Top 3 Tips on How Women Promote Their MLM Product on Facebook

Top 3 Tips on How Women Promote Their MLM Product on Facebook

Top 3 Tips on How Women Promote Their MLM Product on Facebook

Facebook is a goldmine for MLM sales, and women do it best. Here’s the Top 3 Tips on How Women Promote Their MLM Product on Facebook.

Over 2 Billion people use Facebook.

It’s a goldmine for internet marketers if you know how to post on there properly.

It’s NOT about joining 200 MLM Facebook groups and spamming your opportunity link over and over and making false claims, like: “Make $5,000 Your First Week!”

Everyone is sick to death already about these messages and it’s not even close to being real or unique.

You may have heard the saying, “If it’s easy to do, EVERYONE has already tried it.”

So, How Do You Promote Your MLM Product on Facebook?

Be genuine.

Be real.

And, most importantly, act like a human rather than a robot.

Talk about your life, not just your product.

And, use an image of your face for your Facebook headshot, not of your product!

No one wants to become friends with a bottle of product.

They want to connect with a REAL person, so be REAL.

Here’s the Top 3 Tips on How Women Promote Their MLM Product on Facebook

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One – Family, Friends, and Places

The best way to be real on Facebook is to share updates about your family, your friends, and where you are going or where you are hanging out.

This gives new friends a chance to see you just being you, having fun and enjoying the company of others.

Don’t talk about your MLM opportunity with these updates!

Just stick with talking about your friends, family, and places.

And, speak highly about your friends and family.

No one wants to be friends with a negative person who trashes their friends and family or complains.

Two – Recipes

Women LOVE recipes, so if you want to WOW your new friends, reveal new recipes with pictures:

how to promote cbd on facebook

Family is best complimented with food, so talk about what you love to eat with family and friends and share other people’s favorites.

Don’t make it all about you. Sharing is caring.

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Three – Product Testimonials

Now, for your opportunity or product.

You want to share results.

People want to see how your product has helped people.

If you’re promoting another diet shake, it’s going to be hard to gain excitement because so many people have done this already.

But, if you’re promoting the benefits and results of something like CBD Oil, which is fairly new to the market, you’ll have a much easier time.

You can share third-party testimonials.

There’s tons of images with the testimonial already written on the internet and Facebook, like this:

You add the picture, then say something like this under the picture:

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Why wait a month to document your results with your MLM product, when you can use a ton of third-party testimonials online now to promote your product?

I would rather share 20 different third-party testimonials than just mine.

Now, What Frequency Do You Post to Facebook?

You want to sprinkle in these testimonials.

You don’t want to post only testimonials.

That will begin to look spammy and desperate.

A good ratio is 4 to 1 or 6 to 1.

This means add a 4 to 6 friend and family updates and recipe updates before adding a testimonial.

This looks more natural.

You then can add your opportunity link, or you can say “PM me for details” and share your link privately when someone asks you.

You also only want to share once an hour at the most.

If you do more than that, people will get tired of seeing you and unfriend you.


To Conclude the Top 3 Tips on How Women Promote Their MLM Product on Facebook

The more genuine your friends are, the better your conversion rate.

That means if a ton of people are following you but they are basically strangers who accepted your friend request you’ll have a poor conversion rate.

Also, you won’t make a lot of sales if you only have 52 friends!

Start building up your friends naturally and be interactive.

Don’t ignore people on Facebook if you want to use the platform to make sales.

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Here’s more examples of testimonial pictures:

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