Top 3 Bitcoin MLM Companies that Pay in Bitcoin for 2018

Top 3 MLM Companies That Pay in Bitcoin

Top 3 Bitcoin MLM Companies that Pay in Bitcoin for 2018

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Here’s the Top 3 Bitcoin MLM companies that Pay in Bitcoin for 2018. Featuring WasZupp, iCoin Pro, and Mindset 24 Global.

Mindset 24 Global: Kevin Harrington’s (Shark Tank)First MLM that Pays in Bitcoin

Everyone needs “mindset,” especially when you want to create a successful business online. What better person to run Mindset 24 Global than Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank and “As Seen on TV” brands.

kevin harrington mindset 24 global review
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Kevin is one of the co-creators and investors in the company and will offer a vast library of mindset videos.

Mindset 24 Global has several packages you can start at and when you make a sale, you get paid instantly in Bitcoin.

Here’s my full Mindset 24 Global Review HERE.


iCoin Pro review

iCoin Pro – First Ever Cryptocurrency Training Platform that Pays in Bitcoin

Founded by Paul De Sousa, an avid cryptocurrency investor, and partner Lloyd “Bigg” Dotson, a financial investment expert, iCoin Pro is one of a kind.

iCoin Pro is an educational platform that offers training modules from beginner to advanced about, you guessed it, cryptocurrencies.

Each module has a quiz as well, so if you go through all the modules you get a certificate of completion. iCoin Pro is more than cryptocurrency education, they offer flagship training which shows you step-by-step how to earn daily from the booming cryptocurrency market. They also pay in Bitcoin or regular (FIAT) currency.

Fortunes Are Being Made with Bitcoin, Learn How


WasZupp – Crowdfunding MLM with a Good Cause and Pays Instantly in Bitcoin

The founder of WasZupp is Ash Sahib from Dubai.  He is in complete control of the program, website. launch etc.

ash sahib waszupp founder

He is quite amazing as I have learned.  From a wealthy family, very successful in networking himself.  He lives in Dubai now, but lived in Florida for a number of years and built a huge Ameriplan Business.

He had a very unfortunate situation earlier this year.  He lost his son (I think in an accident).  Caring and giving, thus wanting to give back and to make this one of the largest programs of it’s kind.  He is driven to help others.

People are flocking to this.  I was on the first conference call with 8 or 10 of us.  Now the calls are standing room only with well over 1000 people on the call.  

Big retired networkers have come out of retirement and other big networkers who are active in other programs are joining it to.  It is so simple and it is non competing with anything.

One time cost to join of $35.  3 x 8 step up matrix and you will never pay more than the initial $35 because it is step up and you progress as your matrix fills and allows you to move up. (I can explain)

The company objective and goal is is to raise 1 Billion for charity over 24 months.  They will have an advisory board taking donation requests, from families with an illness to major charities and everything in between. 10% of our earnings in the matrix is auto donated to the charity pool.  Profits are paid out real time in Bitcoin.  No waiting, you are auto upgraded and auto paid.

The one qualification to be paid is that you have to sponsor 3 people and then you are qualified to earn right away (this is the only requirement).  Each person has to pay $35.  

The Matrix will fill pretty quickly and we are expecting many of us to be earning practically instantly​.  When you reach and have completed level 4 the earnings are (net to us) $45k and it explodes after that.  Seems unreal, but when you look deeper it is very understandable.  

This is a crowd funding program which was approved legally by the crowd funding bill signed into law back in 2012.  So many people are going to be helped personally and by the charitable giving.

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