Top 3 My Daily Choice Products I Use for my Health Regimen

I’m 45, I need all the help I can get. From heart disease to social anxiety I have it. Here’s the Top 3 My Daily Choice Products I Use for my Health Regimen.

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I began my network marketing career in 2014 by searching for a natural supplement to help with my social anxiety.

I discovered Brain Abundance and their flagship product Brain Fuel Plus.

Two and a half years later, Brain Abundance was acquired by My Daily Choice and I’m still taking Brain Fuel Plus three years later.

Here’s the Top 3 My Daily Choice Products I Use for my Health Regimen

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One: Brain Fuel Plus

Brain Fuel Plus has some killer ingredients, not like cheap supplements at Walmart with just some vitamins.

Brain Fuel Plus’s proprietary blend actually gets past the Blood Brain Barrier and works as strongly as a prescription, but it’s all natural.

Some of the most powerful of the 13 ingredients are: Astaxanthin, Sensoril, Resveratrol, Grape Seed Extract, L-Phenylalanine and Ginseng.

I take one capsule in the morning to start my day.

You can take three capsules twice a day, but I don’t need that much.

Since I’ve been taking it everyday for three years, I’m basically just on maintenance.

How to Raise Alkalinity Naturally for Less Illness with Sublingual Sprays

Two: Shield Spray

Shield spray is a sublingual spray that you spray under your tongue to get its full benefits.

Shield spray is a formulation that is a “High PH treatment” formula.

Key ingredients are: Aloe Vera, Chlorella, Chlorophyll, Citric Acid and Coral Calcium.

These ingredients not only help to raise your PH level in your body to more alkaline and less acidic, it also helps with joints, bones, immune health, and digestion.

Our bodies are acidic, which causes disease. By raising our PH level to more alkaline, we reduce the chance of many illnesses and disease.

I use Shield Spray directly after I drink my morning coffee.

Coffee is highly acidic and can cause many problems in your body, but I love coffee, so I follow my coffee with 6 pumps of my Shield spray.

The acidity level of coffee is a PH 4, which is horrible, most ingredients in the Shield is 12 PH and above.

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Three: CBD Hemp Oil Drops

I’m really excited about CBD Oil.

The testimonials coming back for CBD oil is quite amazing.

Here’s a picture of some of the stuff they say it can help with:

CBD oil benefits


I’ve had social anxiety for years now and even though Brain Fuel Plus helps stabilize that, I am really anxious to see what these drops can do.

You place 20 drops under your tongue and let sit.

CBD oil is a high concentration of a compound that is found in hemp.

There’s more than 85 compounds in hemp.

This is not just hemp plant oil, this is pure cannabinoid oil from hemp, one of the 85 compounds.

Apparently, it’s a miracle compound.

Forbes predicts the CBD oil industry to explode by 700% by 2020.


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