My Ridiculous Mistakes and Successes in Internet Marketing from 2011 to 2017

My Ridiculous Mistakes and Successes in Internet Marketing from 2011 to 2017

My Ridiculous Mistakes and Successes in Internet Marketing from 2011 to 2017

Internet Marketing has been the hardest, most rewarding thing I’ve done. Here’s My Mistakes and Successes in Internet Marketing from 2011 to 2017.

2011 – Erik Narcissist

I had just stopped partying, but wanted to continue a kind of cocky alter-ego with my music, kind of like Eminem’s “slim shady” alter ego, but what I came up with instead was more laughable.

I became Erik Narcissist.

My Ridiculous Mistakes and Successes in Internet Marketing from 2011 to 2017

Every indie musician was uploading their music to Tunecore, a music distribution channel, kind of like Amazon’s Kindle self-publishing platform but for musicians.

I played all the instruments, got my wife to sing on one track, and made a poorly made full-length album.

I didn’t have any recording skill and no fancy computers or keyboards to keep everything in time. I threw it all together, hoping it would just sound good.

After Tunecore and Amazon distributed my music worldwide, I made like $7 dollars total! But, it was all fun and kept me out of trouble.

2012 – “The Drunk” by Erik Christian

I dropped Johnson from my last name and used my middle name for my last name as a pen name.

Since I was sober, I thought I would self-publish a memoir about my drinking days called “The Drunk” and put it on Kindle.

Go figure, this is what every person, who could tie two sentences together, was doing during 2012. Unfortunately, I was one of them, but I really was a writer! I had been writing poetry since I was 17 and writing a full-length book was exciting. It was a great experience and I went on to publish three more ebooks.

I made a few hundred dollars total, and still get a little royalty check for about two bucks each month!

making money with clickbank

2013 – Promoting Affiliate Marketing Products from Clickbank

Since I was a “writer” and most of my 80k followers on Twitter were writers like me, I discovered Clickbank, a marketplace full of digital products you could promote and earn a commission on.

I found a great product on there that helped writers analyze their competition on Amazon. It was software that you uploaded to your computer. I thought I hit it big when I started making sales from tweeting it on Twitter. One day I made $200!

In total, I made $2,100 that year and the money helped my wife and I move to Austin, Texas in our RV!

Brain Abundance MLM statistics 2015

2014- 2016 – Brain Abundance

I knew what Affiliate Marketing was because of Clickbank, but Network Marketing was a whole new breed for me.

I really had no idea what it was, so I found some great generic training videos on YouTube by great trainers like Todd Falcone, Randy Gage, Ray Higdon, and Matt Morris.

I took copious notes, as if I was a Freshman in college and after about two months I grasped the concept.

I was suffering from anxiety and found a natural supplement that could help by a network marketing company called Brain Abundance.

Even though I joined in the first two weeks of their pre-launch, everyone surpassed me on the leaderboard because I had no contacts whatsoever, and I was an extreme introvert.

Slowly and surely, after getting my wife in first, I started using Twitter to prospect and get people into my business. After a year, I was recruiting 3 to 5 people a month.

First year I made $2500, second year $3500.

iCoin Pro Opportunity

How to Get More Done in Your MDC Home Business

2016 – 2017 – My Daily Choice & iCoin Pro

I was proud of being faithful to one MLM company, even though everyone around me was jumping ship.

I followed the Brain Abundance ship down until it was caught by My Daily Choice, a hip new MLM ran and owned by Josh Zwagil.

Ben Glinsky of Skinny Body Care introduced me to Josh and the rest is history.

My Daily Choice took over the Brain Abundance line and I’ve been taking Brain Fuel Plus for over three years now. I also began using the sublingual spray line and eventually the powerful and superior flagship, category-creator product: CBD Oil.

At this time, I was also introduced to a new type of MLM/Affiliate Marketing cryptocurrency training platform called iCoin Pro.

Bitcoin and other “alt” coins are making huge news right now and I felt that learning and promoting a cryptocurrency education platform would be perfect.

Third year in MLM $5,000, fourth year???

Thanks for reading my Internet Marketing history!

In between these companies and products I lost a lot of money in little scams here and there and spent many nights crying in a pillow.

The hard work is finally paying off.

I hope you guys hang in there, whatever you promote, it’s all worth it!



iCoin Pro Leader Erik Johnson

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2 thoughts on “My Ridiculous Mistakes and Successes in Internet Marketing from 2011 to 2017”

  1. If you continue doing what you are doing, you will make more in a year than you made in the previous 10 years combined. That is the power of our industry. That is the power of being persistent with leveraged income.

    1. Thank you so much for the encouraging words and inspiration Chuck!

      You have been the main reason I have kept going, especially with blogging. Not many people make it past 400 articles, and you are almost to 1,600 articles and that’s when the good stuff happens. It’s uncharted territory for 98% bloggers out there!

      I think there’s 5 key elements that have kept me in the internet marketing game:

      1) Laser focus and commitment.

      When I started a new online business, I was devoted to only that and believed that I would be doing that business for the rest of my life. I didn’t look at other businesses out there. I put my nose down and stayed consistent and faithful even during really tough times, when I was making like $10 a week!

      2) A/B test all the time!

      Nothing is going to work perfectly the first time, especialy with sales copy and blog features. I constantly test new buttons, fonts, and sales copy. Of course, you should allow a testing period of at least two weeks before changing it to something else. In the last three years, I don’t think anything has stayed the same since I created it.

      3) Take the Emotion Out of it

      I still struggle with this, but I’ve gotten a lot better. There’s going to be serious setbacks and roadblocks in internet marketing. There’s been so many days that I was so close to throwing in the towel, or got my hopes up on a new distributor on my team. I have distanced myself from the outcome a lot. I don’t depend on anyone when they claim they are going to be my next rockstar. Action always speaks louder.

      4) Embrace setbacks

      I touched on this a little already, but many of the biggest MLM leaders, like Eric Worre, have had to rebuild their entire MLM organizations over again, sometimes 3 or 4 times. That means, losing everyone and having to recruit an entire new team. That takes a lot of courage, but like you said Chuck, it will eventually build into something huge if you stay at it and are consistent.

      5) Self-development

      Always have to be working on yourself. As Eric Worre said: Network marketing will either punish you or reward you depending on your past. I was a selfish person for many years and it’s true. Network marketing is about being selfless and helping others succeed before yourself. It has truly been an eye-opening profession, that’s for sure.

      Thanks again Chuck!

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