The Insignificance of MLM Ground Floor Opportunities

The Insignificance of MLM Ground Floor Opportunities

The Insignificance of MLM Ground Floor Opportunities

Yes, we’ve seen this “ground-floor Opportunity” too many times and does it really matter? Here’s The Insignificance of MLM Ground Floor Opportunities.

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Linear Versus Leveraged Income: How to Get Your Money Working for You

Linear versus leveraged income

First off, what is “Linear” income?

It’s money earned solely on your efforts. If you make $14 an hour, that is the measurement of your efforts and your compensation.

You work a full hour to make $14, and that’s before taxes. You probably walk away with $11.75 an hour after taxes. Yikes!

Can’t really live on that, unless you get TWO JOBS.

Now, you’re working 70 to 90 hours a week and you start snapping at people like a snapping turtle, because as Jack Nicholson said, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

What is “leveraged” income then? Leveraged income is usually made by business owners who have a workforce under them.

Let’s take a landscaping company. Bob “Lawnmower” Smith has six employees who work for him. Bob usually doesn’t need to actually mow lawns anymore, but he once ran a marathon with his lawnmower!

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He charges people who need their lawns mowed a price that would cover all his expenses, including the employees hourly wage and then extra for himself.

So, if Bob charges $25 for one employee to mow the lawn, Bob is probably earning $13-15 an hour off of one working employee.

Of course, this isn’t pure profit, Bob has to pay for gas, the lease on the work trucks, electricity back at the office, etc.

If Bob had 6 employees working a solid 7 hours a day, that’s 7 times 13 an hour. Bob is making roughly $91 an hour gross profit off of 6 guys who secretly want to kill Bob and be the BOSS.

Entrepreneurs only make “leveraged” income.

They outsource what can be done by others so they can concentrate on creative development and other signature responsibilities beyond menial tasks.

Oprah has hundreds of workers under her, but you only see Oprah on her show, but behind the scenes there’s furious little ant-like humans keeping Oprah alive and fresh with new content and interesting show guests.

She also has hundreds of people working just on her magazine, but in the end she calls the shots of what she wants in her magazine and on her show.

Do not fear, ordinary people can also get “leveraged” income. Some people already know what “passive” income is.

It’s income you can earn over and over again from things like, eBooks, music MP3’s, clothes, food, any consumable product which is sold over and over again.

Leveraged income takes it a step further and you get paid on the efforts of others. So, how do we get paid on the efforts of others?

You start a home-based business and you get people signed up into your business and you tell them to recruit 2 to 5 people.

If everyone on your team got at least 2 more people, you would then experience exponential growth. Your business would grow quickly from just you earning a small commission check, to earning a large commission check from hundreds of people.

Although this is easier said then done. Some people won’t find their 2-5 people, and some people will quit right away.

That’s why it’s important to keep recruiting until you find 2 to 3 people who build large organizations themselves.

It can be done and network marketing is growing fast as people realize their jobs and Social Security are not stable.

More and more people are working from home, setting their own hours and loving it.

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Erik Christian Johnson Network Marketer and Full Time Blogger

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What Your Mom Didn’t Tell You About Success


Your mom is usually right about everything. Sooner or later you will probably thank her.

But, when it comes to online marketing and success, you need to throw her philosophies out the window!

For one, your mom probably wanted you to get along with everyone.

Well, in Network marketing, online marketing & Entrepreneurship, you want to NOT hangout with your competition, but see what they do and possibly copy the successful ones.

Let’s also say that you are starting a new business, let’s say a Network Marketing business.

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You are excited about it, but you haven’t learned how to become “laser-focused” with your new business and you have not built up the proper self-esteem needed to keep working your business, so what happens when your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t support you, even ridicules you?

Throw them out with the bath water!

No, not really, but how are you going to grow your business with unsupportive friends and family?

You literally can’t, so make sure the company you keep supports you and doesn’t break you down.

I had to keep quiet about my new business for awhile because I knew my dad was cynical and my old friends were negative.

I got rid of my old-friends already when I quit partying, but with my dad I didn’t tell him about my business until I was pretty confident about it.

I am fortunate that my girlfriend is an internet marketer herself and we build each other up everyday.

Starting a new business has many ups and downs, especially Network Marketing, so if you’re all alone, you are in for a tough ride.

Ways to survive the beginning:

1. Connect with your sponsor/mentor: 

This is so important.

You are like a baby doe with gangley legs and there’s wolves all around waiting for you.

You need support and guidance. Read books about your chosen profession, study tutorials online and pray.

If your sponsor is new in MLM as well, sought out their sponsor.

Go all the way to the top of your upline until you find a leader who will walk you through what is needed for success.

When I first started MLM, I got a call two weeks after signing up in my opportunity. I was shy and thought I knew everything I needed to know about the business.

This attitude backfired on me later when I lost everyone I had sponsored within two months.

It’s important to “model” the leaders in your company. Do what they do until it feels natural for yourself. Then you can pass the torch to your team members who are becoming leaders themselves.

2. Disconnect from the Past: 

The past is gone.

Nothing you did in the past really matters and people are too busy thinking about themselves to think about what you did in the past, so get over it.

Become who you want to be right now and get those dreams back. Anything is possible today with the internet and technology.

Our minds hold the key to either abundance or lack of abundance.

Everything in this business depends on your mindset. If you have a low self-esteem and lack confidence, people will not put their faith in you for leading them to success.

It’s not an overnight fix, but rewiring your brain to make it think that it’s already successful, wealthy and prosperous is worth looking into.

I use wealth hypnosis and read inspiring books from Entrepreneurs and leaders in MLM.

3. Opposition flavors your story: 

Every successful person has a great story of struggle.

So, next time you feel like quitting, or half your team quits, remember that these experiences are what will attract people to you later on.

If you don’t have a great story of how you overcame obstacles no one is going to have complete faith in you because you haven’t been challenged. Be strong and don’t quit whatever you do!

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Erik Christian Johnson Network Marketer and Full Time Blogger

Erik Christian Johnson

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