The 4 Best MLM Companies for 2019 – What You Need to Know

There’s 5,500 people joining network marketing every day in America. Here’s The 4 Best MLM Companies for 2019 – What You Need to Know.

More and more people are working from home because it provides more flexibility and freedom, you can work the hours you want to and there’s no income cap.

So, what are the best MLM companies for 2019?

I have some great companies for you and not the ordinary ones people usually mention, but some really nice to “first-to-market” companies and special “niche” companies.

Here’s number 4:


alliance in motion review for 2015

Alliance in Motion

I thought I would include Alliance in Motion because it has the most votes by the public over at BusinessForHome with 10,308 votes, but not only that, I want to include this company because it’s based out of the Philippines, which is the fastest growing country for MLM, with 31.3 percent growth and 1.0 Billion in sales based on data from

It’s basically a “supermarket” of products ranging from teeth whitener to coffee. Distributors get their own storefront and earn a commission off the products they sell.

Pros: Straight forward marketplace with a variety of products.

Cons: Too many products.


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3. New U Life

I have a feeling that New U Life will be huge.

I get this company prospected to me every day.

What is New U Life?

Right now, they have a one product superstar, called SomaDerm, which is the only FDA registered transdermal homeopathic Growth Hormone skin cream.

Alex Goldstein is leading the operation as founder and CEO.

Alex has created a legacy already in the California natural food stores, and has pioneered many other health-related products, including Natural Life Foods and SomaDerm.

what is somaderm?

Somaderm is $149.99 for a member and $169.99 for a one-time purchase.

Here’s My YouTube Buddy Talking About New U life:

Visit their website here: New U Life


best coffee mlm 2019

2. Valentus – Best Coffee MLM?

Who doesn’t love coffee?

Who doesn’t love nutritional coffee that can change you physically and financially?

With huge MLM veterans, like John Haremza joining Valentus, you have to wonder if Valentus is the next giant MLM.

Founded in 2014 by Dave Jordan, a passionate Entrepreneur who had once been a distributor himself.

He and his wife, Joyce, created Valentus in 2014 with certain expectations that were actually far surpassed. In 2016, Valentus did $32 million in sales.

MLM leaders are coming over to Valentus because of the family-nature and top-notch marketing and already built in sales funnels ready for distributors to promote from the get go.

Their products range from Slimroast Optimum, which is Dark Roast coffee which is supposed to take weight management to another level, to their Prevail Energy Sticks.

prevail stick review

Prices range from $59 to $499.95


My Daily Choice MLM Merges with MLM Brain Abundance

1. My Daily Choice/Hempworx

Founded by Josh Zwagil in January 2015. My Daily Choice offers a few interesting, cutting-edge products; one of them being a supplement that uses Micronized Spray Technology.

Boost spray by MDC. My Daily Choice

I’m super excited about this company because they just acquired Brain Abundance, which makes them an MLM powerhouse in my opinion.

Cons: Relatively new company. 

Pros: You get several “landing pages” and your own corporate website upon upgrading.

There’s top-notch video training in the “back office” by Todd Falcone, a 27 year veteran in the MLM industry.

The entry price is great for anyone who has a desire to earn money from home, and you can earn up to 30% off of anyone’s monthly compensation that you personally sponsor.

Best CBD oil MLM companies

What really excites me about My Daily Choice are their new CBD oil based products, including pure CBD oil drops, Pain relief cream, and awesome hemp-based skincare, called Hempworx.

The CBD oil industry is expected to grow to $22 Billion in annual sales and with good reason: The stuff works!

There’s a entire list of huge things it may help with, from Anxiety and Alzheimer’s to Cancer and Fibromyalgia. (Although, I’m not making any medical claims)

I suffered from social anxiety and my left eye twitched when I got nervous. After a month of taking the drops, my social anxiety has greatly reduced and the twitch is gone!

For More info on My Daily Choice Hempworx Click the Button for a FREE Tour:

See Our #1 Recommendation Here


Here’ the Top 10 Network Marketing CBD Companies

Here’s How to Start a CBD Business




17 thoughts on “The 4 Best MLM Companies for 2019 – What You Need to Know”

  1. Good list of companies. I myself prefer working with companies that are at least 20 years old, so they are established and proven. But that’s just my thing. These all seem like solid companies and would be a good choice for the right person.

  2. Erik
    Thanks for this. I have been wanting to see who are the big players over the past 6-12 months. I have tasted Organo Gold and love the latte. I have heard great things about it, but never took the plunge to become a distributor. May do that soon though.
    Good work, thanks


    1. Thank you for your good comment about AIM Global. It is truly a great company with great compensation plan that gives daily payout! Very stable company indeed! I have been a member for 5yrs and my family and friends love the products more than the great income!

  3. Thanks too for AIM Global. I can testify it is the only current company worth partnering as it has the best compensation plan ever in the global market. It also goes without saying and without any act of favourism, that their products are doing very well in the market and hence the high increasing demand on daily basis.
    All are welcome to join in AIM and make the world a better place.

    1. Thanks so much for checking out this article Toni!
      AIM seems like a great company. My Daily Choice pays up to 85% commissions with no spillover. We also have a commission called “Leadership Check matching” where you can earn up to 30% commissions off of the leaders in your organization, from their monthly income. So, if you have a leader making $10,000 a month, you would get $3000. My Daily Choice also has cash back travel, powerful sublingual sprays that absorb 80% better than pills and capsules, and Brain Bears and Brain Fuel Plus nutrition for brain health. My Daily Choice is rocking Asia! Thanks again for the comment.

  4. The MyDaily Choice definitely looks like a great opportunity, at least the product looks interesting. I heard of Oregano but never got to taste the product.
    AIM seemed to always get the vote for being among the top best MLM companies.
    As for Pure Romance I can’t believe they’re still around. When I first ran into that company I’d say a little over 4/5 years ago, I thought it would be one of these short craze things….Definitely not a flash in the pant from the looks of it.

    1. Hey Val! Yeah, Pure Romance might not be doing that great. I think it took them 10 years to get 15,000 distributors, but at the time i wrote this they had a huge spurt of growth, so I thought I would mention them.
      This post is actually a few years old. I just change the year on it. LOL!
      But, yeah, My Daily Choice is really an awesome company and I stand behind them 100%.
      Thanks for checking out my blog!

  5. iCoinPro – I see them on the list and had to speak up. I absolutely think they offer the best mlm/home based business opportunity in the market today.

    It starts with the product; they offer a complete training program and guide for Bitcoin and the other crypto currencies available today. They also promise to keep up with developments and provide new information as it develops.

    BitCoin has completely come mainstream as a way to handle monetary transactions and as an investment vehicle. You literally can make any type of purchase or transaction now with Bitcoin. Many merchants accept it and it can be loaded on a Visa Card and be spent anywhere. Sending and receiving money person to person is the way of the world now. Banks are no longer needed in most cases.

    Bitcoin is trading at around $2300 per Bitcoin as of this writing.
    It has doubled over the last year and some experts are saying 1 Bitcoin will be worth $20,000 by the end of 2019. This is speculation, but the track record of Bitcoin as an investment is intact.

    iCoinPro provides an excellent opportunity to learn more as well as develop a home business. People need both (crypto knowledge and Home Business) today!

    1. I agree Mike,

      iCoin Pro is going to be a winner, already is! Not many people even know what Bitcoin is and with a market capitalization of over $75 billion, cryptocurrencies aren’t going anywhere.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I don’t really understand iCoin Pro yet. Can you explain how iCoin works exactly? I’ve heard quite a bit about Bitcoin, but I’d really like to fully understand it. I’d appreciate any help you can give me.

    1. Hey Misha!
      So, iCoin Pro is an education platform where you can become a member for $39 a month to receive training modules on how to invest in cryptocurrency, not just Bitcoin.
      We have training for the beginner and the advanced, and as a member if you build this business, you can get paid from just being a member and we pay in Bitcoin and regular currency as well.
      Digital currency is going to become part of everyday life and this platform fills the gap in teaching people what exactly is cryptocurrency.
      Click the bottom under the article to watch their video and sign up to lock in your spot to see how fast iCoin Pro is growing!

    1. Hi Dan, most companies are switching or use Binary. I believe it pays more. You can earn up to a million a month with our Binary.

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