Top 3 Steps for Starting a CBD Oil Home Business in Virginia

Top 3 Steps for Starting a CBD Oil Home Business in Virginia

Virginia is the fastest growing state for Entrepreneurs according to the Kauffman index. CBD Oil is the hottest trend in health and wellness. Here’s the Top 3 Steps for Starting a CBD Oil Home Business in Virginia.

Virginia is a haven for entrepreneurialism. According to the Kauffman Index which measure growth statistics of startup companies.

Virginia is #1 with 58% startups still growing after 5 years, 1.71% have grown to employ over 50 employees, and 200 for companies with revenue over $2 million annually after 3 years of 20% annual revenue growth normalized by total business population.

Here’s some interesting stats about virginia:

  • Virginia has the highest concentration of STEM jobs. (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.)
  • Virginia is home to the Center of Innovative Technology which tries to accelerate the seed funding for technology startups.
  • Entrepreneur magazine named Charlottesville the #4 best city for Entrepreneurs.
  • Virginia Tech was founded in 1872, is ranked #69 in the nation, and offers over 150 majors.

Here’s the Top 3 Steps for Starting a CBD Oil Home Business in Virginia

Why CBD Oil? Why Virginia?

As you read, Virginia is #1 for startups and for Entrepreneurs.

According to Forbes, one of of five Americans work from home, and 3 million Americans never step foot in an office.

Forbes also predicts the CBD Oil industry to hit the $2.2 Billion a year mark by 2020.

CBD Oil is officially mainstream, as conservative estimates predict that over 2 million Americans start using CBD Oil each year, and according to Medical Marijuana, 42% of those people never return to prescriptions.

People are calling CBD Oil a miracle plant.

CBD Oil is derived from the Hemp plant and is one out of 85 compounds found.

Research is coming back with some amazing results from CBD oil, as CBD could help many ailments and help relieve symptoms associated with these ailments.

CBD oil benefits

Fueled by positive results and emotional testimonials, CBD Oil is the #1 natural supplement in the health & wellness industry and makes for a perfect match in entrepreneurs seeking an income source and passive, residual income from home.

Here’s the Three Steps for Starting a CBD Oil Home Business:

One – Buy CBD Oil through the Network Marketing Business Model

Network marketing gives an entrepreneur the chance to earn unlimited income from home. There is no income cap or ceiling in network marketing and is completely legal.

The network marketing business model has been around since 1934 when a man named Dr. Carl  F. Rehnborg founded Nutrilite, a vitamin supplement company. Amway was founded soon after, as most of the population became aware of what network marketing was.

Today, network marketing is a $200 Billion a year industry with over a 100 million distributors worldwide, and is no longer considered slimy.

Promoting CBD Oil through network marketing has many advantages, including:

  • Low startup costs (usually under $200 a month),
  • No accounting or inventory to be held – the products are shipped directly to your customers.
  • Passive, residual income created by building an organization of customers and distributors who order each month.
  • Personally replicated websites given to distributors to promote.
  • Automated sales funnel created by the company with email sequence to prospects.
  • 30% to 50% commissions on first time orders and paid 10 levels deep.
  • Potential payout: $1 million per month.

Two – Who is Your Target Audience?

It’s wise to personally take CBD Oil to see what it may do for you and document your results.

With your results, if positive, you would create a testimonial and consider sharing it on social media, a blog, or with video.

The biggest leaders in network marketing usually have a powerful testimonial, and if it’s not about the product it’s about the life-changing income network marketing allowed them.

You may have heard this: “Stories sell.”

Once you figure out who CBD Oil may help, target that audience.

If you’re a baby boomer with back pain and CBD Oil helped, you could target other baby boomers.

Three – Build Your Team

The key emphasis on network marketing is “networking.”

MLM is a people business.

You need lots of people to grow a sizeable monthly income.

There’s two ways you can promote your business: paid or free.

You can either spend lots of money on websites, writers, buying leads and advertising, or you can do it yourself for free and write on a blog, shoot YouTube videos, and chat on Facebook.

Not everyone will join your business, and most people will quit too soon.

It’s your responsibility to keep recruiting each month until you find 3 to 5 solid leaders that are actively recruiting as well.

Thanks for reading!

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    1. Why do you need a prescription for CBD oil? It’s a compound derived from hemp and only has trace amounts of THC, if any. Look up the farm bill of 2014. They legalized the use of CBD in all 50 states.

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