Top 3 Reasons Why Bloggers Dominate MLM

Top 3 Reasons Why Bloggers Dominate MLM

MLM is a numbers game. . .

It takes a lot of views, to generate a lot of leads, to generate a few new reps into your business.

Most people don’t have enough friends and followers to create enough leads to get enough reps into their MLM to keep going.

Getting your uncle who did MLM twenty years ago won’t save you.

And, resorting to buying leads is expensive and most bought leads won’t convert because they don’t know who the heck you are.

So, how do you get enough leads to grow a massive MLM organization?

Answer: Blogging.



All the top leaders in MLM have a blog with a crap load of articles on them:


Ray Higdon – 2,000 articles and hundreds of videos and a popular podcast.

Eric Worre – 1,500 articles and hundreds of videos on YouTube.

Matt Morris – 800+ articles and hundreds of videos.

Randy Gage – 1,000 articles on several blogs.

You get the point.

These leaders are generating thousands of leads a year that keep their teams growing year after year.

Content is king and works while you sleep and will beat anybody who is pounding the pavement and knocking on doors. . .

But, why doesn’t everyone blog?

It takes a lot of patience, and you won’t see any results for about a year, more like 3 years is when things start happening.

That’s a lot of writing articles without seeing results, and if you’re not passionate about what you’re writing about – you will burn out for sure.

What about hiring writers?

You can do that – but at $30 an article times 1,000 articles equals $30,000.

You can do that if you have deep pockets, but your readers will know it’s not you writing those articles, which smashes your credibility, especially in MLM.

See, MLM is a “people” business, that’s why videos and articles convert well, if you’re the writer and guy behind the video camera.

Your potential teammates, your fellow distributors, want to see your personality and behavior before joining you.

That’s why the leaders have their blog and video channel names after them – they are the BRAND.

If your website is called “MLM Warrior,” and no one sees your face, you lose credibility instantly.

If I want to join Randy Gage in what he’s doing, I can easily find him all over the internet.

Who the heck is MLM Warrior?

So, here’s the Top 3 Reasons Why Bloggers Dominate MLM

One – Massive Exposure

An established blog can attract 1,000 to 3,000 visitors a day.

A person on Facebook can only chat with about 100 people a day.

A blog’s articles are seen all over the world, 24-7.

I get leads from Africa and Asia.

I get leads from people not on Facebook, people I don’t even know.

A blog’s articles can attract the exact type of MLM leader you’ve been waiting for.

It can attract a huge MLM leader who is looking for a new opportunity.

Two – Articles Convert the Best

Articles and videos establish trust the fastest on the internet.

An article with a video in it is even better – you satisfy readers and viewers at the same time.

With an article, people who get to know you – really quick – and make a decision within a couple minutes if they want to join your MLM or not.

Even better, if your “call-to-action” has a built-in autoresponder, like my company does, your prospects from your blog get a series of emails from the company.

I literally don’t cold call or talk to anyone about my MLM and I get over 40 new reps a month – all because of this blog.

I’m not getting hung up on or buying hundreds of dollars worth of crappy leads. . .

I put my time in this blog, now I’m reaping the fruits of my labor.

You can too.

Three – 24/7 Lead Generation

A blog is always live and is there for anyone to access it 24 hours a day.

Each article on your blog is like a crab trap, just waiting on the bottom of the ocean for succulent crab.

If you have 700 articles on your blog, that’s 700 crab traps!

That’s 10 to 30 leads a day – if not more.

A blog never gets tired or has a bad day.

And, nothing feels better than waking up to 7 new leads in your inbox and many more that day!

Start a blog!

Thanks for reading! I hope this helps.

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