Top 3 MLM Tips that Helped Me Recruit Over 200 Reps

Top 3 MLM Tips that Helped Me Recruit Over 200 Reps

Most people struggle with MLM. Either their expectations are too high, or they treat it like a lottery ticket and don’t want to work for it.

Here’s the Top 3 MLM Tips that Helped Me Recruit Over 200 Reps.

MLM is big business.

There’s over 100 million distributors worldwide and the industry is reaching $200 Billion a year in sales.

Yet, most people that join MLM treat it like a “get-rich-quick” scheme.

They don’t exactly understand it.

If they did, they would treat it much like a college education or a new career.

They would understand that it takes 3 to 5 years to get good at MLM, just like a profession.

They would understand that there’s a huge learning curve in the beginning and you won’t get paid what you’re worth – just like running a small business.

So, I outline below the exact steps I took to recruit over 200 people into MLM.

It sounds like a big number, but with consistent effort it’s really not.

I’ve been in MLM for four years, so that’s really only 50 new reps a year and around 4 new reps a month.

Anyone can do this once they learn about online marketing and stop relying on a few family members to join, thinking they’ll make you rich!

Here’s the Top 3 MLM Tips that Helped Me Recruit Over 200 Reps

One – Invest, Learn, Teach and A/B Test Everything

When you start MLM it is crucial to learn about it as if you’re starting college.

That means training and taking notes and then communicating what you learned.

This is what Ray Higdon calls “invest, learn, teach.”

Anyone can look like an authority in MLM when they practice invest, learn, teach.

You simply watch a video or read an article on MLM, then regurgitate what you just learned by creating content.

People will see your content on the internet and they will respect you and want to join you because you seem to know something they don’t.

Do this enough times and you will have a lot of content online that will generate enough leads to grow a large MLM business.

Also, you need to A/B test the things you put on the internet.

I am constantly tweaking what I put on this blog and how I try to generate leads.

You can’t just slap something up one time and expect it to generate tons of leads forever.

Two – The Money Sucks in The Beginning

Once you understand that the big money doesn’t come from you, but from the organization you build, you won’t be so discouraged when you see your first checks.

I earned about $100 a month for my first year in MLM, because I couldn’t recruit a lot, not enough content online yet, and I didn’t have a team.

It was just me in the beginning.

It took about two years for my team to start growing, and then the money grew along with it.

It all depends on what kind of people you recruit into your business.

Three – Keep Recruiting

90% of the people that join your MLM business will eventually quit.

It’s not your fault, it’s just human nature.

People quit everything they start for a million reasons.

Once you realize this and don’t take it too personally, you’ll be bulletproof.

I like to say that a good number to recruit each month is 4 new reps.

That way, if three quit on you, you have one person who sticks with you.

Over a few years, you’ll get a large team if you keep recruiting.

But, if you only recruit 4 people, then stop, like most people do, they will all quit.

Your team will also copy what you do, so if they see you not recruiting anymore, they’ll stop also.

Once you do this steps effortlessly and consistently and don’t get too emotional about it, just treat it like business, you will go far.

It’s important to really ask yourself why you want to do MLM.

Is it to get out of a dead-end job?

Is it to get back your time with family and friends?

It’s really important to understand your “why” because without a strong reason to stick with MLM, you’ll probably quit.

Hang in there, it’s definitely worth it!

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