Sleep Better and Stop Insomnia with Sublingual Sleep Spray

Sleep Better and Stop Insomnia with Sublingual Sleep Spray

Sleep Better and Stop Insomnia with Sublingual Sleep Spray

Over 60 million Americans can’t sleep and are using toxic medications to sleep. Here’s how to Sleep Better and Stop Insomnia with Sublingual Sleep Spray.

Tired of waking up at 2 AM, then 4 AM, then 6 AM, and then boom – it’s off to work with less than 4 hours of sleep?

35% of us deal with some level of insomnia.

10% deal with chronic insomnia.

Many people use toxic sleep medications which leave us groggy and irritable.

So, what’s the alternative?


Sublingual sleep spray.

Here’s How to Sleep Better and Stop Insomnia with Sublingual Sleep Spray

So, what exactly is sublingual sleep spray?

Sublingual sprays are becoming huge because of their absorption rate and will soon replace pills and capsules.

Oral absorption is 9 TIMES better than pills.

sublingual sprays are better than pills

You are losing 70% to 80% of your pill’s nutrients or medication in your digestion.

That means you need to take 9 pills to get the same results as 1 spray dosage.

Sleep spray’s active ingredients are:

  • Valerian (without the nasty flavor of Valerian)
  • Melatonin
  • GABA

Sleep spray naturally restores your sleep cycle and increases the time of vital stages of sleep, like REM.

Why do sublingual sprays absorb so much better?

why sublingual sprays are better

There’s soft tissue, millions of tiny blood vessels, lingual veins, and submandibular ducts that absorb the nutrients quickly, which then get’s into your bloodstream within minutes.

The main focus with nutrition is to get the nutrients into your bloodstream, not lost and wasted in your digestive tract.

Basically, with pills, you’re wasting 80% of your money.

How do I Use Sublingual Sleep Sprays?

With sublingual sprays, you want to point the spray into the center of your tongue and about 3 inches away.

You will want to try a little less than the recommended dosage because sublingual sprays are a lot stronger than pills and capsules.

The recommended dosage on My Daily Choice sprays are 6 pumps, but with sleep spray I would start with 3 pumps and see what that does.

When I did 6 pumps right away, I was groggy in the morning.

3 to 5 pumps of the spray were enough for me.

sublingual sleep spray

Where do I Find Sublingual Sleep Spray?

The best sublingual spray for better sleep can be found through a network marketing company called My Daily Choice. (You can check them out by clicking the button below this article)

My Daily Choice was founded in 2015 and is a debt-free, cloud-based company available in over 150 countries.

They specialize in nutritional sprays and have a impressive, complete spray line that includes:

  • Boost – For clean, sustained energy.
  • Brain – For increased cognition and memory.
  • Trim – For rapid weight loss without diet or meal plans.
  • Shield – For increased Alkalinity for your body’s protection.
  • Peak – For complete body recover and vigor.
  • Sleep – For restful, full sleep cycles.

reduce insomnia naturally

My Testimonial for Sleeping Better and Stopping Insomnia with Sublingual Sleep Spray

Sleep spray has been a Godsend for me and is the first sublingual nutritional spray I have tried.

I went from getting 6 hours of broken sleep to 8 hours of deep rest.

It has improved my productivity throughout the day and has made me more relaxed and happy.

I now have incorporated some of the other sprays into my daily routine and they have helped in all areas of my life, from sleep, to better focus, to losing weight rapidly without dieting, gimmicks, or meal plans.

I am completely sold on sublingual sprays and they are small enough to carry around.

For more information on sleep spray and the other sprays, click the button below to take a FREE Tour:

Sleep Better Now

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