Network Marketing Leader Mike Dew Joins Hempworx for CBD

Mike Dew and I have been in various companies together over the years. Mike is a sensitive, caring leader who was always there for me during hard times. So, naturally I wanted him to check out Hempworx CBD Oil. Here’s Network Marketing Leader Mike Dew Joins Hempworx for CBD.

One – Can you Please tell us a little bit about Yourself, Mike?

I am originally from Maryland, but have been living in Florida since 1998. My first trip to Florida was when I was 14 years old and I knew at that time that I would make it my home one day.

Luckily I met the “Love of My life” upon moving here and we have been together for 12 years. Between us we have 4 children and 4 grand children.

My career path has been varied and I first entered our family business after attending College for 2 years. My father and I managed a national trucking concern for many years. Market conditions forced a change and I then entered the mortgage business which was a good career move until the real estate collapse in 2008.

It has always been said that timing is everything. Poor conditions in the mortgage market forced a change and I found a niche business market which has turned out to be very successful. We provide discount prescription cards for people to save on their prescriptions meds and their pet prescriptions as well.

Two – When did you first join Network Marketing, and How has your Experience been so far?

My first venture into Network Marketing was in the late 1990’s. It was a new business for me and I approached it as a way to develop a second income. I had moderate success, but didn’t reach my goals a that time.

The experience did open my eyes to the industry and I became a fan. I have dabbled in the industry since then, but came to the realization that it is a real business and to be successful you must have serious focus. It really is no different than any other business in that to be successful you have to work very hard in the beginning, but the rewards are definitely worth it.

Three – What Excites You about CBD Oil?

I was not familiar with the product until a few weeks ago when a friend told me that I should check into it. I ordered the product and after taking it for just a few days discovered I was having amazing results. I felt more relaxed, my anxiety and tension went away and it provided relief from joint pain I was experiencing.

Because of my positive results I began researching the benefits of CBD Oil.  I have found that people are finding benefit for all kinds of health conditions.  Here are just a few, anxiety, joint pain, neurological conditions, Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, Cardiovascular, Cancer and much more.  As more research and results become known it appears that the world may in fact have a miracle product from the miracle Hemp Plant.

Four – Can you give us a Quick Overview of Hempworx?

Hempworx CBD Oil is the first product I tried. Because of my surprising results I have taken a closer look at the company. They market the highest quality CBD Products on the market made from Hemp grown in Kentucky. They are able to insure that the products meet their high standards and monitor production very closely.

There are many CBD Products on the market now due to the recent news and popularity. Unfortunately not every manufacturer has such standards and quality can suffer. This can happen due to poor quality raw product shipped in from other countries, processing methods, etc.

I am very satisfied with Hempworx because they only use raw product grown in the US under the best farming practices. This becomes evident in the quality of the product.

Five – What made you Choose Hempworx over other MLM Companies?

I first used the products and was completely satisfied with the quality and the results. It was evident that there is a real market for these products. Hempworx is a part of My Daily Choice and they truly have the best marketing program in the mlm industry. The company provides it’s affiliates with multiple websites and a cutting edge email marketing strategy.

The websites generate prospects and the email campaigns provide much needed follow up and incentive for prospects.  Networkers often let prospects fall through the cracks, but this system guards against that and marketers can focus on lead generation and breaking new ground.  This doesn’t mean that you don’t follow up and train your new recruits.  We do that, but also teach them this system and everyone’s organization progresses faster.

Six – What Separates Hempworx from other MLM CBD Oil Companies?

Clearly it is the quality of the product, power of the marketing system, and the cutting edge technology the company provides for it’s affiliates.

I am not aware of any other company that has the same high standards for it’s product offering or such a lucrative compensation plan. Payout to the affiliates is the highest in the industry

Seven – What Products does Hempworx currently sell?

The list of products includes CBD Oil, CBD Skincare, CBD Pain Relief cream and CBD Pet Products. Pets suffer from many of the same issues that people do and realize great benefit from these products.

Eight – How Have the Hempworx Products Helped You so far?

I have always had pent up anxiety and tension and didn’t want to rely on prescription medications so I avoided them.  After just a few days of using CBD Oil these conditions have subsided and I feel great.  I really love the Hempworx “Relief” cream also.  I rub it into my skin after a warm shower and it really provides relief for achy joints.

Nine – Can You tell us about the Hempworx Marketing System?

The company provides it’s affiliates with a series of marketing websites. Some are product focused and some are business focused and all of them are excellent for their purpose. These websites capture leads and product sales.

The leads are then automatically followed up with in an email campaign. Prospects are made aware they have potential business growing under them and are encouraged to begin their business with company.

There is a new mobile app which makes it very easy to market from your mobile. This is a very fast and efficient way to reach new prospects and do customer and affiliate follow up.

You can count on Hempworx to be a leader when it comes to marketing.

Ten – How do you Build your Hempworx Business, Mike?

I have made personal contacts and sometimes that works, but just because you know these people doesn’t mean they will join your business.

We also have an innovative advertising campaign that attracts new prospects and we teach this to our new affiliates also. This helps them get off to a fast start and promotes over all growth in my organization.

I also find having a serious presence on youtube and facebook creates advantages and becomes a source of new leads. People who follow you and are comfortable with you will readily visit your websites to see what you have. You become a known player in the industry and people follow others that they come to know and respect.

Eleven – What are the Three Reasons our Readers should join Hempworx Today?

1. Quality of the Products

2. Cutting Edge Marketing System

3. Industry Leading Compensation Plan

Thanks for the opportunity.



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