Top 3 Natural Things That Really Do Help My Social Anxiety

Top 3 Natural Things That Really Do Help My Social Anxiety

Top 3 Natural Things That Really Do Help My Social Anxiety

Ever since my panic attack five years ago, I’ve had social anxiety around people. Here’s the Top 3 Natural Things That Really Do Help My Social Anxiety.

Around eight years ago, I got sober.

I stopped drinking and left all the old drinking rituals behind, including friends.

After two years into not drinking, the pink cloud, the honeymoon stage of just being sober subsided.

I wasn’t just happy being sober.

A lot of skeletons and demons started to surface, and I was still living as basically a “dry drunk,” someone who stopped drinking but hasn’t done any kind of personal development/self-improvement.

Around the fourth year of sobriety, I was having a normal sunday dinner at my parents, when suddenly during mid-sentence speaking to my dad, I was attacked with what felt like tremendous stage fright.

I couldn’t finish my sentence, as beads of sweat began to roll down my face.

I knew then that I didn’t really know myself, that I had been running from myself with one or addiction or another for the last 16 years.

That panic attack made me doubt myself, like never before.

I was almost a class clown so to speak at my jobs, but now I stood quietly in the corner cutting onions, afraid that if I spoke, I would experience another panic attack.


Over the last couple years, I swore that I would destroy this social anxiety anyway possible.

It was a huge burden on my life and kept me a slave to my home, because I didn’t want to leave the house.

I hadn’t had any friends for the last 8 years and was afraid to go out to dinner with any business associates.

I began a spiritual journey which led me to Peru to do plant medicines with Shamans.

I rediscovered Jesus. I began meditating, and changed my diet. . .

Here’ the Top 3 Natural Things That Really Do Help My Social Anxiety

One – Meditation

After just one week of meditating an hour a night, I felt more confident and solid when I went back to my job. I could hold eye contact longer and I had a clearer train of thought. That was only one week! The longer you keep practicing meditation, the deeper you go. It becomes like an exciting trip out into the universe, all in your mind.

Two – Fish Oil

Fish oil in large amounts, like 1 to 2 Grams a day, can make you more relaxed in social situations. Since your brain is water and fat, Omega 3’s are perfect for your brain and helps improve cognitive function.

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Three – CBD Oil

Cannabinoid oil is derived from the hemp plant and has zero THC. In fact, CBD is a powerful anti-psychotic, anti-inflammatory, and also a natural pain killer.

I’ve been taking CBD oil for about a month now and do see a huge improvement in my mood and anxiety levels. In fact, I had to go meet a new acquaintance last week, and I wasn’t even nervous! Huge difference.

I use 20 drops in the morning and 20 at night before bed. I place the drops under my tongue and let it sit there. The drops taste like peppermint and tastes good.

Here’s my personal testimonial about CBD Oil:


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Bonus Tips for Social Anxiety

Two other things that I like to do to relieve my social anxiety is to use the dry sauna at the gym. After 20 minutes (or less depending on your health) you leave the sauna and jump in the swimming pool. The hot/cold combination is very invigorating, and the sauna relaxes and relieves all the extra adrenalin that anxiety produces.

The other thing is cardio, like jogging or a machine at your gym. Once you workout hard for an hour and can barely move, you are so tired and relaxed, you won’t get any adrenalin that social anxiety can produce.


I really hope that you kick social anxiety to the curb. It’s a huge annoyance and can destroy lives.

Life is too short to be hiding at home. Get out and enjoy it. Take baby steps and sooner than later, you will be calmer around people!

Thanks for reading!



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4 thoughts on “Top 3 Natural Things That Really Do Help My Social Anxiety”

    1. I am 45.

      I guess I developed neurosis faster than your average bear.

      I began running from reality when I was 8 by rocking back and forth on the floor while I watched the Muppet show.

      When I was 12, I discovered rock music and escaped with music every night after dinner using headphones.

      When I was 17, I discovered alcohol and that was my beautiful potion that eventually destroyed me.

      Had a heart-attack when I was 32 and got drunk twice a day towards the end of my drinking career.

      So, when I finally got sober at 36, I had a lot of demons in the closet! Anxiety surfaced because I had been running from myself most of my life.

      Thanks for reading my article!

      1. Yes, I am also 45. I noticed morning and night was bad as well. I thought it was aging, because I have had bouts of nerves from a young age. I didn’t realize it until I developed this physical nervousness. I think when we are younger we can rebound quickly. I mostly operated on adrenaline when I was younger.

        1. I was hyperactive as a young boy and gravitated to things I could act out with physical exertion, like drumming, then racquetball.

          So yeah, I guess it turned into physical nervousness as you say.

          I also worked in highly stressful kitchens as a line cook and when the restaurant filled up and I was the only cook, you could say I used my hyper nature to barrel through orders but it wore my body and mind down.

          I think I also got PTSD from going into work with the shakes from alcohol withdrawal. I got really scared that people would discover my alcohol problem.

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