Reducing Schizoid Character: Why God is in My Belly

I just had my third session with the energy healer who aligns chakras that are not working properly. We covered more ground because I discovered that I possibly have a schizoid character structure as found in Barbara Brennan’s book “Hands of light.”

Barbara Brennan is a powerful writer and concentrates solely on getting chakras back in alignment and working on aura fields. She outlines I think 5 different character structures we have when we are out of alignment. Each character structure has been formed at a very early stage and we will express one of these structures if we are out of alignment.

The first one being “schizoid” character structure.

This structure happens when “life flow” is cut off very early, a few days after birth or  perhaps in a past life, when a parent expresses anger or tension.

When we are born, the soul has just entered the body, and even with the slightest tension from a parent, could create the schizoid character trait, when the soul literally wants to leave again and go back to the spirit world.

Autistic Rocking or Just Wanting to Float Away?

When I was 8 I started to rock back and forth, mainly when I was watching TV or listening to music. I loved rocking because I felt that I could day dream, and I didn’t feel held down in this reality.

When I was 17, I discovered alcohol and this just added fire to my desire to escape reality – I really loved alcohol.

So, by the time I was 18 I had created a perfect mixture of music, booze, rocking, and masturbating to escape reality with.

I was introverted, and if I had a girlfriend, she was just kind of second to the alcohol, kind of like a drinking buddy who didn’t really drink.

As the years passed, I created a stronger defense so I didn’t have to relate to people. I hung out with homeless people and never had dinner parties with friends. I never went out sober and had good, clean fun. I wanted to be in a cave with my bottle of malt liquor.

One girlfriend said that I had a “third base’ stare when I spoke to her. Schizoid characters do not want to be here, or at least be grounded, they want to float or fly away, so when I spoke with this one girlfriend, I wasn’t really engaged with her, that’s why she saw my eyes not really focusing on hers, that’s why she called it the third base stare, some baseball term.

Time to Face Myself

So, third session with the energy healer she went in a looked at my chakras. She said that my one through third chakras were doing a lot better and were spinning in the right direction and taking on energy instead of giving away energy (which happens when chakras spin counter-clockwise.)

This was a huge improvement from my first session when my first chakra was jerking clockwise trying to spin, and the second chakra wasn’t moving at all, and third was barely moving.

I said that I had been setting my intention to get the lower chakras spinning, and I really tried staying grounded and giving my wife my undivided attention when we chatted. The healer was impressed.

The Giant Viking on My Right Side

Just when I thought I had predicted what an energy healing session was like, the healer discovered a giant viking in my right field. He stood there with his arms crossed. He was listening to her skeptically. I was blown away! For one, I am Scandinavian, and number two, I couldn’t believe that there was this giant standing over me not wanting people to help me.

She tried to approach him and he stepped back. He didn’t want anything to do with her, but she said that when she addressed him as an “entity’ he started to wonder that maybe he was in the wrong place and needed to move on.

Either way, she said with the work that I’m doing he will probably get bored and move on, but right now I am pleasing him because I have bought into this insecure story about myself that says: “I tried, and I failed.”

This is the overall message that I emit from my aura.

This viking has probably gone back centuries, and has bullied previous kin the same way, along with a long line of abusive alcoholics on both sides of my family, my self-esteem is pretty low.

But, with powering up my lower chakras and staying grounded, the viking or other dark entities will have trouble getting inside of me because I will be completely present – it’s when I’m floating away, daydreaming, or getting blacked out drunk every night, like I did in the past, that leaves me wide open for entities.

God – Get in my Belly!

So, the healer had an awesome recommendation. She said that what I could do to greatly reduce my social anxiety in social situations is to feel God, or Jesus in my solar plexus area – to feel seated with God inside of me. That way, instead of running from people, I can just turn inward and find the source of my power, which I believe is God and god is in all of us.

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