Top 10 Fast Start Steps for Starting Your Hempworx Home Business Right

Top 10 Fast Start Steps for Starting Your Hempworx Home Business Right

My Daily Choice is on top of their game with their new CBD Oil line called Hempworx. Here’s the Top 10 Fast Start Steps for Starting Your Hempworx Home Business Right.

MDC Hempworx is definitely on the rise and there’s no better time to start a home business with them, especially since New year’s is around the corner.

But, there’s a dark side to MLM that most of you know about: over 90% will quit this business within a year.

Why is that?

It’s mostly due to false expectations that go unmet, or a lack of skill.

Most people can’t recruit more than two people the entire time their in network marketing.

So, the best thing to do is learn your business the right way, and understand that it’s a real business, not a lottery ticket. Your Uncle Bob who did MLM twenty years ago is not going to make you rich if you recruit him!

So, Here’s the Top 10 Fast Start Steps for Starting Your Hempworx Home Business Right

One – Get Familiar with Your Dashboard

Your MDC Hempworx dashboard is like your internet business office. You can login and view your orders, stats on visitors, grab your personalized websites and landing pages to promote, and check on your team.

There’s a few important tabs on the left-hand side after you log in. You want to view the training, set up payment info in earnings tab, and grab a website link of your choice to promote under the “my websites” tab.

To log back in – put your username and password that you created and log in as an affiliate here:

Two – Understand how and which personal websites to share

As “paid affiliates” we get a variety of personalized websites and landing pages to share and promote to grow our business.

A landing page is a form that prospects fill out to see your business – they get a temporary dashboard to look around – then we get retail and customer websites.

I like the landing pages because when a prospect fills out your form, MDC will email your prospects for you on a daily basis, which helps you sign them up.

My two favorite pages are:

Three – Who is Your Audience Going to Be?

You probably joined MDC Hempworx to solve a problem – it could be a physical ailment or a financial motive. You will probably want to attract prospects to your business who have the same problems as you.

Example: you have back pain, now CBD Oil helped, so you want to help others who have back pain. The best way to promote your business is to attract like-minded people like you.

Four – Create a new website name and forward to link

Most leaders in Hempworx buy a domain name, a website name that they can use on the internet or offline that is easier to remember than our long opportunity links.

Let’s say you have back pain and CBD oil helped.

You could by a website name over at for $14 called something like

You then forward your Hempworx link to your new website name, so when people type in your new website name, the Hempwork website will come up.

This is great for sharing a catchy, easy-to-remember website name on social media, business cards, flyers, and under videos.

I wrote about this in detail on How to Forward Your Hempworx Link.


Five – Put New Website Link on Social Media

A lot of internet marketers use Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube to promote their business. You can also put your new website under your bio on a lot of these social media sites.

Here’s the Top 5 Places Hempworx Leaders Promote Their Business


Six – Share Third-Party Testimonials

Most people who join MDC Hempworx want to get down to business but they don’t have their product yet. The fastest way to get started and earn some commissions is to share third-party testimonials.

There’s a ton of testimonial images on Google. You simply type in “CBD testimonials” on Google and go to the “images’ tab and find images with great testimonials. You then share a testimonial picture on social media with your website link under the photo.

Seven – Take CBD When it Arrives & Document Results

However, your personal testimonial is always the best and most powerful, so when your CBD Oil arrives, start taking it and document the results. You can also share what it’s doing by shooting short videos with your link under the video on YouTube. That will start getting you leads.

Does CBD Oil Make You Dizzy?

Eight – Create Your Story (testimonial)

After a month you should have a story or testimonial of what CBD is doing for you. This is the time to share with the world and become the “product of the product.”

Nine – Write an Article about It

Most MLM leaders create a lot of content. That’s how they generate a lot of leads without breaking the bank. Also known as “Attraction marketing”, you’ll “attract” prospects to you when they do a Google search for something you offer.

Example: You write a 700 word article called “CBD Oil for Back Pain in 68 Year Olds.” Then, a 68 year old woman types in “I need CBD for my back pain” into Google and your article comes up. She reads it, and signs up and orders through your link.

That’s how easy it really is, but the hard part is creating enough articles and waiting patiently for your articles to climb in Google. But, it’s definitely worth it in the long run. My whole business was created from this blog.

The best place to get a free blog is

Get a blog name that will have strong SEO, something relating to CBD and your issue you want to solve.

Mine is:

If you already have a blog, then great! Start writing articles. . .

Ten – Shoot a Video about it

Same as blogging, YouTube videos attract prospects to you instead of you chasing them, and the more videos you create the better.

They don’t need to be long, maybe 5 to 10 minutes, and you don’t always have to talk about your product. Let people know who you are by sharing maybe two other topics.

Don’t go all over the place with your topics.

You want to be somewhat predictable to your viewers, but be real, not spammy. No one wants you to tell them to buy your product. Make them decide for themselves!

What’s cool about blogging and video is that you can add your video into your article and make the article even better.

You’ll also get new audiences by combining two platforms together.

Conclusion for Top 10 Fast Start Steps in Starting Your Hempworx Business Right

The key to growing a successful home business is consistency. You’ll never make a significant income by working the business two hours a week.

If you want serious income, you need to become serious and get into a daily routine of content creation and promoting on social media.

If you hate doing video, stick with writing and Facebook.

If you hate writing, stick with videos and Facebook.

Find two platforms that you can work with consistently.

It will take time to get into a consistent groove, but eventually you can create all the content you need for the day under two hours.

Good luck and thanks for reading!


Erik Christian Johnson is a full-time blogger, self-development advocate, and full-time network marketing Entrepreneur.

All articles are solely used for educational purposes and merely the opinion of the blog writers. Please refer to the Disclaimer page for full disclosure.

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