Top 5 CBD Coffee Companies Exploding Right Now

As cannabidiol (CBD) and it’s benefits are finally grabbing the attention of individuals around the globe, one trending product that has definitely grabbed my attention is CBD Coffee. 

This concept to me is the perfect blend, especially if you want to diversify the way you are consuming your CBD.  There are a variety of products available already and depending on your preferred tastes and CBD dosage preferences, there is likely a coffee to match. 

Let’s take a closer look at the top five CBD coffee companies that are at the forefront of combining the benefits of CBD with you daily cup, or cups, of coffee!

1)Hellion CBD-Infused Cold Brew Coffee

With the warm months of Summer quickly approaching, many of us will find ourselves cooling off with a cold brew coffee. Gaining its own right as a preferred brew, cold brew coffee is trending right alongside CBD.

The team at Hellion, a sister company to Metric                Coffee, have certainly perfected this CBD Infused Cold Brew.

According to Hellion Co-Owner Ben Houtkamp, “It kind of sounds counterintuitive at first, but there’s a nice  juxtaposition between the two, like getting the caffeine but without any anxiety or jittery-ness, because it can be easy to overdo it with caffeine.”

Each 12-ounce bottle is styled with a green wax seal, also featuring an imprinted cannabis leaf on top, and is infused with 30 mg of CBD.

This dosage is suitable for most anyone, and the complementary effects of the caffeine and the CBD will leave you feeling relaxed and energized. 

Also, unlike most cold brews, Hellion’s maintains the earthy flavors of traditional hot brewed coffee without compromising the taste from overbearing tones of weed.

2)Strava Hemp Oil Infused Coffee

Another great company that is offering CBD Coffee options is Strava Craft Coffee out of Colorado. Two friends started this company in 2015, and if you value social responsibility and sustainable techniques, this may be the best option for you!

Strava strives to create quality products and meaningful relationships while also supporting small and local businesses and cafes.  They also offer a variety of different coffee blends and CBD levels to choose from, and the variety is nearly unmatched in the market today.

With the “Peace and Wellness” line of products, there are three levels of CBD available. Each one will provide a unique experience whether you are sipping your morning dose  or that last cup after dessert one evening.

The “Focus” blend includes 30 mg of CBD in                         each 12-ounce bag.  This is perfect for that little push against the anxiety that can be caused by caffeine and has a nice smooth flavor.  With “Restore”, you will get a blend that offers you a balance of dark and bold flavors. 

In my experience, I felt the benefits of this blend throughout the day, and that may be partially because each 12-ounce bag of “Restore” contains 120 mg of CBD.  The third blend offered by Strava Craft                        Coffee is called “Elevate” and contains 240 mg of CBD per 12-ounce bag. This blend  has the boldest scent of the three, and the flavor was much stronger as well.

3) Green Roads CBD Coffee

Green Roads is a company that firmly believes in educating others about the amazing benefits of CBD. They have a great CBD Infused Coffee that is different from others because of where the coffee beans come from.  Many companies use beans from                        South America, however Green Roads, based in Florida, has chosen an African-based roast.

Similar to the “Restore” Blend from Strava, Green Roads CBD Infused Coffee offers approximately 10.5mg per serving, with 168 mg per 16-ounce bag.

I would recommend this option as a reliable daily brew, as it has great value when only considering cost per ounce, however there is only one blend available from Green Roads at the time of this writing, so variety does come at a cost… or does it? Let’s take a look at another well priced option currently offering two flavors.

4) Hempgenix   

Hempgenix offers a broad multitude of different products for different purposes, all infused with CBD. Hempgenix is based in Miami, Florida, and has been heavily involved in the hemp industry since 1994.

They certainly have one of the greatest claims to longevity in the industry, and if that is important to you, perhaps they are a good fit for you.  

Many of us prefer to trust longevity above all else. One of the latest products to become available from Hempgenix is their CBD Infused Beans. 

Now available in either  White Chocolate Caramel or Irish Cream, your palette can enjoy a little variety without compromising flavor with added creamers or syrups.  Hempgenix has also maintained fair price on these two options, so if you are switching it up among brands until you find one that fits your tastes, be sure to try out at least one of these flavors.

5) Steepfuze CBD Coffee

One of the most unique brands I’ve discovered in my search for these five top CBD coffee companies is most definitely Steepfuze. A multitude of coincidences brought this coffee to life and the most interesting piece of info on this coffee?

The “blind-roasting” technique used by the Master Roaster, Gerry Leary.  Blind since birth, Mr. Leary “controls the roast based on the aroma and sound of the beans cracking.” according to the company’s website. This technique matched with the greatest Arabica beans one can find, is certain to provide an experience unlike any other.

To top it off, when you place your order with the company, the beans are always roasted to order and shipped out right away. This ensures that each serving is certain to be fresh and full of flavor.

Steepfuze is priced at a more premium rate than some of the other brands we’ve talked about; however, I think there is a lot of value offered. From ordering to brewing that first cup, the overall experience that is offered by this company is certainly worth experiencing for yourself.

Thanks for reading!

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*I am not affiliated with any of these companies. This is merely for educational purposes.


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