Is Unlimited Income a Possibility?

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Is Unlimited Income a Possibility? Not Just Celebrities & Athletes Make Great Money

If you’re a person who hasn’t been signed by the NFL or NBA yet, and you aren’t singing side by side with Lady Gaga, you probably desire more money. Remember the adage “We spend what we earn”?

I knew I needed more money when I was working 100 hours a week just to save a little extra money.

But, I was trading 100 percent of my time for an hourly wage. I don’t care if you have five jobs, if you get paid only for your efforts, you will never make substantial money.

A top surgeon makes $145,000 a year. That’s no where near millionaire status.

So, how do you make a lot of money, especially if you don’t have an advanced degree or great vocal chords that Lady Gaga loves? Working two jobs won’t make you rich.

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Answer: Leveraged income. As John Rockefeller once said, “I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts, than 100% of my own efforts.”

This is smart and entrepreneurs all over the world live by this. They outsource the tasks that take time and are tedious to do.

Ideally, you have a manufacturing plant that pumps out product while you sleep.

If you’re a small business owner, you are probably still enslaved to a “job”, only the job is completely your responsibility to run effectively, which in turn is usually more stressful than having a normal job for an employer.

So, how do you get leveraged income, or “passive” income?

A lot of people are feeling the benefits of passive income when they publish their music onto a MP3 and sell it online, or they publish an eBook and sell it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.

But, this passive income usually doesn’t last, unless you have a best-seller, even then, people will move on and your sales will dry up.

So, how do you get consistent leveraged/passive income? Answer: a Home-Based business, or Network marketing.

This is where you can truly get leveraged income by earning a percentage off of several, if not hundreds of people.

There is a beautiful thing in network marketing called “exponential growth.”

This happens when you find 2-5 people who join your business, then they go and find 2-5 people to join their business.

Pretty soon, you will have hundreds of people in your “downline” making commissions for themselves and you.

Network marketing is a true business model that large Fortune 500 companies use.

When you see an advertisement that says “refer a friend and earn a free membership for a month,” That’s essentially network marketing.

It’s word of mouth marketing that goes viral and big corporations are slowly learning this concept. Big corporations are spending billions of dollars on traditional “interruption” advertising that is now blocked out by the consumer, who is already so inundated with this ineffective old-school type of marketing.

Network marketing is legal (when they have a viable, often consumable product, and they don’t recruit people solely on commissions) and there is no income cap.

Yes, you heard that right, you can make unlimited income legally. It’s the only way to make millions without winning the lotto, being a celebrity or professional athlete.

Here is the income statement from some of the top network marketers in the industry. This is for last April:

top MLM earners

The first figure you see is monthly, the second is their annual income.

As you can see people from all over the world and the U.S. are making $100k to $400k MONTHLY. Yes, MONTHLY.

Of course this takes work and a lot of determination. With like any business, you will have people quit, because they don’t get paid right away, they still think in the old job mindset that they should get paid for their time.

The money truly comes when your business takes off on its own. That means people on your team are building their businesses fast without you telling them what to do. It’s an amazing feeling when it takes off, it’s called momentum.

This is the only way I have found to make serious money legally without a degree. Thanks for reading and be sure and share this post.


Erik Christian Johnson

Erik Christian Johnson Network Marketer and Full Time Blogger

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How to Capture Free Leads Using Your Website

How to Capture Free Leads using Your Website

How to Capture Free Leads Using Your Website – Not the Usual Suspects

There’s many ways to get your blog/website converting traffic to leads and it’s exciting to get free traffic from the search engines as your site grows in popularity.

The first method I would like to discuss comes from the website Response Magic. I am so excited to have found this website. You can create a “customer magnet” for free with this website. You can then copy the code that is generated and place the code in a “text” widget in your WordPress blog/website. You also have the ability to put this customer magnet on your Facebook Fanpage and get leads that way. You can see my customer magnet to the left where I offer my free ebook. When people sign that form they get my 40 page PDF on Attraction Marketing. In order to understand how to make the customer magnet watch the video tutorials on the website.

Next, is Google Forms. Here you enter what you want the form to say, like Name, Email, Phone Number & questions you have for your Lead, like “How long have you been looking for a Home-Based Opportunity?”

How to capture free leads using your website 2

Name the form something. Then go down and click on “add item”. This will be the first line of your contact form. So, start with Name. Make sure this is a “Text” not a multiple choice format. Click “Done” to move onto the next. Then, click “add item” and enter Email. Etc. You can build out your form this way. Then, you are done. Hit “Send form” Leave the boxes the way they are at the bottom.


What’s great is this is completely free and when someone fills this out, you get the responses back on an Excel spreadsheet, just go back to your Google form and at the top where it says “View Responses” you will see who entered their information.

Lastly, is to create a “image widget” in your blog. Go to “Appearance” and go to widgets and drag and drop and new “Image widget” over to your active sidebar. You then need to upload an image to your media library of your WordPress. Once you upload an image, click on edit and copy and paste the URL for that image. Put the URL into the image box of the image widget. Then, get the URL where you want people to go when they click on the image.

Click on the red box to the left. This is an image widget and it goes to my company’s capture page.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading. please share this post for a free subliminal hug!

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What Your Mom Didn’t Tell You About Success


Your mom is usually right about everything. Sooner or later you will probably thank her.

But, when it comes to online marketing and success, you need to throw her philosophies out the window!

For one, your mom probably wanted you to get along with everyone.

Well, in Network marketing, online marketing & Entrepreneurship, you want to NOT hangout with your competition, but see what they do and possibly copy the successful ones.

Let’s also say that you are starting a new business, let’s say a Network Marketing business.

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You are excited about it, but you haven’t learned how to become “laser-focused” with your new business and you have not built up the proper self-esteem needed to keep working your business, so what happens when your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t support you, even ridicules you?

Throw them out with the bath water!

No, not really, but how are you going to grow your business with unsupportive friends and family?

You literally can’t, so make sure the company you keep supports you and doesn’t break you down.

I had to keep quiet about my new business for awhile because I knew my dad was cynical and my old friends were negative.

I got rid of my old-friends already when I quit partying, but with my dad I didn’t tell him about my business until I was pretty confident about it.

I am fortunate that my girlfriend is an internet marketer herself and we build each other up everyday.

Starting a new business has many ups and downs, especially Network Marketing, so if you’re all alone, you are in for a tough ride.

Ways to survive the beginning:

1. Connect with your sponsor/mentor: 

This is so important.

You are like a baby doe with gangley legs and there’s wolves all around waiting for you.

You need support and guidance. Read books about your chosen profession, study tutorials online and pray.

If your sponsor is new in MLM as well, sought out their sponsor.

Go all the way to the top of your upline until you find a leader who will walk you through what is needed for success.

When I first started MLM, I got a call two weeks after signing up in my opportunity. I was shy and thought I knew everything I needed to know about the business.

This attitude backfired on me later when I lost everyone I had sponsored within two months.

It’s important to “model” the leaders in your company. Do what they do until it feels natural for yourself. Then you can pass the torch to your team members who are becoming leaders themselves.

2. Disconnect from the Past: 

The past is gone.

Nothing you did in the past really matters and people are too busy thinking about themselves to think about what you did in the past, so get over it.

Become who you want to be right now and get those dreams back. Anything is possible today with the internet and technology.

Our minds hold the key to either abundance or lack of abundance.

Everything in this business depends on your mindset. If you have a low self-esteem and lack confidence, people will not put their faith in you for leading them to success.

It’s not an overnight fix, but rewiring your brain to make it think that it’s already successful, wealthy and prosperous is worth looking into.

I use wealth hypnosis and read inspiring books from Entrepreneurs and leaders in MLM.

3. Opposition flavors your story: 

Every successful person has a great story of struggle.

So, next time you feel like quitting, or half your team quits, remember that these experiences are what will attract people to you later on.

If you don’t have a great story of how you overcame obstacles no one is going to have complete faith in you because you haven’t been challenged. Be strong and don’t quit whatever you do!

Thanks for reading! Please comment and share if you found this of value.


Erik Christian Johnson Network Marketer and Full Time Blogger

Erik Christian Johnson

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