How I Quit Restaurants, Joined MLM, and Found Myself

How I Quit Restaurants, Joined MLM, and Found Myself

How I Quit Restaurants, Joined MLM, and Found Myself

I was trapped cooking in restaurants making $12 an hour. Now, I work from home. Here’s how I found myself and MLM:

It was 2004, I was training for the cook’s position at yet another greasy spoon cafe.

It was my first day.

My friend and I drank Tequila the night before, and he was the cook training me that morning.

We both were line-cooks for a living and barely getting by and creating drama with our spouses by getting drunk every night.

We were pathetic.

He flipped the omelette in the pan, showing off the special wrist action it takes not to break the omelette into pieces.

I stared at the pan, slightly dumbfounded, not by his technique, but by how hungover I was.

Then, I felt pressure building in my chest and I got cold.

My legs were starting to get weak as I told my friend I needed to go outside and sit down.

He thought I was just hungover and wanting to get out of work, and said:

Don’t be a dick, man. I’m hungover too.

I mumbled back: “Ah, no, I gotta sit down.

I went outside and knelt over.

Then, I ran to the bathroom and puked and then quickly sat on the toilet as it came out the other end as well.

Pretty soon, I was lying on the sidewalk trembling while a born-again waitress prayed over me.

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From Grease, Cuts & Burns to Working from Home in Slippers

That was almost my last restaurant job.

Not because I almost died, but because I had to go back to restaurant work a couple more times before my MLM business took off.

I had been trying to make money online since 2014.

I realized that everyday that I had to put in 8 to 10 hours at a crappy restaurant job could have been spent making a couple blog posts.

I loved to write anyways, but didn’t know how this blog was going to pay the bills.

Eventually, I discovered network marketing and realized that it could retire me early if I concentrated on the right things.

Every time I made a chunk of cash or got ahead on my bills, I quit the job and went back to blogging.

By the third time, I finally made it home.

I knew in my heart that I would never go back to restaurants.

I knew I was just done, and tripled my writing output on this blog to make it a reality.

I wrote 3 blog posts a day, praying that at least one blog post would go “viral.”

Then, prospects started to come around and check out my network marketing articles.

I knew if I wrote enough articles about network marketing that “they would come.”

The numbers slowly increased.

I could see why so many bloggers had quit too soon.

I now know that it takes about 300 to 500 blog posts to start making enough income to come home, but when I started blogging I thought 20 to 50 would be enough.

Do what it takes to get home

Most of us don’t want to work a job.

We fantasize while working what we would be doing if we were home.

My mind was always thinking about what I would write next on this blog, or how I could make my network marketing business better.

My mind was rarely “at work.”

Sound familiar?

When I discovered that the network marketing business I had just joined paid out 70% commissions, I knew I had my restaurant exit plan.

I went to work, studied network marketing as a profession, and wrote posts about what I learned about MLM on this blog.

I also began a 90 day “blog blitz” back in January 2016.

I had 117 blog posts then and still working in restaurants.

Now, August 2016, I have 300 blog posts and work from home.

The truth is: I bled as much passion and energy as I could into those posts.

Everyday, that hot greasy kitchen was looming over me like the grim reaper.

I needed to make this blog work because my life depended on it, literally.

Working two restaurant jobs and partying every night after work led to my heart-attack.

It truly was life or death.

Blogging and MLM: Your Keys to Freedom

I’m not saying blogging is easy.

I had many mentors motivating me and there were plenty of tears.

You have to love what you write if you want to do it full time.

In my opinion, there’s no way you can write 300 to 500 blog posts on things you don’t like.

I admit, MLM got kind of tedious to write about.

I had to start wrapping in my personal life.

Not many MLM bloggers do this.

They stick with generic MLM topics.

Titles like “How to Get Leads with Facebook” has been played out.

Unless we as bloggers start getting personal and raw about our blog topics, we will die a slow, mundane blogging death.

I dare you to write about yourself, the naked you. The type of words that crack your heart open.

Doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing is frickin’ scary, but that’s where true genius and success lie.

Anyone can work from home.

Find two resources that match your personality and go for it.

My two resources are blogging and MLM.

If you’re an extrovert, shoot video.

But, be consistent, do it everyday and even if you only get 10 visitors a day to your blog, just wait.

Don’t look at your results, look at the value you’re providing.

Lives are literally in your hands to change.

People will hang onto your words when they need them most.

Blogging is powerful and so are you.

Thanks for reading. Please comment. Would love your feedback.


Erik Christian Johnson Network Marketer and Full Time Blogger

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One thought on “How I Quit Restaurants, Joined MLM, and Found Myself”

  1. Great story man.

    I’m glad you got out of the rat race.

    My wife and I both work from home in our pajamas and I wouldn’t trade it for any amount of money.

    I am a full-time blogger with two top 1% blogs.

    Building these blogs took me YEARS, tons of hard work, and lots of mistakes.

    That being said I’m glad I stuck with it.

    MLM is no different.

    Nothing worth accomplishing is fast, free or easy.

    You have to get started, put in the work and stay the course until successful.

    I’ve also found it will normally take you 2 to 3 times longer than you think it will to be where you want to be.

    Just my observation.

    Keep these great posts coming.


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