Top 3 Reasons Why Herbalife Distributors Should Promote CBD Oil

Top 3 Reasons Why Herbalife Distributors Should Promote CBD Oil

Top 3 Reasons Why Herbalife Distributors Should Promote CBD Oil

Since Bill Ackman waged war against Herbalife, sales have dramatically fallen. Here’s the Top 3 Reasons Why Herbalife Distributors Should Promote CBD Oil.

Herbalife is another MLM giant that is declining for various reasons, from Bill Ackman’s attack, to the FTC forcing them to restructure, to their outdated compensation plan and marketing for distributors.

According to Bloomberg, Herbalife declined 5.3% last quarter, and Herbalife doesn’t expect it to get better.

Even though Herbalife has modified their compensation plan over the years, and it pays better, it’s not keeping distributors happy.

Here’s one Herbalife review from

“I tried to support my friend by buying some product. She was close to throwing all her products away since she could not sell it. She spent thousands of dollars and was stuck with the inventory. As for me, I had rectal bleeding for 2 days. I went to my doctor and he couldn’t figure out why and we decided to go back to the same diet before Herbalife and my rectal bleeding went away. I used ** for the massive hemorrhoids. I told my friend and she did not believe me and gave me some meal replacement. I was reluctant to take it but tried it again. After two days I was urinating blood and my hemorrhoids returned. I broke out with blisters on my lips. My friend who sold me the product told me her aunt was urinating blood as well so I don’t think it was a coincidence. Please avoid this product as much as possible.”

On there were 184 reviews to give Herbalife an average review rating of 2.2 stars out of 5 stars.

herbalife complaints

Most of these reviews were negative.

Even if you are a great person with a proven track record for success in business, you will find it incredibly hard to promote these products with negative information like this on the internet.

People are simply tired of these diet shake companies.

There are far better products in the MLM industry these days, including CBD Oil and Cryptocurrency Training, the two biggest trends right now.

Let’s look at the Top 3 Reasons Why Herbalife Distributors Should Promote CBD Oil

One – CBD Oil

I’ve spoken a lot about CBD Oil already and its benefits, but I will add that CBD Oil has been documented to help over 100 ailments and health issues.

Forbes predicts the CBD industry to climb to $2.2 Billion a year by 2020.

I’m sure it’s already at that level.

It’s helped my wife and I with social anxiety and back pain and insomnia, and has even helped our cat with reducing his pain and inflammation after being shot with a pellet gun.

The stuff works!

Two – Higher Compensation for Distributors

Herbalife and other older MLM companies are known for having low compensation plans, like Usana at 25% commissions, and having generic man-made products, like shakes and pills.

With these newer CBD Oil companies, like Hempworx, you get a Binary Compensation plan that pays up to 50% on first time orders, leadership check matching, where you can earn 30% monthly from your first level leader’s income, and a 2% global company profit sharing pool.

New MLMs understand that without their distributors they wouldn’t have a business.

The older MLM companies have archaic compensation structures that are extremely hard to build and a compensation plan that pays under 25%.

No wonder only 3% make it in MLM!

hempworx landing page

Three – Marketing Tools and Autoresponders

Old MLMs rely on you to email or call your prospects.

But, with new CBD MLMs, you get high definition landing pages that your prospects can check out your business for free.

Then, your prospect gets a series of emails from the company urging them to join.

I literally just get traffic to my landing pages and let the company do the rest.

Here’s why Hemp CBD Oil is crushing the industry:

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