Top 10 Least Expensive Network Marketing CBD Oil Companies

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Top 10 Least Expensive Network Marketing CBD Oil Companies

Top 10 Least Expensive Network Marketing CBD Oil Companies

A lot of people are overwhelmed with all the CBD Oil Companies coming out, some being only wholesale. Here’s my least expensive top 10 CBD Oil MLMs.

CBD oil is big business. Forbes predicts it to skyrocket to $3 Billion a year by 2020. It’s probably already passed that.

So, of course, everyone wants a piece of the action. Hundreds of CBD Oil companies have surfaced. SURPRISE!

But, if you’re reading this article, you’re probably an internet/network marketer who wants to make a great income as well as benefit from the miraculous CBD.

So, Here’s the Top 10 Least Expensive Network Marketing CBD Oil Companies:


kannaway CBD oil review

One – Kannaway

Kannaway has probably been around the longest. They are an actual CBD oil network marketing company.

However, I don’t see pure CBD Oil on their site.

I see, possibly a blend, called “Revive AM & PM”

kannaway cbd oil

You can start with purchasing this bottle for $66 if you join as a “Brand Ambassador” and pay $10 a month membership fee.

Commissions are a little low at 30%.

They have other incentives, like 3 for free, where you get free product if you recruit a certain amount.

Pros: They’re the pioneers of CBD.

Cons: Their marketing is outdated.


myclub8 CBD oil MLM review

Two – My Club 8

My Club 8 started off huge but supposedly ran into difficulties soon after. Distributors felt betrayed and frustrated.

While looking at Club 8’s products, I noticed they do offer pure CBD Oil.

However, looking closer at the bottle reveals that they buy their CBD compound from Isodial, which is not a MLM but a wholesaler.

Therefore, Club 8 is a “middleman” and just tacking on their price to the product.

club 8 is isodial

Commissions are also low, at 20% paid on the first level.

You can get a bottle of Club 8 CBD Oil for 500 MG for $33.99 and it’s apparently free to join. I don’t know if there is a certain BV requirement each month to receive commissions.

Pros: Inexpensive to get started.

Cons: Low commissions. Questionable management.


my daily choice CBD oil MLM review

Three – Hempworx My Daily Choice

Hempworx by My Daily Choice was launched June 2017 with a huge splash.

My Daily Choice experienced a 1000% growth within 3 months which caused some delays in shipment and customer support. But, they are in full swing of things now and I enjoy their pure CBD Oil.

You can get a 500 MG bottle of Hempworx pure CBD Oil drops for $69, plus a one-time activation fee of $25.

Commissions are the largest in the MLM industry at 30% to 50% on first time orders.

Pros: Great marketing tools. Highest commissions.

Cons: Relatively new. Shipping times.


prime my body cbd oil review

Four – Prime My Body

Everyone is talking about Prime My Body. They have a flashy website with a flashy CEO and they want you to change your “lifestyle” by joining them.

Beyond the Prime My Body Hype, they offer one 50 mL bottle and four 10 mL sample bottles of CBD Oil for $239 (that’s not including the $39 activation fee.)

Commissions are also low, 25% paid on first time orders no matter what your rank.

Pros: Fancy marketing. Top-notch management.

Cons: Lowest commissions. Very expensive.


isodial is not cbd oil MLM

Five – Isodial

Offers CBD powder isolate, but they’re not a network marketing company.


citizen cbd oil review

Six – Citizen CBD

Citizen CBD is “high quality CBD Oil with a purpose.” But, it’s not a network marketing company.


cbd pure cbd oil review

Seven – CBD Pure

CBD Pure is NOT a network marketing company, although they have a generous 40% affiliate referral program, so that’s on one time sales, no residual income aspect like with MLM. CBD Pure is out of Europe, but they have a store in Vancouver, Washington. Their CBD Oil is made in Denmark.


HempMeds CBD Oil Review

Eight – HempMeds

Hempmeds is out of California. They are NOT a network marketing company, but do have a 15% affiliate program.


elixinol cbd oil review

Nine – Elixinol

Elixinol is out of Colorado and is NOT a CBD Oil MLM. However, they have an affiliate program that pays 10% on the first level, and 3% on the second level.


Ten – Leave a comment below if you know of any other MLM CBD Oil Companies. . .


Conclusion for the Top 10 Least Expensive Network Marketing CBD Oil Companies

Out of this list, My Club 8 is the least expensive to join, but My Daily Choice has the highest commissions.

You decide. . .

Of course, you can find many CBD Oil wholesalers and get CBD Oil for less money, but I am a full-time network marketer and make my living from home.

Network marketing companies do tend to tack on a little more to the price of their products, but you have to remember that you are basically purchasing a home business with the potential to make unlimited income.

Think how expensive it is to run a traditional brick and mortar business.

You have a lease, pay employees, pay utilities, merchandise and repair bills.

With network marketing, you can make more than a traditional business from your home for under $100 a month!

Thanks for reading.


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  1. The Hempworx My daily choice is actually $20 dollars activation fee and not $25, my wife and are in it. Great info you put up.

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