The Best No Three-Way Calls MLM for Busy Professionals

When I started MLM in 2014 I was very introverted and wanted nothing to do with an upline or a sponsor, and definitely wasn’t going to do home parties or three-way calls. Here’s The Best No Three-Way Calls MLM for Busy Professionals.

When I started MLM in 2014, the company I joined had an awesome autoresponder attached to the distributors websites. Meaning, when someone filled out my company provided landing page the company emailed my prospects on a daily basis, and many signed up without me calling them!

I got spoiled with this system and learned that all I had to do to grow my MLM business was to generate massive leads and let the company close them.

Don’t get me wrong, I tried calling leads, bought cold leads and called them, played phone tag and got hung up on a lot in the beginning. I also tried prospecting people in person at the gym where I worked out. Needless to say, it felt pretty weird prospecting people in the sauna!

So, I went back to what I learned to do best: generate leads and let the company email them for me.

Four years later, I am fortunately in the same kind of MLM business that has an awesome autoresponder in place to email my leads, all I need to do is get massive traffic to my landing pages which the company provide.

So, why am I against 3 way calls?

Like I said in the beginning, I wanted nothing to do with a sponsor telling me what to do. I was already good at getting lots of clicks to my affiliate marketing offers using Twitter before I discovered MLM, and wanted to use the same business model (affiliate marketing) towards my MLM business.

I had over 80,000 followers on Twitter and basically recruited over 100 people in 18 months just by tweeting my MLM opportunity and automating the Direct message that went out to my new followers.

During this time, I also watched a lot of MLM trainers on YouTube, and the biggest leaders usually didn’t have time to do three-way calls for their thousands of people in their organization, so they used webinars, videos, and their blogs to train their teams.

Why Three-Ways Aren’t Duplicatable

Not many people want to get on the phone with two strangers and talk one of them into joining their business. It also takes time to orchestrate a three-way by getting the two people near a phone at the same time, and if you really have a good product why do you need to convince someone to join anyways?

I’m not in this business to “convince” anyone to join. I write articles on this blog that “attract” my prospects to me, and they usually already have talked themselves into joining because they were searching for answers that they found on my blog. You can also attract prospects using advertising.

So, this whole feeling of “getting” someone in my business kind of feels salesy and pushy, and being an introvert, it’s the last thing I want to do.

Design your MLM Business Your Way

If you start doing three-way calls for your team, they will all start to rely on you to keep doing them, and when you get hundreds of people on your team, that means a lot of phone time – we are talking about 12 to 16 hours a day on the phone.

I would rather flip burgers again than do that.

You are an independent business owner through your MLM company, that means you can design your business your way.

Since my primary focus is just generating lots of leads and letting my company email them, I literally only work 1 to 2 hours a day.

I create content and run ads and generate 20 to 60 leads a day. I get at least 4 signups a week, many of these people never speak with me beforehand.

Then, when they sign up, I email them my personal welcome letter which shows them how to generate leads within the hour.

When everyone is generating leads, your business explodes.

I am not overwhelming my new signups with webinars, video training, and lots of instruction.

The name of my MLM game is generating leads and getting everyone generating leads, because let’s face it, leads are the backbone of our business, without leads you have no business.

If you’re tired of the old-school MLM where you do three-ways, home parties, and bug all your friends and family until you have “no friends left” and are in the NFL club, click HERE to take a FREE TOUR in my business.

So, Why is This MLM Good for Busy Professionals?

Busy professionals understand that new businesses take money to get going, but they don’t have a lot of time.

This MLM is perfect because you can generate leads during the day while you’re at work and have people signing up because of the automated email system. All you have to do to be successful in this new hybrid MLM is generate leads consistently and teach your new signups the same system.

You can be earning $5,000 to $10,000 extra a month in a year to 18 months using this system, and earn $20k to $100k a month within 3 to 5 years using this system.

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