Top 3 CBD Hemp Oil MLM Companies Exploding Right Now

best CBD oil MLM companies review

Top 3 CBD Hemp Oil MLM Companies Exploding Right Now

The CBD oil industry is predicted to soar to $2 Billion a year by 2020. Thousands of network marketers are jumping on the CBD wagon. Here’s why.

Most products I have come across in network marketing have been pretty good, but nothing has gotten me so giddy like CBD oil.

I truly feel like this is the MLM gold rush, just like the gold rush of 1848, where thousands came from around the world to capitalize on gold within the mountains and streams of mainly California.

Why CBD Oil?

CBD oil is one of the 85 compounds found in the Hemp plant.

CBD oil is not pot, marijuana, and has no THC.

However, this compound is creating a lot of commotion in the scientific research community and among Hemp enthusiasts.

CBD has been recently discovered to have powerful beneficial effects on various problems and diseases in the human body.

I don’t proclaim that it heals anything, but what it could help includes:

  • Relieves Anxiety
  • Relieves pain
  • Reduces clogging of arteries
  • May reduce seizures, convulsions, and muscle cramping.
  • Can reduce artery blockage
  • May reduce blood sugar levels

There’s many more benefits on the list and new ailments that CBD could help are added on the list every day.

The CBD oil industry is exploding right now, mainly because medical marijuana has become legal in over 29 states and counting.

Hemp has been put under the spotlight because of this surge with medical marijuana and powerful compounds within Hemp are being discovered.

Here’s the Top 3 CBD Hemp Oil MLM Companies Exploding Right Now

kannaway CBD oil review


Kannaway was probably the first CBD oil MLM on the scene.

It says on their website:

Kannaway’s products combine pure hemp oil and other all-natural ingredients to create daily use CBD supplements.”

Kannaway was started in 2014 with a rocky start because CBD wasn’t really defined or regulated or classified yet.

No one knew really what Hemp was, except maybe “weak pot.”

Kannaway has a pretty cool blog which is newly updated with CBD oil related articles.

I haven’t heard anything bad about Kannaway.

I’m a little concerned if they have the new cutting-edge landing pages and autoresponder email marketing system that many new MLMs have today.

myclub8 CBD oil MLM review


My Club 8 is fairly new and has exploded onto the CBD scene.

Their website states: “New Products, New Hope, New Possibilities.”

I discovered MyClub8 from a Facebook post.

I dived in a little deeper and discovered that MyClub8 was growing faster than expected which has caused internal problems with shipping and distributor satisfaction. (I don’t proclaim this myself.)

Other than that, the company still seems to be in “pre-launch” mode, so we’ll come back to My Club 8 later.

my daily choice CBD oil MLM review

My Daily Choice

My Daily Choice exploded onto the MLM scene back in 2015.

Founded by Josh Zwagil, an MLM veteran, their website states:

“It’s our daily choices that create our dream lifestyle.”

MDC started with a sublingual spray product line, then acquired Brain Abundance and carried their two flagship products, Brain Fuel Plus and Brain Bears, brain supplements for adult and children.

MDC also has “cash back” travel packages and now a powerful CBD oil product line called Hempworx.

I personally like MDC because I have enjoyed their products.

I also feel that their automated email marketing system, high commission binary comp plan, and high definition landing pages really help out new distributors to grow their home business.

Pros: The beginner package of Hempworx is $69, compared to $239 from Prime My Body.

hempworx versus prime my body prices

To Summarize: Top 3 CBD Hemp Oil MLM Companies Exploding Right Now

Forbes predicts the CBD oil industry to soar to $2 billion a year by 2020.

That is 1000% growth since 2016.

I don’t know of any other MLM product in recent history that has created this much stir.

Thanks for reading!

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My Daily Choice Leader Erik Johnson

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40 thoughts on “Top 3 CBD Hemp Oil MLM Companies Exploding Right Now”

    1. Hey Lavita!

      It is very interesting.

      I had no idea what CBD oil was just a month ago and its wondrous effects.

      This is going to be a huge market and it’s truly a product that has powerful properties that science is interested in.

      This just isn’t some man-made product that has a lot of hype around it. It’s a powerful natural compound that our bodies need! Thanks for coming by.

  1. The CBD MLM Industry is going to be a game-changer.
    I’ve read so many benefits of what CBD can do. I’m so excited to be part of MDC.
    Josh Zwagil really knows his stuff. Thanks, Erik.

    1. Hey Misha!

      Yeah, I’m glad I chose My Daily Choice as well!

      I didn’t really know where I was going after Brain Abundance, but fortunately I was introduced to Josh through Ben Glinsky of Skinny Body Care, another amazing CEO.
      Josh Zwagil had an amazing track record in his previous MLM and built a team of over 50,000 reps.
      When I joined MDC, it already had weathered the first two years and was going strong. Some MLMs grow too fast and cannot handle it.
      With Josh at the helm, and with the powerful marketing tools he provided to the reps, I knew I couldn’t go wrong. Now, we are expanding rapidly in Africa, Asia, and right here in the US.
      The new CBD oil product line is a true game changer. I wrote in my last post that CBD oil will be the gold rush of MLM. Everyone is going to jump on board this category creator.
      Thanks for checking this out Misha! See you on the inside.

  2. This is Why My Daily Choice is the Best! Staying current with New and Popular health conscious products makes this companies future look so bright! Awesome article Erik, this product sounds very exciting, can’t wait to try it out myself!

    1. Hey Brent!
      Thanks for checking this out. Research hasn’t even cracked the surface of what CBD oil can truly do.
      I have to give credit to Kannaway and My Club 8 for getting into the CBD game. Kannaway was the first I believe, but My Daily Choice has a brilliant marketing platform, high commissions, and an incredible CBD product line.
      I’m truly excited to be on the ground floor of this new category creator CBD industry. Forbes predicts that it will be a $2 Billion a year industry by 2020.
      Thanks again my friend for checking this out!

  3. Great post Erik! I was with all 3 companies (still with one of them) and they will be pioneers with CBD and its benefits. I was in Kannaway first after wanting to help a friend build her team. I knew nothing about CBD, hemp oil, but plenty about…marijuana (sp?). I learned so much about CBD and how it works and how effective it is against ailments of all kinds. I mean, we have receptors in our bodies waiting for this stuff!
    The research and education should be a “must-do” for everyone in order to share the message correctly. Saying “Marijuana Goes MLM” is NOT the correct way to do this as I have seen around online. I cringe at the erroneous buzz line.

    Kannaway had it’s issues and most of it was how the information was being shared by the reps. Education was emphasized greatly and a slow process but the rapid fire joining process was like lightening. The vape pens they have were my favorite, lol. They came out with a few other products that became popular as well.

    Club 8 is new on the scene and while the 2 men running that company are very well liked and transparent with their updates and progress, I believe they had no idea how fast their product was going to fly off the shelves. I ordered the nano drops as I was curious as to how they would work and the price seemed good. I don’t have any obvious health issues so I’m expecting to simply feel an overall sense of well being that I might be missing out on. I still have not received the product but I totally understand how frustrating it is for the owners to be without for so long on backorders. I knew this would happen and the learning curve for them is quick, lol.

    My Daily Choice offering products with CBD is doing a great job so far having to the products on hand and Josh saw this coming and he prepared well. 🙂 I’m not sure which product I want to get first as they are all good. This is where you have the “timing” in the industry hit the road full speed.

    I wish all the companies well as I have friends that are in all of them. Just know that the “hiccups” along the way and the cost will be well worth it when you start feeling your best with a product that was made to work in harmony with your body. Do your own research on CBD and share it right to truly change peoples lives. 🙂

    1. Wow Mary!
      What an incredible story and history with CBD oil MLM companies.
      I didn’t know much of that. A lot of what I heard was hearsay.
      I’m truly excited for this new industry, niche, category creator to be recognized and understood by everyone.
      Like you said, CBD works well in our body and we need it.
      It’s a game-changing product and I’m anxious to try the full product line with MDC Hempworx.
      Kannaway sounds like they had some awesome products also. I heard that they’ve been growing exponentially over there.
      Still don’t know about Club 8, but at least their “growing pains” was because of too many orders and no orders at all!
      Thanks for sharing Mary!

  4. What a great post comparison… I haven’t really looked into any of the CBD Network Marketing companies so this was a great summary.

    It is my belief that once you find a company that you are passionate about you will succeed if you put in the work and time that’s needed with any opportunity.

    Great job Erik on doing a fair comparison of these three companies… thank you for sharing this…

    1. Thanks Ron!
      Surprisingly, I knew nothing about the CBD oil industry a month ago.
      The company I’m involved with, My Daily Choice, just launched 5 CBD based products. I began researching CBD and was surprised at the wondrous effects this compound in Hemp can produce.
      Little did I know that CBD is not exactly hemp, but is one of the 85 compounds found in Hemp. This compound has positively effected many ailments and diseases in people. I don’t claim it cures anything, but I know that scientific research on CBD has barely scratched the surface. Thanks for stopping by Ron!

  5. Believe it or not, I have yet to even try any CBD or hemp oil products. But being part of MDC it has perked my interests in them. If it’s anything like what I have used from MDC it will be well worth using. Looking forward to it, and glad to be part of the MDC team!

    1. Thanks Jaye!
      Glad you’re a solid player in MDC.
      Look forward to masterminding with you and learning about the CBD products together.

  6. I am totally excited about CBD being connected with MyDailyChoice! It is highly effective in assisting people to live better as well as live well with their various ailments and diseases.,

    The product is a God send and happy to use it and share the benefits with others.
    Thanks Josh for this great blessings!!

    In Christ’s Peace, Power and Love,

    1. I agree John, I never had heard about CBD oil a few weeks ago. Yes, there’s tons of talk about Hemp, but I never knew the underlying powerful compounds of Hemp.
      My Daily Choice nailed it, even though Kannaway is a great company also.
      I have heard some amazing testimonials about the pure CBD oil drops.
      It could possibly help my social anxiety and inflammation.
      Thanks again John.
      God bless!

  7. I’m very happy with the MDC bcz the spray products(Peak, Shield, & Boost, that I’m using is very effective for me and very very convenient. I can spray the products even when I’m in the car in the parking lot and I don’t have to get a glass of water.
    Now, I’m adding the Brain, & Trim 365 Sprays bcz I want to try how effective they are to me. Before my hemorrhagic stroke when I was still playing basketball and tennis, I was around 170-175 lbs. Now I’m around 186-190 lbs. Let’s see if the Trim 365 is effective for me. Re the Brain Spray I look forward its effectivity too!
    I’m very encouraged with what I’m reading with our new products, our HempWorks, as to how it can help me physically and mentally and how it can help me in my recovery!

    Lastly, because of the effectivity and convenience of these products, I could visualize many customers and/or affiliates will buy and use these amazing products day after day meaning the extra income potential is very bright!

    1. Thanks for your comment Greg!

      The CBD oil products are a slam dunk. This isn’t just a new product from some company, this is a newly discovered compound that everyone is after and can truly re-harmonize the body and help so many ailments.

      Thanks again!

  8. Prime My Body is another CBD oil type MLM Company and they are growing rapidly. I would be willing to be that many more MLM Companies will jump on board with this trend and expand their product line into CBD oil type products. They would be foolish not to.

    1. Hey Chuck!
      Yeah, CBD oil is the new MLM product of the decade. It’s going to put a new face on beneficial health and wellness products for sure!

    2. Never heard of Prime My Body, that’s good to know. I thought there were only three, but that’s because I was newly introduced to CBD recently.

  9. If the CBD oil from my daily choice is anything like thier other products then it must be awesome..I can’t wait to try it…

  10. Hi Erik,

    I have always liked your posts. You are a real blogger. You create valuable information. I came to know about MDC by searching through the web because I was looking for something that is unique. I read through the best MLM companies that you reviewed and nothing compared to MDC.

    I ordered my Executive Pack and since then I have always been ordering the Director Pack for my family use. The Executive Pack came with 10 Peak, 5 Shield and 5 Boost Sprays. When the Brain spray was introduced into my market, I dived for it.
    I will be waiting as more and more Sprays are introduced into my market.

    I just hope the CBD Oil will be introduced soon too. I always try the products before I can tell people about them. Since then the Products that I have tasted have never disappointed. Whosoever I have shared the products with love them. We got amazing results from the products.

    Thanks again Erik for introducing me to MDC. Josh indeed is a visionary. His wife Jenna has followed on the foot steps of her hasband.

  11. Hi there. Thank you for your blog. I came about your site while researching a new MLM on the block called “Prime my body”. Do you happen to have any information on that company? What exactly is the difference between CBD and hemp oil?

    1. Hi Linda, CBD oil is of only cannabidiol oil, which is the most powerful compound out of 85 compounds found in the hemp plant. It’s very powerful and can help a ton of things. I don’t know about Prime My Body except for they pay out only 25% in commissions compared to My Daily Choice pays out up to 85%. Also, Prime My body’s hemp product costs $199, whereas you can get My Daily Choice CBD for as little as $69.00

      1. Thanks for the info Erik. I was contacted by a potential “sponsor” for that company today and kind of felt pushed into rushing into joining. I want to join one while it’s still early on but wanted to make sure I do the proper research on going with the right company first. I have a friend with 2 kids (out of 3) who suffer from seizures…one is autistic and also my mother has many ailments who I would like for her to try it for her pain. I am very much into holistic health/homeopathic and alternative medicine and hope to find a product that I can be passionate about and advocate for.

        1. Hi Linda, you checked out the opportunity through my link. The company sends out a series of automated emails. That wasn’t me, but the marketing system is powerful and helps distributors with the recruiting process. You can always respond to those emails and I will receive it. Talk soon!

  12. I was looking at PrimeMybody …doesn’t prime my body have no autoship requirements?? Either way …what is the major differences in the pay plan between Primemybody and Hempworx?? and who has a better pay plan and why.


    1. Hey Joe,

      For one, Prime My Body’s “starter pack” is $358 dollars, whereas My Daily Choice Hempworx is $69.

      The enrollment fee for Prime my Body is $39.
      The enrollment fee for My Daily Choice is $20.

      Prime My body pays 25% for first time package orders from new affiliates.
      My Daily Choice Hempworx pays 35% to 50%.

      To me, Prime My Body is very expensive, pays out less, and has a more complicated dashboard than My Daily Choice.

      1. For example:

        I pay $199 each month to be a “director” in MDC Hempworx. That allows me to rank advance all the way up the compensation plan without having to order anything more besides my $199 monthly autoship.

        Director gives a 35% commission for first time orders. But, since you can rank advance by recruiting, I receive the 50% commissions now because I am a 10k affiliate, almost 25k affiliate.

        Bottomline: 50% commissions, plus paid 6 levels down (for 10k), leadership check matching, monthly binary residual income, all for $199.00 a month.
        Prime My Body: 25% – half the commissions, twice the price. That’s my two cents.

  13. CBD acts on cannabinoids and can assist in the detoxification process by reducing reactive oxygen, an important part of any detoxification process.

    1. Hi Kathy,

      That’s like a beautiful person getting plastic surgery. CBD is powerful as is, but who knows. Prime my Body is $200 more than my company for their starter pack and 20% less commissions. I don’t think there best interest is for the distributor, in my opinion.

        1. Prime My Body claims to use “nanotechnology” on their CBD Oil. I haven’t tried it myself, so I can’t say it is more absorbable, but for the price I hope so.

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