The One Thing That All My Hempworx Leaders Do

There’s no better place to be in MLM right now than a CBD MLM. They are all growing like crazy, and it’s not just another man-made product. Still, many people fail network marketing. But, I have a secret: Here’s The One Thing That All My Hempworx Leaders Do.

MLM is essentially a “numbers game.” If you’ve been in MLM long enough you’ve heard that phrase.

What it means basically is that you have to talk to a lot of people to get a few people to say “yes” to joining your business. The problem is, most people who join MLM don’t know how to generate leads. Sure, they can get all their friends and family in their business, but then what? You just will have more people on your team who don’t know how to generate leads.

The biggest leaders in MLM have this figured out and they know how to generate hundreds of leads a day, by writing ebooks, doing YouTube videos, by blogging, and by doing paid advertising.

If you are truly serious about making serious income in MLM you have to generate massive leads consistently, then teach your organization how to generate massive leads consistently.

Your family and friends probably won’t make you rich. You’ll have to tap into the cold market, aka strangers.


If MLM is a real business, which it is, then most real businesses take money to get off the ground.


If you open up an espresso shop you need to buy the espresso machine, which is a few thousand, and lease a building, a few thousand more.

With Hempworx, you’re running out of the gate with just investing around a $100 a month for your business. That is nothing!

So, why not treat your Hempworx business like a real business and inject serious capital into it to get it off the ground??

You’ve heard the phrase: “It takes money to make money” right?

But, most people who fail at MLM still treat it like that lottery ticket and they don’t want to really spend anymore money on it because deep in the back of their mind they still think it’s a scam, a hobby, or the company will eventually get shut down!

Again, leads are the backbone of your business and most people don’t generate leads.

The One Thing That All My Hempworx Leaders Do

The one thing all the leaders on my team do is invest heavily into their business. They are not afraid to spend money to make more money down the road. They know it will pay off.

They generate 20 to 100 leads per day, and they don’t stop.

Then, they teach their new affiliates the same lead generation technique and get everyone duplicating a simple system.

Like Eric Worre says, “It’s not works in MLM, it’s what duplicates.”

If your team can’t copy your lead generation system then you have no duplication, and you’re stuck selling products yourself.

The big money in MLM comes from a lot of people doing a little, instead of you doing 99% of it – that’s called leveraged income. You’re leveraging income from the efforts of others – that’s how you make $20k to $150k a month in MLM. You can’t do that selling it on your own.

Bottomline: The people who grow the fastest on my team spend the most money.

They understand that they might lose money their first six months to a  year.

Then, they will break even.

Then, they will make way more money than they are used to.

That’s how most businesses begin.

Experienced Entrepreneurs understand this, but most newbies are too scared to shell out anymore money.

They clutch onto their new MLM like a lottery ticket.

I get it – I was there. I prayed for that ONE person to join my business to make me rich.

I lived on credit cards for three years waiting for my business to take off. I spent my money from my jobs on other things, not my business. Or, I didn’t have a good lead generation system.

I tried getting free leads from Twitter and my blog, which was futile in the beginning.


So, I’m going to sound insane here: spend all your money on getting your business going!

Swallow that fear and treat this business like a million dollar a year business.

It will pay off!


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Thanks for reading!

Erik Christian Johnson is a full-time blogger, self-development advocate, and full-time network marketing Entrepreneur.

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4 thoughts on “The One Thing That All My Hempworx Leaders Do”

  1. I agree with your comments and am willing to make the investment. Seems difficult to acquire all the skills for lead generation. Is there a training system available?

    1. Hi Mark,

      There would be a different skillset for each lead generation platform. For example:

      If you want to promote your business on Facebook, you would find a facebook marketing course and study that.

      If you want to run solo ads, you would find a solo ad that works with Hempworx, or many vendors make the ad for you.

      I suggest mastering one lead generation platform, get the leads up to at least 10 a day, then add another lead generation platform. Too many people start their business and are scattered all over the place. Master one lead generation technique before adding another one.

      Also, Hempworx has a powerful autoresponder already in place for you, all you have to do is generate leads with your hempworx biz op landing page and let the company email your leads.

      The bottom line is getting 20 to 100 leads daily consistently, month after month, and you will start recruiting enough people to find your 3 to 5 leaders. Good luck!

      1. HI Erik, thanks for your advice. I joined as an Hempworx affiliate in your group recently and am going to take your advice and focus on one platform first as you have suggested.

        Look forward to growing this business and learning more from you on how to do it.


        1. Hey Mark, Congratulations again on joining my winning team in Hempworx! It’s truly an exciting opportunity, and the one-of-a-kind automated marketing system is the best there is. I won’t do a traditional network marketing business. I am spoiled with this marketing system and literally just generate leads to my Hempworx landing page and let the company email your leads. You don’t have to email your leads because the company emails your prospects for about 28 days, and sometimes up to 3 times a day. There is no other email system like this in place for MLM distributors. So, the secret is generating enough leads on a consistent basis to start growing your team. Teach your new paid affiliates the same lead generation technique I taight you in the welcome email. In fact, you can use my welcome email for your new paid affiliates, just change the sincerely name to yours. The fastest way to grow a big team is by getting everyone generating leads on a consistent basis, leads are the backbone of our business. Without leads we have no business. Shoot for generating 20 to 60 leads a day, without breaking the bank, and you will grow a large organization and be able to bask in the sun on a beach somewhere as passive, residual income comes into your bank account. Yes, it’s a simple business, but it’s not easy. I had to rebuild my team a few times before I got some leaders who stuck around and were serious. The good news is you only need 2 to 3 true leaders in your organization to earn six to seven figures a year. Most people will quit, but you only need a few leaders to stick around to make serious income. Thanks for checking out my blog Mark! Read Go Pro by Eric Worre, it’s the best book on network marketing, then read 10X Rule by Grant Cardone to find out what amount of effort you need to exert to grow a seven figure business. Take care my friend!

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