How I Reduced My Obsessive Compulsive Disorder with CBD Oil

How I Reduced My Obsessive Compulsive Disorder with CBD Oil

How I Reduced My Obsessive Compulsive Disorder with CBD Oil

OCD is annoying, especially if you realize you have it! Here’s How I Reduced My Obsessive Compulsive Disorder with CBD Oil.

Do you get pretty upset when things just aren’t right?

Me too.

I think there’s varying degrees, but OCD can get bad enough that it controls every minute of your life.

Think of when Howard Hughes, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, had to wash his hands so many times a certain way before leaving the bathroom in the movie “The Aviator,” that’s OCD.

But, it can be more subtle than that, and I think to a certain extent it’s an addiction just like the rest.

OCD may not destroy your mind and body like other addictions, but I think it can become a huge hindrance and consume most of our days just like TV, overeating, and compulsive lying can.

How my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Began

I think I picked up a little OCD from my dad while growing up.

Our family operated with precision when it came to eating our meals at the same time each day, doing the same chores at the same times, and keeping order in the house.

Most of you guys can relate here.

See, my parents owned a rental store and my parents had to be there by 7:30 am, so that means breakfast should be made around 6:30, and dinner should be at 6:00 pm, roughly an hour after my parents got home, etc.

I’m not at all blaming my dad, in fact, I admired our routine and it kept our family running efficiently, which lowered stress and increased our income.

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Trading Old Addictions for New Ones

Around eight years ago, I quit drinking and a few years later I quit smoking, porn, white lies, etc.

There is a certain satisfaction in having everything in perfect order.

You know that feeling when you stand back at your work and you’re extremely proud? You might get a little high from that feeling.

In the last couple of years, I have tried to make every day perfect.

I guess I get a little high from knowing everything is running smoothly, business is good, money’s coming in, fridge is full, and the house is completely clean.

Then, if my wife is quiet and watching her favorite shows on her laptop, life is even better. Might sound mean, but I’m being real here.

Like an addiction, I think I had to make things even more perfect to get a bigger high, just like porn addicts have to watch more kinky or violent porn to get high.

Pretty soon, I would sit on the bed while listening to music and scour the carpet for any debris.

I got a little dopamine high from seeing a freshly vacuumed carpet, where you can see all the wheel lines made by the vacuum still.

I found that I would get frustrated if there was a little feather or lint on the carpet and would have to get up and remove it.

Pretty soon, it felt like my full-time job was keeping the carpet spotless: That’s OCD.

Here’s my candid story about OCD:

How I Reduced My Obsessive Compulsive Disorder with CBD Oil

I’m tired of trading addictions for other addictions.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder had to leave my house ASAP.

So, that brought me to the CBD Oil I’m taking for my Social Anxiety.

CBD Oil has hit the health industry by storm because it’s a powerful compound derived from the hemp plant, but has absolutely no THC.

You won’t get high from CBD, but what it can do for you is staggering.

I heard testimonials coming back about CBD oil that ranged from helping ADHD to Alzheimer’s.

So, I bought some pure CBD Oil Drops and have been taking it morning and night.

The first month on CBD, I had an encounter with a new business partner that went very well. I had no social anxiety.

Later, about two months in, I discovered that I had seen some lint and feathers on the floor and I just didn’t care.

The debris had no pull on my conscience.

So, there you have it.

OCD is now leaving my life just as social anxiety is.

Of course, there’s other things you can add into your life to make OCD and social anxiety go away faster, like meditation and yoga.

I hope this helps!


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