Top 3 MLM Secrets that New Reps Think Will Get Them Rich

Top 3 MLM Secrets that Asians Think Will Get Them Rich

Top 3 MLM Secrets that New Reps Think Will Get Them Rich

I’ve seen a lot of people come and go in MLM. Here’s the Top 3 MLM Secrets that New Reps Think Will Get Them Rich.

One – Magic Supplements & 1000% Commissions

In order for a new rep to be successful in MLM, they need the best supplement in the world, which has passed at least a hundred and twenty eight comprehensive scientific tests and can cure Cancer, Migraines, and athlete’s foot at the same time.

The MLM company must also pay the distributor more than what the company makes in an entire month, even if the distributor does nothing.

This is the ONLY way a person can truly be successful in network marketing. Anything less is a SCAM!

Two – The Ultimate Sponsor who Saves Them and Makes Them All Rich!

All new reps in MLM should require that a leader from the company, who makes at least a million dollars a year, fly to the new rep’s home to do a personal presentation and train everyone there in order for every person to be successful.

All people know that the leader has the SECRET, and they demand that he or she reveal it to them in the comfort of their own home, preferably during a fun dinner with all the relatives.

Three – If You’re Not Rich in Two Months, Go To New MLM!

Although most leaders in MLM have worked tirelessly for at least 10 years to achieve success, new reps want to see big paychecks in their first week.

If the MLM company doesn’t offer a car, a trip to Disneyland, and a bonus check of $5,000, then the new rep should move their entire team over to a new company, even if it takes two months to reorganize and move everyone again to a new MLM opportunity.

MLM should pay BIG, period.

To Summarize the Top 3 MLM Secrets that New Reps Think Will Get Them Rich

Although, this is a parody or satirical, this is what a lot of people think when they join network marketing. However, this way of thinking is more dominant with the Asian culture and I have seen a lot of Asian teams come and go within a short period of time in more than one MLM.

This could all be prevented if there were realistic expectations before joining MLM.

Here’s the truth about MLM:

  1. 30 to 50% commissions is extremely good in MLM.
  2. Most people quit MLM because their checks are small in the beginning.
  3. MLM success is about building an organization, who reorder each month, these little commissions from a lot of people is what creates large incomes.
  4. MLM is a real profession and needs proper education to make it work.
  5. MLM is a 3 to 7 year plan to escape a dead-end 20 to 40 year job.


There is NO SECRET to MLM

It is hard work and I spent many nights crying because I was living on credit cards and people were quitting my business.

My sponsor didn’t give me any secret when I joined.

I found techniques on my own to promote my business and it took years for me to master it.

I watched tons of training and read every book about network marketing.

There is no shortcut in MLM, although you can quicken the rate of becoming successful by helping more people achieve their dreams quicker.

You will also need to try many different marketing tactics to find a couple that generate leads.

Your MLM business is all about getting people looking at your opportunity.

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