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WARNING! Daily Choice is NOT My Daily Choice Hempworx CBD Oil!

WARNING! Daily Choice is NOT My Daily Choice Hempworx CBD Oil!

This is just a short post to clear up some confusion.

I’ve been getting a lot of comments on my blog from angry customers who bought Hemp oil from Daily Choice and want to return it.

Like this one:

“I would like to cancel my subscription but cannot get threw on the phone its always buzy.my name is XXXXX and my phone is XXX-XXX-8607 please stop taking my money. SLSOXXX9362 REF:8527595 SHIPPER: Daily Choice SHPORD#XXX6 these our the numbers on the ticket. I will keep trying to call untill i get threw.”

Here’s the issue:

Daily Choice is NOT My Daily Choice Hempworx CBD Oil!

Daily Choice came on the scene a few months ago, probably trying to ride on the coattails of My Daily Choice.

Clever huh?

Copycat companies have been around since prostitutes, and this is the cheapest one I’ve seen – I mean the company.

My Daily Choice Hempworx looks like this:

Not this:

I asked Josh Zwagil, CEO of My Daily Choice, if he had heard of Daily Choice and he simply said that they are in talks with them. . .

I can’t mention anymore, but this is a serious problem. . .

So, now Daily Choice have changed their name to Isolate Direct and they have 2 stars on Amazon.

Update 1/31/2018

Daily Choice is now calling their product “CBD Pure Oil” so watch out:

Here’s the Real My Daily Choice CBD Oil:

My Daily Choice started January 2015 and merged with Hempworx June 2017. Josh Zwagil owned My Daily Choice, and Jenna Zwagil, his wife, owns Hempworx. Now, they are unified not only in marriage but two powerful network marketing companies.


This is the Real My Daily Choice Hempworx Video:

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