Top 3 Reasons to Join iCoin Pro: Best Cryptocurrency Training Platform

Top 3 Reasons to Join iCoin Pro: Best Cryptocurrency Training Platform

Top 3 Reasons to Join iCoin Pro: Best Cryptocurrency Training Platform

iCoin Pro officially launched June 2017 with the first ever affiliate marketing/MLM cryptocurrency training platform. Here’s the 3 best reasons to join.

One – Cryptocurrency Training

Bitcoin is gaining a lot of attention from mass media, and the masses want to know more about digital currencies.

Heck, a lot of people only think there’s Bitcoin, but there’s almost 800 other cryptocurrency “altcoins” that can be traded, invested, and used.

Once you join iCoin Pro as a member, you have access to an ever-growing library of cryptocurrency information that covers everything from beginner to advanced.

You also have access to a video library of trainings that were created by the founders of iCoin Pro itself, some of the biggest hitters in the internet marketing space and keen cryptocurrency investors themselves.

You also can become a member by paying in Bitcoin, which is great for international representatives who want to avoid inflation and bank fees of their country.

To top it all off, you can get paid in Bitcoin! That’s right. You can generate a Bitcoin income stream while teaching others about cryptocurrencies.

Two – Forced Matrix Compensation Plan

I’ll be honest, this compensation plan is so good that many “get-rich-quick” seekers join iCoin Pro and then get impatient because they didn’t earn $2,000 their first week from spillover!

I’ll be honest here, even though you can earn passive income in iCoin Pro without recruiting, it’s still a business that you should build.

Spillover should be an added bonus, not something you depend on or want to lean back and wait for.

That being said, you can get paid 5 ways and two of the most exciting aspects is the Matrix and the Check Matching commissions.

icoin pro matrix

The matrix basically fills up with people your sponsor and their sponsor recruited, of who you recruited, and whoever anyone on your team below you recruited.

If you join as an unranked or one star membership, you get the 2×10 matrix, which has 2,046 spots that can be filled.

This is where you can earn at least $2k a month without recruiting, but it takes the second month orders and beyond to get paid on it.

If you come in as a two star, you get a 2×12 matrix which is 8,190 spots that can be filled. If all those spots are filled, yes, you would be earning $8k a month.

Come in at a 3 star and you have the 2×14 matrix which is 32,766 spots.

This is serious potential right here.

Then you have the Check matching commission, where you can earn a percentage of your team member’s monthly income.

This is a huge payout if you are a team builder and get a couple of big leader on your team. You can earn up to 60% off of what they make each month!

Three – Internet Marketing Veteran Leadership

We have 3 very big guys running the show at iCoin Pro. Many of you seasoned internet marketers would know these guys when you see them.

I’m not going to bore you with their background, but I will share this:

  • 60 years combined experience in internet marketing.
  • Professional experience in Financial Services.
  • Top MLM leaders in several companies.
  • Avid cryptocurrency trainers and traders.
  • New training releasing every day from the best of the best.

This is the game changer guys.

2017 is just the beginning of cryptocurrencies.

This is like MLSP and Elite Marketing Pro, but for cryptocurrencies.

iCoin Pro is still truly ground floor and over 10k members have already joined in the first month.

Click the button below to take the FREE Tour and lock in your spot.

Fortunes Are Being Made with Cryptocurrencies, Learn How



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