Top 3 Steps for Taking CBD Oil for Social Anxiety

Top 3 Steps for Taking CBD Oil for Social Anxiety

Top 3 Steps for Taking CBD Oil for Social Anxiety

CBD Oil has been known to help ADHD, PTSD, OCD, and social anxiety, a lot of acronyms! Here’s the Top 3 Steps for Taking CBD Oil for Social Anxiety.

I didn’t feel anything from CBD Oil the first three weeks.

I thought I had been duped into another potion and lotion idea from a network marketing company, but something changed. . .

Around the fourth week of taking CBD Oil, I was driving to go meet a new person.

He was a rancher here in Texas and I wanted some yard work for exercise this last Summer.

I didn’t want to sit behind my computer all Summer writing articles when I could be in the great outdoors!

So, I drove out to meet him.

Normally, I would be freaking out and doing breathing exercises in the car to try and relax.

But, I calmly drove there.

I had taken CBD oil before our meeting, and that was the only thing that had changed in my routine.

After the meeting, I did a double-take, and realized I was calm through the entire meeting.


So, Here’s the Top 3 Steps in Taking CBD Oil for Social Anxiety

One – When Do You Take CBD Oil for Social Anxiety

I read a study about the effects of CBD Oil on a group of people who had stage fright. Of course, it was an experiment so they had two groups, one didn’t take CBD Oil.

The group that took CBD Oil before their stage appearance were 2 times less anxious than the group who hadn’t taken CBD Oil.

They took the CBD Oil an hour and a half before.

So, I experimented with the times myself, and found that taking CBD Oil an hour before a nervous or anxious event is more than enough time.

It’s hard to describe the effects of CBD Oil.

It almost just removes the symptom without any feeling.

It’s not like you feel a buzz or a high, or anything leaving.

It’s like the symptom vanishes without you knowing it and you have to reflect on what just happened.

CBD Oil is more like a “tonic” that needs to build up in your system.

I think that’s why I didn’t notice anything for the first three weeks, but then my body has built up this serum and starts operating optimally.


Two – How Much CBD Do I Take for Social Anxiety

I wrote about this in How Much CBD Oil Should I Take for Social Anxiety, but I want to change what I said in that article.

I think instead of taking only up to a third of a dropper twice a day (for more severe issues), I think it is safe to take up to two full droppers a day for moderate to severe social anxiety.

This means, fill up your dropper all the way. If you can’t get it completely full the first time, place the dropper back into the bottle to get another half dose until you have taken around a full dropper’s worth.

You can do this in the morning before you start your day and in the evening before bed or a couple hours before bed. I like to feel CBD oil before bed. I don’t want to just take it and go directly to bed, but it’s your choice.

I think it helps my sleep as well.


Three – How Do I Take CBD Oil for Social Anxiety

In order to get the full benefits of CBD Oil, you first want to use the purest CBD Oil in liquid form.

You want to take the CBD Oil sublingually, that means under the tongue.

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There’s thousands of receptors under your tongue as well as sensitive membranes.

Under the tongue ensures that every single mili-drop of CBD Oil goes into your system.

You then let the CBD Oil sit under your tongue for a minute or two.

You can swallow your saliva as it builds up.

I like the flavor because I use CBD Oil with natural peppermint flavoring.


To Conclude the Top 3 Steps in Taking CBD Oil for Social Anxiety

I love my CBD Oil, and I know you will love it also.

It has helped so many things, including OCD, PTSD, social anxiety, sleep, and back pain.

CBD Oil is a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-psychotic, and pain reliever.

It is changing the way we look at medicine.


Thanks for reading!


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