Top 3 Ways to Keep Growing Your MLM Business in the Summer

Summer can be a nerve-wracking time for someone who is trying to build their MLM full-time. Here’s the Top 3 Ways to Keep Growing Your MLM Business in the Summer.

Summer can be a lot of fun for most of us, but if you are relying on income from MLM full-time it can be a scary few months.

June isn’t that bad – July gets a little scary, and August can be dead.

On the other hand, I have had marketing friends tell me that last August was a record month for them!

So, you never know, and I wouldn’t go into summer already with a defeated mindset. Anything can happen, but here’s 3 ways to ensure your home business keeps rocking during the summer months:

One – Keep your Eyeballs off Results and Stats

If you’ve been building your MLM consistently every day, every month, chances are your stats are better this year than last year. Pat yourself on the back for making progress, and look at how your business is getting better every year.

Example: I keep track of my income each year from MLM. It was pretty pathetic – like $2500 my first year, $3500 second year, $5000 third year, but I look at that income sheet when I get low about my business, and realize that I’m growing every year. Now, I’m close to six figures a year and I can’t believe it.

So, hang in there! There will be slow days and slow months, but you will always come out better when you stay consistent.

So, stop looking at your stats every few hours! The stats that matter are the monthly and yearly, not the 5 minute stats!

Get out of the house after you work on your business for a couple hours. Go for a walk, go out to dinner, treat yourself as if you’re already a million dollar earner. That will keep your vibration up, which will attract a higher quality prospect your way.

Two – Double Down on Income Producing Activities

One great way to keep your mind off of stats and earn extra income in your MLM business is to create more content and talk to more people.

On slow days where I am restless and not much is happening on the internet, I will create 2 to 3 blog posts, instead of one, and socialize more on social media, and maybe shoot 2 videos.

The only way to increase your income in this business is to do more, produce more, and get more exposure to your landing pages!

You can turn slow summer months into great months just by doubling your income-producing activities. Try a new platform you aren’t on yet, like Instagram or Pinterest.

Study new techniques on how to get leads and experiment. Whatever you chose to do stay consistent. There will be days when it’s sunny and your friends are playing, but if you really want a million dollars a year you have to hustle more.

Three – Double Your Advertising

I’m in the middle of reading “The Power of Broke” written by Shark Tank’s Daymond John and he mentioned that most successful Entrepreneurs will inject more capital into their business during slow economic times or recessions, and slim down the work force instead of cutting back on advertising.

Grant Cardone mentioned this also in his intensely awesome book, 10X Rule. You have to triple your spending during slow times and do more when others are looking for a place to hide.

Grant Cardone is a sales trainer and teaches realtors how to crush it in their market, but when the real estate bubble burst in 2008 most realtors got scared and quit, but Grant buckled down and did more than ever. He went on every interview he could get, wrote 1700 blog posts, and wrote 3 books, all bestsellers.

So, bottomline, when others are whining about how slow it is, control the situation by implementing massive action and spend more money on advertising.

Last note on advertising:

If it’s slow all over the internet, you probably won’t get many clicks from paid social media or search engine advertising. You will have to find a lead generation source that GUARANTEES clicks or leads.

Example: I posted some ads on Bing but they aren’t doing anything because people might not be searching for MLM opportunities right now, so I had to switch avenues and buy guaranteed clicks to ensure I get leads whether search engines are dead or not.

I hope this helps!


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