4 thoughts on “Prime My Bank Account So I Can Afford Prime My Body CBD Oil”

  1. I appreciate this write up – good to know about the low payouts and relatively high prices.
    I do think it was unfair in 2 ways:

    1) the speculation without evidence that Doctors are being paid to render invalid reviews, and
    2) the flippant dismissal of “nano-enhancement”. The encasement of nano-particles of theraputic material in lipid shells for enhanced absorbtion and crossing of the blood-brain barrier is a legitimate technological innovation, beyond the scope of this company, and may have a true and profound impact on bioavailability. If so, it may justify the higher price.

  2. Hi Erik, Your blog contains comments that you even admit are based upon your own opinions (not necessarily the facts). Please qualify such statements as such. Mentioning another Company’s Product in the same article that has dramatically less bio-avilability is like comparing crude oil 2 missle fuel. Some people are willing 2 pay more money 4 products that provide more impact on their health. Try the two that you mention and you 2 will EXPERIENCE the difference as all hemp derrivitives are not created equally. Often in ourworld you get what you pay for.

    1. Thanks for the comment AI.

      The main point I was trying to convey in this article is the high price point of PMB coupled by their low commissions. 25% commissions is what older MLM companies, like Usana and Amway paid, and most of the profits went to the administration, CEO, and the marketing material.
      I will always defend the distributor before the MLM company, and it unnerves me to see a new company offering their starter pack at $280, whereas a company like Hempworx is $80.

      Hempworx also offers a commission up to 50% on first time orders, plus leadership check matching where you can earn 30% off your first level leaders, 20% off your second level leaders, 10% off your third level leaders and so on. . .

      So, if you recruited a leader that was earning $10k a month, you would make $3,000 a month right there.

      I also believe that CBD Oil is awesome by itself. You don’t need to modify it, or use “nanotechnology.” That’s like a pretty woman getting plastic surgery, it’s unnecessary.

      Your points are valid. I am not really bashing the company. I just think there are better MLM CBD Oil companies for distributors out there. As far as just buying CBD Oil, there’s hundreds of companies that have sprouted up, so do your research before buying as a customer. Thanks for stopping by!

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