Submit CBD Guest Post

Submit CBD Guest Post

Hi there CBD lover!

Here at Erik Christian Johnson we are looking for original articles about CBD which are over 1,000 words and not published anywhere else.

Ever since I started taking CBD Oil back in June 2017, it wasn’t yet hugely mainstream, but I loved what it did for me. I had social anxiety and it really helped smooth over my next social interactions.

A month after using CBD I noticed that I was calmer, more focused, had less back and joint pain. It also helped me sleep all the way through the night.


So, I want to hear about your experience with CBD, it can be any CBD related product, like CBD Oil, CBD Vape, CBD skin cream, CBD Coffee, etc.

Of course, I won’t accept your article if I find it somewhere else using “Copyscape” and I won’t take any articles, or testimonies rather, about how CBD “Cured” or “Healed.” We can’t make claims like these or the FDA can shut us down, or the FTC.

I will also take CBD articles from businesses launching their own CBD Products. You can add up to 3 external “do-follow” links within the article. Again, I ask that the article be exceptional and over 1,000 words.


**I reserve the right to refuse any article if it is poorly written, is making medical claims, or is too short, or is overly promotional about your CBD Company.

I am open to publishing more than one article from you if you’re an exceptional writer and the topic is unique in the CBD Niche.


Please email me at:

Use subject title: “CBD Guest Post”


I will review your article and get back with a decision within a day or two.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

If you want to join my CBD Business, please check out my About Erik Page.


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