in Network Marketing 2018

Top 5 No Nonsense Steps to Six Figures in Network Marketing 2018

Top 5 No Nonsense Steps to Six Figures in Network Marketing 2018

Yes, getting rich is not easy, but if that’s what you really want you can have it. Here’s 5 No Nonsense Steps to Six Figures in Network Marketing.

Think about it. Look at your thoughts associated with money.

Do you get mad when you see successful people enjoying their lives?

How can you despise successful people when you are seeking success yourself?

You can’t!

Most people scare opportunities away because of their stinkin’ thinkin’.

Opportunities could come and jump on their laps and they wouldn’t know it.

There is a famous business/universe quote, “What you think about expands.”

So, if you are the type who focuses on your lack of money, you will attract MORE lack of money.

Success comes down to how you think. If you are jealous and envious of successful people, you will push success away.

How do I become successful when I don’t know how successful people think, you ask?

Simple. First, you become happy for the successful people; then, you visualize having success as well.

Like anything you have to learn, thinking this way in the beginning is not easy.

Here’s the 5 most important steps:

Your old negative thinking will jump in once in awhile. Just let the negative thought pass without attaching any emotion to it, and resume your positive visualization.

The more you think positively and the less you think negative, the more this will compound in your life and change who you are.

You will begin to attract good experiences in your life instead of bad.

Once you have wiped away most of your negative, lack and fearful thinking, you are ready to become successful.

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Here are the five simple steps to Make Money in MLM

1. Decide What You Want

The more specific here the better. If you want to make $5000 a month in two years write down the exact date you want it.

List the steps and actions you need to take to realistically achieve that.

Now, go find someone who is making that, or who is successful. You will need to get really clear on what you want.

The more clear you are, the faster your success will come.

Again, drop all misconceptions about wealth, greed, successful people and money in general.

Practice affirmations in the morning and at night. This is where you say to yourself, ideally “outloud” if you’re alone, “I am successful. I attract leaders to my business.

I make $5000 a month, every month.” The more you “believe” these statements, the better.

Speak as if you already have them.

2. Find Who Has It

If you’re in a network marketing company go “upline” until you find someone who is making great money.

You are probably on their team, so when they help you they benefit as well. Study their methods.

Get on a call with them and take notes. If you’re in MLM, learn how to do three-way calls with your sponsor and prospects.

Once you get proficient at three-way calls, your business will explode.

3. Do Exactly What They Did

I covered this a little in step 2, but like the heading says, “Do exactly what they did,” meaning, copy exactly what the successful person does.

This means everything; from the books they read, to the training events, to how they communicate with everyone.

You are “modeling” their behaviors until their behaviors are your behaviors. If you truly want success, you will do everything they do, even if it causes you nervousness and anxiety at first.

The beautiful thing about network marketing is that you get paid as you learn.

4. Do It

Again, do everything they do until you are doing it naturally yourself.

The more you learn, the more you earn. I have heard of many successful people starting out who were absolutely broke and spent all their money on self-development.

Why? Because it’s the best investment out there.

Once you change and start to become successful, the return on your investment is the greatest.

No one can take your knowledge and skillset away from you. Your mind is geared towards success and will further compound.

5. Keep Doing it

Like the title of the 5th step, keep working on yourself and your business practices learned from your mentor.

Keep doing this until you reach financial and spiritual wealth.

If you have not developed your mindset to accompany your new found wealth, you might lose it.

Like most Lottery winners, if you are not mentally prepared for new income, you will probably spend it all. So, self-development is crucial.

This will definitely take you to a six or seven figure income.

This takes a lot of determination, but if you truly want riches they are there for you. I hope this helps!

Thanks for reading.  Please share this if you found it valuable.


Erik Christian Johnson Network Marketer and Full Time Blogger

Erik Christian Johnson

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