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Can you make money by Blogging?


Short answer: YES!

Businesses that blog convert 6x times more Leads. . .

  • 6.7 million people post on blogging sites
  • 81% of U.S. online consumers trust information and advice from blogs
  • 77% of Internet users read blogs
  • 46% of people read blogs more than once a day
  • 33% of B2B companies use blogs
  • 53.4% of bloggers are 21 to 35 years of age
  • 23% of Internet time is spent on blogs and social networks

But, Blogging just isn’t for businesses. . .

Moms and dads have made fortunes out of their hobbies by sharing them with the world through their blogs. 

Blogs are the new business card of the 21st Century.

My Blogging Journey

In 2012 and 2013, I wrote a couple eBooks and wanted to promote them. Again, I was left to just randomly post using social media with no real results.

In 2014, I joined a network marketing company, and the leaders in the industry stated often that it was important to “Brand” yourself online.

I set up a self-hosted blog, which I did with Bluehost, and created this site.

How to Set Up Your Blog

I used my name as the website’s name because if I was the brand, I wanted to be associated with this blog.

So, I began this blog: 

After studying the craft of blogging, I found my niche in helping Entrepreneurs and people who wanted to earn money on the Internet.

I began seeing comments on my blog from all over the world, people that needed my message for their day or for their business or whatever.

I tell people that a “blog can change your life” because it has for me.

About Hosting

Of course you can set up a free blog using Typepad,, or, but you don’t have complete control over the platform. They could simply suspend your account if you don’t follow their guidelines exactly and you would lose all your content.

All my websites and blogs are hosted on Bluehost. Why?They have exceptional support in case you need it, one click installations, and they are incredibly easy to use. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND using Bluehost for your first site.

About Making Money Blogging

It’s not uncommon for many popular bloggers online to make life-changing income, anywhere from $10,000 a month to $100,000 a month. This is done by writing great content and using “call-to -actions” at the end of your posts.

Starting a Blog is Easy

Bluehost is the best hosting provider, especially for Bloggers. I started with the basic $3.95 plan, but after I got more serious about my blog, I upgraded to their VPS hosting, which is essentially your own “virtual server.” They allow you to change plans anytime you feel it’s necessary.


2-Select Your Plan


Add your existing blog, or start a new one. . .


3- Sign Up Now


Create your account. . .


4- Account Information


You made it!


7-Welcome To Bluehost

Already have a Blog, but NEED to Blog like a Pro, ASAP?

There’s not a lot of information out there on the web that tells you exactly HOW to Blog.

Sure, there’s millions of articles about SEO and about “Branding yourself”, but what’s that going to do if you don’t know:

When to post articles. . .

What kind of articles to post. . .

Other blog secrets I can’t discuss here. . .

I’ve spent years looking for something that would just tell me already – how to Blog like a PRO right away.

Well, here it is and from a seven-figure earner. (That means over a $1 million a year with his BLOG.)

I don’t have this offer all over my Blog. It’s here just for people looking to BLOG Seriously.

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Success is yours.

Be blessed!


 Erik Christian Johnson Network Marketer and Full Time Blogger