Top 3 Shocking Reasons Wine Drinkers Are Switching to CBD

We all like to kick back and relax, especially after a long day. That’s why this generation has seen such a growing interest in wineries, wine-and-paint nights, and Netflix and wine for 1. Chock full of antioxidants and a unique protein such as tannin, wine is one of the healthier choices if you are going to have an alcoholic beverage.

However, the wine craze is slowly starting to curb…and CBD just might to be blame.  While we just sang wine’s praises, this shift isn’t a bad thing! Let’s take a look on the drop off of wine drinkers out there and the top 3 ways reasons why wine drinkers are switching to CBD.

Why Are People Dropping Wine?

In a social setting, wine is a fun drunk. You get a little looser and a little chattier. Not to mention, it tastes pretty good! So why are people ditching wine?  Well, let’s start with the demographic.

While there is nothing wrong with a man partaking in a nice glass of wine, the people who tend to consume the most wine are women. 

As younger generations become more health-minded and weight-conscious, they are looking for other ways to kick their feet up and blow some steam off. Wine might just be a victim of circumstance.  

With the growing legalization of marijuana across the United States (especially in recreational states), breweries were afraid the beer business was going to take a hit. However, men haven’t lost their love for the craft beer craze. Instead ,women have lost their taste for the oaky tannins and plum nodes.

Studies have found that women are turning to CBD instead of wine. Researchers have found that most women avoided marijuana prior to 2012 because it was illegal. Whereas, a majority of men scored weed and tried it before legalization started to take the nation by storm.

Now that marijuana is widely accepted and legal in many parts of the States, women are venturing toward this relaxant as their after-work go-to. For most men, craft beer is still a newer experience.  

CBD Helps Burn Fat

As I mentioned, a big reason for such a massive shift is that people are becoming more aware of the products they are putting in their body. While wine is one of the better alcohols to drink, it still comes with a ton of calories. 

With the novelty of wine seemingly starting to wear off, this new relaxing alternative doesn’t have a side effect of beer belly. While alcohol helps your body store fat, CBD helps break the fat cells up.

Drinking wine can add white-colored adipose fat tissue to your gut. This type of fat stores all your energy into its cells so that you can’t use the energy when you need it. Therefore you don’t have the motivation get up and burn off fat.

However, cannabinoids in CBD help transform the white tissue to helpful brown-colored adipose fat tissue. These tissues stimulate bacteria within the microbiome that causes you to burn calories. So, not only are you taking some weight off of your shoulders with CBD, you’re taking some off your waist line as well.

CBD is Not Habiting Forming

One of the biggest issues plaguing the alcohol industry, and is actually helping the cannabis industry, is that alcohol can be quite destructive. It’s a depressive drug. Overconsumption of alcohol can lead to many issues such as:

  • Dependency
  • Liver Failure
  • Neurological Damage
  • Impaired Judgment/Car Crashes /Regretful Hookups
  • Dental Issues
  • Depression
  • Withdrawals/Seizure
  • Gut Lining Damage
  • Overdose

The number of DUIs, rehab trips, and drunk driving fatalities due to alcohol abuse are astonishing. A substance that is supposed to help us loosen up has noosed us up. With more education on responsible decisions coming to the forefront for younger generations, tomorrow’s leaders are making the decision to forgo the bottle.

However, that doesn’t mean they can’t take their mind off of things at the end of a taxing day. Using CBD is not habit-forming and just as effective for hitting your daily reset button.  

On top of that positive effect, you will also be hard-pressed to find a cannabis overdose on record that ended in a fatality. Not to mention, anyone who is a habitual CBD user will not experience withdrawal symptoms such as violent seizures. In fact, CBD helps prevent them.  

CBD Doesn’t Disrupt Sleep Cycle

Anyone who has passed out drunk knows that the easy part is falling asleep. The hard part is going to back sleep after you wake up in a couple hours. Once the alcohol starts to wear off, it starts to send some panic signals out into your system.

Due to this, it disrupts your sleep cycle because your body wants you to get up remedy this situation…in the form of another drink. This is an example of alcohol withdrawal and is very common for the veteran drinker or the newbie alike. Your body coming out of its alcohol coma causes your body stress, which makes the central nervous system produce cortisol.

Cortisol is the reason why you thrash about in bed, wondering why you can’t fall back asleep. Having your brain go a mile a minute, worrying about getting up for work in time or navigating through the day with a hangover will keep you up all night. You need to shut that mind off.

Luckily, CBD doesn’t have this sort of bedroom crash. In fact, CBD encourages sleep. By using cannabinoids in the oil to interact with the CB receptors in the endocannabinoid system, your body fights off the cortisol production.

In turn, your body tries to reach homeostasis. With your cannabinoid receptors stimulated, your body attempts to find the missing piece of the puzzle to bring balance. To get that much-needed sleep, the answer is melatonin.

Melatonin is created in the pineal gland and is responsible for our sleepytime eyes. Polluting the body with alcohol adds to the calcification of the pineal gland. Therefore, it makes it harder for this part of the brain to produce melatonin.

Make the Switch from Wine to CBD

The future is now. A shift is happening in our habits. We are making more conscious decisions about what we put in our bodies and the effect it will have on ourselves as well as others.

Due to these changes in our perceptions, people are switching from wine drinkers to CBD users. Doing this will keep your weight in check, help steer you from some destructive habits, and aid you in getting some sleep. So, get it on the newest wave. Make the switch from wine to CBD.

Thanks for reading!

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